Want to know what question to ask before interview to help you in the preparation process? Then, this article is for you.

Usually, you will be preparing answers for your job interview right before attending one. That’s only natural as an interview is the best chance for you to prove that you are the perfect fit for the open position.

However, in order to understand the company and your job better and for your preparation to be fruitful you need to ask the right questions. That is why we will go over the 10 best questions to ask recruiter before interview here.


1) What Is The Interview Process And Timeline?

This is one of the most useful questions to ask before interview. Because the answer clarifies the time it takes to complete the whole interview process. So, you know when you can expect to hear from the HR team.

Also, the recruiter may share the layout of the interview process and what it typically includes. This helps you to anticipate the steps you need to take and prepare in advance.

Overall, it allows you to determine whether the process fits with your timeline. When you are in need of a job that starts immediately, knowing that the security clearances take weeks will be crucial a piece of information to have.


2) What’s The Interview Format And What Type Of Questions Should You Expect?

If you are wondering “how to ask what to expect in an interview?”, then this question is the way to do it. 

You can learn whether the company sets a panel interview or a group interview. In a panel interview, you will face more than one assessor. While in a group interview, you are questioned along with other potential candidates.

Usually, the questions are behavioral, resume-based, opinion-related, brain teasers, or general interview queries.

By knowing the interview format and types of questions beforehand, you can prepare accordingly. In case it is an online interview, then proceed to brush up on your video interviewing skills.

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3) Can You Tell Me The Skills/ Qualities You Are Looking For In A Candidate?

Usually, the job description lists desired qualifications and requirements. Then why are we including this in the list of questions to ask recruiters before interview? That is because the answer can reveal more about the job’s priorities.

The organization may need a person with a strong personality who takes charge or someone who goes with the flow and executes tasks as per instructions. Also, they may want a self-starter who brings fresh ideas to the table and communicates well with others.

Insider information will definitely give clues about what skills you need to emphasize and what stories you should talk about during the interview. Along with technical skills, remember to talk about soft skills that set you apart from other candidates.

Skills That Make You Stand Out


4) Why’s The Position Open?

Asking an enterprise why they are hiring for a particular role will give you useful insights about your career opportunities, the company’s direction, and what situation you will be walking into if you become an employee.

The previous employee may be fired, advanced in their career (promoted), or moved on to a different job. Whatever the case, you get a better idea of the dynamics and opportunities involved with the job role.

When the job is entirely new, then you should ask why it is created. The answer tells you if you are filling a role that is stable or one with no security and with a chance of getting removed once the requirement finishes.


5) What Do People In This Role Typically Do?

Another important question to ask before interview is the one related to your job role and position. It helps you to build context around the skill you need to have for the job.

Though the recruiter may not know every detail about your role, this query may reveal important information about your responsibilities, your team, work hours, etc. 


6) How Would You Describe The Company’s Culture?

While you can get the details of your tasks easily from the job description, pinning the culture of a company would be difficult. So, one of the questions to ask employer before interview is about the organization’s culture.

It will give you a full picture of what life at the enterprise will be like and whether it befits your values and needs.


7) What Is The Salary Range For This Position/ Role?

This definitely is one of the crucial questions to ask HR before interview. You need to make sure that there is no gray area and that you know the starting salary or pay role for the job. Because you don’t want to spend your time on the whole recruitment process for a job that pays less.

In fact, most of the time, the interviewer asks about your salary expectations. Thus, it would be better to have an idea about it beforehand. Do some research and learn the salary range for the job role. If the company is paying you less than the market value, you can choose to talk about it during the interview or look for a job that offers a better salary.


8) Can You Tell Me About Company’s Remote Work Plans?

Employees with and without flexible work options stat

Source – flexjobs.com

From the above image, you can see that employees with flexible work options feel better than the ones without flexible options.

Moreover, according to a survey, the number of work-from-home job postings across countries has increased as part of the pandemic effect. It clearly reveals that the number of companies offering remote work increased in recent years.

Even if an organization is not fully remote, there is a chance that they offer a hybrid and flexible working environment for a few days a year. With this question, you can inquire about them.

In case you are applying for a work-at-home position, then prepare for remote interview questions and learn how to respond to the query why do you want to work remotely? from here.


9) How Quickly Do You Need To Fill The Open Position?

Through this question, you will know how soon the company needs an employee. You can learn whether the recruitment process takes days, weeks, or months

By considering the new information, you may prioritize the interviews. And ensure to not miss the interviews that offer the jobs immediately while trying to attend the interviews that are casual and may take months for the recruitment process to complete. 

Even after knowing the timeline, sometimes you might get anxious while waiting for the interview results. In those times, just remember that employers don’t always give responses right away. If you want to why, just click on the provided link.


10) What Interview Attire You Should Wear?

Whether it is an online or offline interview, it is important to make a good first impression. Therefore, find out what employees usually wear and use it as a guide to picking your interview outfit.

Note to wear something first-class, i.e. one level higher than the organization’s standards, and don’t overdress or undress yet remember to be professional.

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Additional Questions To Ask Before The Interview

Here are some more questions that you can ask the recruiter before the job interview.

More questions You Can Ask HR Before An Interview


Get Ready To Ask Proper Questions

Instead of wondering what to ask before an interview, just use the above questions as it is or tweak them a bit to match your needs. 

But never use phrases like “please share anything that will help prepare for our meeting”. Surely, you don’t want to appear too ignorant or desperate. Plus, you need to frame a proper question in order to receive a proper reply.

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Finally, good luck with your interview and job search!