Writing is one of the ideal professions for work-from-home jobs as there is no need to be constantly in touch with your colleagues. It is more of a solitary task. So, if you have experience in this field and longing for flexibility in your work, then you should consider remote writing jobs.

As you may already know, writing covers a broad range of subjects and industries. That is why you can discover remote writer jobs in many companies regardless of their field. 

Here we are providing the top 12 companies with writing jobs remotely. Just go through them and click on the available button to apply for the open positions.


12 Companies Offering Best Writing Jobs From Home


1) BKA Content

BKA Content

Image source – bkacontent.com

BKA Content provides professional writing services for agencies, businesses, and eCommerce. They specialize in high-quality SEO content creation. Also, their services include custom content for social media posts, meta descriptions, press releases, and standalone editing.

Since this company is all about content creation, you can find writer remote jobs frequently. Moreover, to apply for the writing from home job, you should meet the following requirements.

  • Live in the US and are allowed to work there,
  • Have a proper internet connection,
  • Registered in Paypal,
  • Must be at a college writing level and have a good grasp of English spelling, punctuation, and grammar.
  • Should write at least 3,000 words per week.


Remote Jobs Offered

  • Basic Blog Writer,
  • Standard Blog Writer,
  • Pro Blog Writer,
  • Product Description Writer,
  • Legal Content Writer.

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2) SalesFolk


Image source – salesfolk.com

SalesFolk claims to be the first company that specialized in cold email copywriting and has pioneered the popular and best outbound email practices. They have experience working with over 470 companies.

If you are interested in email writing and good at it, then we suggest you apply for the open positions in this company.


Remote Jobs Offered

  • Remote Copy Editor,
  • Cold Email Copywriter,
  • Sales or Marketing Professional with Writing Experience.

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3) McLellan Writing Team

McLellan Writing Team

Image source – mclellanwritingteam.com

McLellan Writing Team follows 4 different approaches, namely enterprise class writing, customer-centric writing, seven-step method, and the buyer’s journey. Using these approaches, it delivers compelling content to its clients.

Below are some of the writing remote jobs that you may discover on the company’s career page.


Remote Jobs Offered

  • Content Writer,
  • Content Manager,
  • Marketing Manager.

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4) Randstad


Image source – randstadusa.com

Randstad is a global recruitment agency that connects job seekers with employers. In addition to providing permanent and temporary outsourcing staffing services, it also offers a range of HR solutions.

Once you get the job, you become eligible for employee benefits that include 401K, health, incentive & recognition programs.


Remote Jobs Offered

  • Technical Writer,
  • Web Content Writer,
  • Cybersecurity Technical Writer,
  • IT Technical Writer,
  • Content Strategist,
  • Sr. Editorial Specialist.

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5) Osmosis


Image source – osmosis.org

A health education platform for both educators and students – Osmosis, has won many education awards such as “2021 Fastest Growing Companies – Inc. 5000”. Here, educators can learn to use assessment tools and create illustrated videos and students get access to the video library.

In case you have good medical and healthcare knowledge, you can proceed further to apply for the work-from-home writer jobs. Otherwise, you can go for other companies on the list.


Remote Jobs Offered

  • Medical Content Editor, All Specialities,
  • Medical Content Editor, Pediatrics,
  • Medical Content Writer, Internal Medicine,
  • Medical Content Editor, OBGYN,
  • Medical Content Writer, Surgery,
  • Social Media Influencer Partner.

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6) GAMURS Group


Image source – gamurs.group

GAMURS Group owns and operates a network of social media communities and publications. In fact, it is a leading esports, gaming, and entertainment media company that focuses on Timeless Content and breaking news.

After you get a job at the GAMURS Group, you will receive benefits such as unlimited paid time off, parental leave of up to 6 months, flexible working arrangements, and employee assistance programs.


Remote Jobs Offered

  • Freelance Writer (Video Games),
  • Gaming Editor,
  • Staff Writer,
  • Freelance Writer: Gaming / Esports,
  • Content Director,
  • Chief Digital Officer.

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7) Ballotpedia


Image source – ballotpedia.org

Ballotpedia is a nonprofit digital encyclopedia that covers federal, state, and local elections, politics, and public policy of the US. Their goal is to give accurate, unbiased, and the latest news to the people.

So, if you are well-versed in politics and have good knowledge of current affairs, then, you should apply for open positions at Ballotpedia. 


Remote Jobs Offered

  • Elections Staff Writer,
  • Marquee Staff Writer,
  • Data Sales Manager,
  • Director of External Relations.

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8) Harmonic


Image source – careers.harmonicinc.com

Harmonic creates video streaming and broadband solutions for businesses. Whether it is simplifying streaming using the cloud or SaaS or helping the cable operator to deliver gigabit services, Harmonic does whatever it takes to deliver your content on every screen.

When you look at the careers page, you can notice that they have hybrid, remote, and on-site jobs. So, apply for the suitable one. 


Remote Jobs Offered

  • Content Marketing Specialist,
  • Technical Writer,
  • Technical Trainer,
  • Product Manager.

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9) Spotlight Sports Group

Spotlight Sports Group

Image source – spotlightsportsgroup.com

Spotlight Sports Group specializes in delivering sports betting experiences and fantasy sports solutions. They provide technology and content services to engage your audience and scale the revenue. Initially, it was launched as a daily racing post newspaper in 1986 and later transitioned into a betting business.

Once you apply for the virtual writer jobs and join the company, the benefits you receive include mental health support, medical insurance, social get-together, and assistance programs.


Remote Jobs Offered

  • Copywriter,
  • SEO Content Specialist,
  • Writer (Freelance),
  • Managing Editor.

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10) Brafton


Image source – brafton.com

Brafton generates content marketing campaigns through its best-of-class content creation, strategy, and distribution teams. In fact, this is one of the industry-leading creative digital content marketing agencies in America.

After you get any one of the writer jobs remotely here, you obtain benefits like paid time off & sick days, 401K, comprehensive health insurance, and paid parental leave.

Remote Jobs Offered

  • Remote Biotech & Pharma Writer,
  • Remote Content Writer,
  • Freelance Email Marketing Specialist,
  • Remote Email Marketing Specialist,
  • Remote Creative Production Project Manager.

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11) Enago


Image source – enago.com

Enago does English editing and proofreading for its clients. They even do plagiarism check and translations. Moreover, Enago has experience working with researchers in over 125 countries. Its offices are located across 8 countries.

In case you are an expert in the academic field and have a good grasp of the English language or have significant experience in academic publishing, you should apply for vacancies at Enago.


Remote Jobs Offered

  • Editors in Mathematics,
  • Economics Editor,
  • Orthopedics Editor,
  • Editors in Statistics,
  • Rehabilitation Sciences Editor.

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12) Codeless


Image source – codeless.io

Codeless produces hundreds of pieces of SERP-topping content every month for their client sites on the internet. It promises to deliver long-term ROI by using SEO, content, and PR. 

With Codeless you get to work with some of the biggest SaaS, affiliate, and service brands such as Zapier, Robinhood, and Freshworks. Since it quotesWe live and work remotely”, you can apply for the virtual writing jobs from their careers page.


Remote Jobs Offered

  • General Writers,
  • Junior SaaS Writer,
  • SaaS Content Writers,
  • Consumer Writers,
  • Project Management Writers,
  • Finance Editor.

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Final Thoughts

As you may see, there are writing-related jobs in various industries. We hope the above-mentioned top 12 companies list helped you to apply for remote writing jobs in your desired field.

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