Job interview statistics

Job interview statistics

Job Interview statistics reveal a significant trend in the current job market. Merely 8.4% of total applicants successfully make it to the interview scheduling stage, representing a notable 34% decrease from five years ago.  This statistic underscores the growing competitiveness in the hiring process. Looking ahead, the impending dominance of

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Cold calling statistics

Cold Calling Statistics

Cold-calling statistics reveal the enduring efficacy of this potent sales strategy in connecting with potential clients.  Notably, 82% of buyers not only welcome but actively accept meetings initiated through cold calls, highlighting the significant impact a well-crafted approach can have on buyer engagement.  Furthermore, organizations that dismiss cold calling as

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how to get a remote job

How To Get A Remote Job: A Complete Guide

Last Updated: In today’s dynamic job market, the phrase how to get a remote job has become a significant quest for many professionals seeking flexibility and freedom. As per recent remote work statistics, a remarkable 87% of individuals contemplating a career shift expressed a strong inclination toward hybrid or fully

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entry level work from home jobs

Best Entry Level Work From Home Jobs You Should Explore!

Are you looking for the best entry level work from home jobs to kickstart your career? You’re in the right place!  With 51% of employees preferring remote work for a better work-life balance, let’s explore a list of entry-level opportunities that not only open doors to exciting possibilities but also

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soft skills for customer service

10 Important Soft Skills for Customer Service You Should Have

Are you eager to know what soft skills for customer service can truly set you apart in delivering exceptional support? Embracing exceptional customer service transforms 86% of first-time customers into loyal brand advocates, showcasing the power of a positive service experience.  In this guide, we’ll delve into the ten crucial

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