15 Companies that hire for remote customer service jobs in 2022

15 Companies that hire for remote customer service jobs in 2022

Before the pandemic, only 6% of the employed worked primarily from home.

In May 2020, over one-third of the employed work from home due to the pandemic – ncci.com

45% of the public are currently working remotely – Statista,2022

67% of the respondents have stated that they have the flexibility of time and work-life balance. –  Statista,2022


All these data evident that the global work shift had been invariably happening for the past 3 years. Since remote jobs check the major three boxes of efficiency, productivity, and satisfaction, 25% of all professional jobs in America are expected to work remotely. Remote customer service jobs marched their way up to the Top 10 remote jobs list.

Finding a remote entry-level job had been near to impossible, but not anymore. Companies like Homejobshub lead you to the right workplace destination where you can kickstart your career right from your home. They offer a platter full of work-from-home jobs to choose from as per your personality and core competency.

Let us now see some 15 companies that hire for remote customer service jobs in 2022.

  1. ReCharge Payments: Information technology
  2. Amazon: eCommerce
  3. Bold Business: Technology
  4. Curai Health: Health Assistance
  5. Agilent: Life-science
  6. Crossover.com
  7. Rocket.chat
  8. Discover – Finance
  9. Evercommerce – Software
  10. Optum – Healthcare services
  11. Scott’s Cheap Flights
  12. United Healthcare – Health Insurance
  13. Concentrix
  14. ATT – Internet services
  15. Crocs

1. ReCharge Payments

Recharge Payments is a US-based remote-first company. listed among the Forbes top 100 companies for remote jobs. The company offers attractive additional benefits like competitive compensation, health coverage, parental leave, etc. They offer remote positions like

  • Sales Account Executives
  • Business Development Executives
  • Strategic support engineer
  • Solutions Engineer

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2. Amazon

Amazon needs no introduction as it is a big name and a pioneer in the eCommerce industry. This industry giant is now spread worldwide and expanding, still paving way for innumerable career opportunities globally. The company also cares for its employees by offering employee assistance programs, maternity and paternity leave, etc. They offer,

  • Virtual Customer service engineers (part/full time)
  • Virtual Technical Customer Service Specialist
  • Virtual Bilingual Associates

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3. Bold Business

Bold Business is a US-based innovative technology solution providing company. Customer service is their foremost priority. Employees too enjoy benefits like health coverage, referral program, and leave policies. Hence one can find,

  • Customer service work from home jobs
  • Part-time customer service jobs from home
  • Bilingual online customer service jobs

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4. Curai Health

Curai Health is a 24/7 doctors and medical experts team that helps you with all health concerns like urgent healthcare, disease management, wellness planning, etc over the call. They cover over 47 states of America. It is a remote-first company offering only work-from-home customer service jobs with real benefits like competitive pay, flexible schedules, professional development, etc.

  • Frontend Engineers (Remote)
  • Machine Learning Researchers (Remote)
  • Nurse Practitioner (Remote)

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5. Agilent

Agilent is a leader in life sciences, diagnostics, and applied chemical markets with more than hundreds of awards and patents added to its hat for its innovations and inventions in the industry. Employees at Agilent can enjoy competitive benefits like health and wellness programs, financial benefits, volunteer time off, and other perks.

  • Remote Customer Service positions
  • Service Product Sales positions
  • Field Service Representatives, etc.

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6. Crossover.com

Crossover.com is the #1 source of 100% remote careers for the world’s most talented professionals, compensating their worth based on their values. You will be surprised to find fully valued,

  • Remote Customer service jobs
  • Remote Customer success jobs
  • Remote Professional service jobs
  • Remote Services leadership jobs

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7. Rocket.chat

Rocket.chat is the world’s largest open source communications platform providing efficient CX tools and services. It’s a kind of remote-first company giving away exciting employee benefits like unlimited paid time-off, Birthday day-off, professional development programs, Annual summit, etc.

  • Remote People Experience jobs
  • Remote sales jobs, and more.

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8. Discover

Discover Financial Services is an American financial services company that owns and operates Discover Bank. It also owns and operates the Discover and Pulse networks, and owns Diners Club International. As an employee, you get exciting financial benefits like stock options, retirement plans, health accounts, education assistance, perks, and incentives.

  • Remote customer service jobs
  • Remote Inbound customer service jobs
  • Team Leader (Remote)

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9. Evercommerce

Evercommerce is a leading technology platform providing integrated SaaS software solutions to over 500,000 global services SMBs. The company offers robust employee benefits ranging from medical benefits, 401(k) plan, employee wellness programs, paid time away, and more.

  • Remote Customer care professional
  • Remote Experience solutions
  • Remote Senior Account Manager
  • Remote Senior Sales Manager

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10. Optum

Optum is a global complete healthcare provider helping people at home, virtually, and at Optum healthcare hospitals serving 127 million individuals. They provide pharmacy care services also.

Key employee benefits include health insurance, 401(k) plans, vacation, paid time off, etc.

  • Remote Customer service representative
  • Remote Customer success representative
  • Remote Customer service lead
  • Remote Supervisor Customer service

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11. Scott’s Cheap Flights.com

Scott’s cheap flights, as in the name, take you on amazing deals to the best destinations. It’s a 100% remote company. The company offers delightful perks like mandatory vacation, 401(k) with a 5% match, employee stock options, wellness fund, educational fund, etc.

  • Remote Director Member Success
  • Remote Lifecycle Marketing Specialist

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12. United Healthcare – Health Insurance

United Healthcare is a health insurance company that covers all ages. It is partnered with more than 1.3 million physicians and health care professionals, and 6,500 hospitals nationwide. The company takes care of employees’ health insurance too along with other benefits like financial and retirement, vacation and time off, etc.

  • Remote Customer service advocate
  • Remote Customer service supervisor

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13. Concentrix

Concentrix is a leading global solutions company that strategizes, designs, and develops CX-based technology. It offers complete CX solutions. The company offers remote positions added with insurance and retirement plans, 401(k) matching, referral programs, education development, and other benefits.

  • Work at home customer care advisor
  • Work at home customer support specialist
  • Work at home social media support specialist
  • Work from home Technical service advisor

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14. ATT – Internet services

AT&T is an American internet service provider cum eCommerce platform for great phone and devices deals and direct-TV streaming services. Here you get obvious AT&T devices and connections at discounted prices along with other employee benefits of paid time off, tuition assistance, insurance, etc. 

  • Customer service representative (work from home)
  • Customer service representative Loyalty (work from home)
  • Sales Call center representative (work from home)
  • Technology support call center representative (work from home)
  • Credits and collection call center representative (work from home)

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15. Crocs – Casual Footwear

Crocs is a world leader in the innovative, and casual footwear segment, and for a good reason. Since 2002, the company has sold more than 700 million pairs in over 90 countries. Crocs’ employee benefits include health and financial wellness programs, paid time away, volunteer opportunities, etc. The company boasts its employees’ average tenure to be 4+ years at the least.

  • Remote Customer Service Representative
  • Remote Data Specialist

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Things You Need to Know!

If you are going to work with customer service-related companies, then it could be useful to learn what the customers expect from organizations. So, here are some stats that you will find useful.

  • As per Salesforce research,
    • 75% of customers strongly agree or agree that they expect a consistent experience wherever they engage with the company, for example – by phone, social media, website, or in person.
    •  It is absolutely critical or important for 68% of consumers that they interact with a salesperson who understands their preferences or needs.
    • If the company does not anticipate customers’ needs, 50% of them are extremely or somewhat likely to switch brands.
    • 64% of them say that sending personalized or exclusive offers or discounts has a major influence on their loyalty.
    • 56% of customers do not mind sharing their personal information in exchange for getting better services. 52% of them would do the same for product recommendations and 53% for the personalized shopping experience.
    • 70% of consumers strongly agree or agree that technology has made it easier to take their business elsewhere.
  • As per the Salesforce blog,
    • 55% of customers say retail experiences are not connected from channel to channel.
    • Depending on where they are and what they are doing, 6 out of 10, i.e. 60% of customers change their contact channel.
  • According to Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA), even though patients are on multiple contact platforms, the most used one is the call center. It says that in the Salesforce study the data reveals that around 68% of all health communications happen through a call center.
  • According to Mckinsey, 70% of a user experience comes down to how the customer feels they are being treated.
  • The Groovehq Blog reveals that as per NewVoiceMedia, 69% of US consumers are more likely to recommend a brand to others after a positive customer experience.
  • Yahoo Finance writes that 59% of 25-39-year-olds share their bad customer experience online and 58% of them won’t even come back after a negative experience.
  • The Experian blog says that according to the White House Office of Consumer Affairs, loyal customers, on average are worth up to 10 times as much as their first purchase.

It is vital to treat customers well so that they have a positive experience and keep using a company’s services or products more. So, when you join a remote customer service job, then do your best to satisfy your clients and the company’s customers.



Across the board, there are several companies offering customer service work-from-home jobs. Here we have cast about 15 companies from different segments or industries for you to choose the best one for you.

If you are a novel though, you may straight away dive into Homejobshub for a favorable position to launch your career from at-home customer service jobs.

Finally, wishing you all the good luck in finding a perfect online customer service job that is convenient to balance your work-life environments.

7 High-Paying Remote Jobs That Require No Experience!

7 High-Paying Remote Jobs That Require No Experience!

Covid Pandemic and stringent lockdowns had forced a major number of businesses and companies to adapt to remote or hybrid work kinds of jobs.

Microsoft’s Work Trend Index (published in March 2021) found that 66% of employers around the world are redesigning their workplaces to accommodate hybrid work arrangements.

So if you are looking for a remote job, you can get a high-paying entry-level remote job with no experience in hand.

All you need to land an entry-level remote job are:

  • High school diploma or GED or graduation or a degree
  • Familiarity with social media sites
  • A computer, laptop, or a smartphone

Why You Should Look for Remote Jobs

As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were roughly 5.8 million job openings in December 2017 and 5.2 million separations (layoffs, quits, discharges, etc.). In May 2022, there are 11.3 million job openings and 6.0 million separations. this clearly relays that the job requirement is still incredibly large.

Moreover, 42% of people aging 18-34 and 20% of people over age 35 are considering new jobs. The Upwork and Freelancers Union released a report in 2019 that shows that even before the pandemic 57 million workers, i.e. nearly 35% of US employees did freelance work.

It also discloses that because of advancements in technology and software capabilities, it has become easier for 77% of freelancers to find a remote job. 


Perks of Remote Jobs

Remote jobs give you additional flexibility in choosing the right one that would suit your personality, your skills, and your time!

20 to 25 percent of the workforces in advanced economies could work from home between three and five days a week – mckinsey.com

As per Forbes, the study done by Fit Small Business revealed that having health care is important in choosing a job for 34% of millennials.

Actually, the millennials surveyed by Fit Small Business want a 401K plan that includes employer match funds, telecommuting options, subsidized health insurance, and a paid 2-month sabbatical after 5 years of employment. They are more loyal and stable if their employers help them to pay off student loans and allow them to save money for a home.

However, there was this myth that remote jobs are not very lucrative or high-paying, it is considered to be a source of some extra money or pocket money. 

But 2020 and after, there has been a sea-change in this perspective as every industry everywhere is forced to restructure and start production right from their homes. Not just good pay but also companies started paying their employees all other attractive perks, benefits, and allowances as well.

Now let us dig in and learn about a few of the high-paying remote jobs with no experience required.

Best Remote Jobs With No Experience Required

  1. Remote Web/Software Developer
  2. Remote Digital Designers
  3. Remote Project Managers
  4. Remote Writing Jobs
  5. Remote Customer Service Jobs
  6. Remote Office Assistant Jobs
  7. Remote Sales Jobs


1. Remote Web/Software Developer

This tech profile job role, at an entry level, would fetch you between $75,000 and $125,000, on average annually. 

If you have proficiency in IT-centered coding languages, software, developing applications, etc all that is required for this role’s demand, then there’s an array of Tech companies always waiting to hire sound professionals and the best perk is “you can work from home.” 

Do you know the tech industry is unusually young compared to other industries? According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median age for a typical US worker is 42. But the study done by PayScale which compared data in 2016 from 18 various tech employers showed that at companies like Facebook, LinkedIn, and SpaceX, the median age of workers is 29, at Google and Amazon it is 30, at Apple the average age is 31. While only 3 – IBM, Oracle, and HP companies reported median age over 33.

It means that you can earn a high income at a young age in the tech industry. It might raise doubts about the satisfaction level and stress you get from the job. PayScale has answers for that too.

It revealed that Facebook employees have a satisfaction level of 96%. Even though SpaceX employees are most stressed in the tech industry, 92% of them feel that their jobs make the world a better place. Tesla, Facebook, Apple, and Google are next in line where the employees find their jobs meaningful.

Moreover, PayScale did a survey with US companies to identify the highest and lowest employee tenure. So, the overall average came up to be 3.68 years. It also classified Tesla and SpaceX as companies that offer low wages to their employees.


2. Remote Digital Designers

Remote Digital Designers can earn an average salary ranging from $40,000 annually or up to $70 per hour for entry-level positions.

If you are a Pro in Graphics Designing or UI/UX designing, yet you have no prior work experience, don’t worry, top companies are looking for efficient creative personalities who can work flexibly from their own home workspace and deliver the best creativity.


3. Remote Project Managers

Are you good at planning, scheduling, coordinating teams, and managing the tasks for your boss? Then you are a perfect fit for Remote Project Managers.

It is perfectly fine even if you don’t have prior experience in this field, you just need to display your skills in planning, organizing, and executing multiple projects on time, on budget, and within scope.

  • Remote Project Manager – Annual salaries for entry-level positions in virtual project management start around $45,000/$70 per hour.
  • Remote Social-media Managers can easily earn up to $65,492 as an average annual salary, right at entry level with no experience.
  • Remote Advertising Account Managers with no experience can still earn up to $57,500.


4. Remote Writing Jobs

Are you pretty strong at penning? Do you have a knack for the powerful expression of words?

Do you know there is a huge demand for effective digital content in the market right now than ever?

More and more companies are hiring for different remote content writing roles,

  • Article/Feature Writing
  • Copy/Content Writing
  • Blog Writing
  • Social-media Content Writing, etc.

You can easily make up to $70/hr or $39,911 per annum. You can further go on to nurture and grow into SEO specialists or managers and bag in up to $60000. WordPress Developer gets an average of $50000 on his first work-from-home job.


5. Remote Customer Service Jobs

Do you naturally possess the ability to understand, ability to empathize, adaptability, persuasive speaking skills, and most of all, patience? Then this role of remote customer service job is simply tailor-made for you.

Adding to it, with few learnings and knowledge building on the context, you will outshine as a remote customer service executive even at an entry-level garnering around $23,000 (part-time), and as full-time can earn up to $60,000. And an entry-level customer service manager can get  $67000 to $87000.


6. Remote Office Assistant Jobs

A virtual Office Assistant role demands skills and efficiency to handle the entire administrative support of a business like organizing files and databases, handling calls, scheduling meetings, managing emails, and more.


If you have it all in you and waiting to monetize the same right out of school/college, you just need to be in the right place to catch hold of remote jobs with no experience. 

The average virtual administrative assistant salary at Entry-level is $39,000 per year or $70 per hour.

Recommended: Full guide on how to land a remote job with no experience!


7. Remote Sales Jobs

Inbound or Outbound, top companies are always on the search to find a super-efficient brilliant sales person who can promisingly drive the sales force to the business. Companies today are on the verge of hiring remote sales representatives as they are proven to yield more profits and productivity. These reps are found to be free of workplace stress and found to be emotionally calm in mind.


Source: FlexJobs

Of those who have flexible work options, 48% say their work-life balance is excellent or very good, and 54% have the emotional support they need at work, compared to 36% and 45%, respectively, for respondents without flexible work.

The average starting salary for a sales executive is $46,402 per year.


Highest Paying Jobs (In General)

Payscale organized data on the lifetime earnings of people who studied different majors and degrees to understand how the choice of a particular course of study affects their future earnings.

Turns out the students who did Petroleum Engineering are the highest paid workers in their mid-career. And, the philosophy major candidates are doing a lot better than humanities-related degree candidates. You can also look up your major to learn its potential for earnings from the highest paying jobs with a bachelor’s degree report.


How to get a remote job with no experience?

  • Firstly, identify your strong points and personal skills
  • Research a little more on where and what kind of roles you may fit in. 
  • Acquire extra knowledge or certifications if required based on your job interest.
  • Use all the available search tools – digital or tangible newspaper columns or local posters, etc.
  • Be proactive on social media sites to explore and reach out to prospective job boards.
  • Most importantly beware of the black-hole job board scams as no genuine hiring company would ask you to pay for the job.

Feeling exhausted? You can simply check out Homejobshub and we can assure you that your hunt for no experience remote jobs ends right here.

Home Jobs Hub - Remote job portal

HJH’s AI-powered system will notify you whenever an employer posts a job matching your skills and requirements. Here your skills are custom matched with the posted required job profile and connected to the prospective employers.

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10 Highest Paying Work at Home Jobs in 2022!

10 Highest Paying Work at Home Jobs in 2022!

The work-from-home jobs trend attained a significant push due to the recent pandemic-related disruptions. Moreover, amidst the ‘Great Resignation’, the number of professionals tending to work from home rather than back to offices is rising. In fact, it is not a surprise that  34% of employees say they are willing to take a 5% pay cut if allowed to work in the comfort of their homes.

Furthermore, as of this year, 16% of global companies are 100% remote. Proportionately, there is a steep rise in the work at home jobs. Global Workplace Analytics report indicates that the number of people that work from home has grown by 159% since 2009

If you are a skilled individual committed to earning from working from home, welcome to the tribe! 

Here we list the top 10 highest paying work at home jobs to give the right impetus to your career aspirations. 

Top 10 Highest Paying Work-from-Home Jobs in 2022

We prepared this list of work-at-home jobs by handpicking various roles that fit individuals with and without experience. 

#1: Customer support representative

Customers today are increasingly virtual. Hence, businesses focus on solving the customer pain points through online channels such as email, live chat, phone, and video. And here is where the necessity for customer support representatives arrives. With 83% of workers saying the flexibility to work from home would make them happier, this is one of the top remote career options you can opt for.


A customer support representative serves as the first level of assistance and acts as the brand point of contact. 


Prior work experience counts though not mandatory. Many companies provide the relevant training.

#2: Affiliate marketing manager

Affiliate marketing involves helping brands to sell more through various digital techniques and receive a proportionate commission in return. This is a career option that does not confine itself to any office setup, working time, or age bars. Since 62% of workers aged 22 to 65 claim to work remotely at least occasionally, this is quite a good try for them.


An affiliate marketing manager helps brands expand their sales through mediums like blogs, eCommerce sites, websites, and digital marketing.


This is one of the work at home jobs that suits individuals of any work experience range.

#3: Sales and business development jobs

Did you ever imagine you could help a global business increase its sales and make a decent income from your selling talent? Work at home sales and business development jobs helps realize this precisely. 


The day-to-day tasks of a sales and business development executive include creating awareness about the brand’s products and services to customers. It also includes answering their doubts, building trust in them, and successfully closing the sale.


Not mandatory for most companies, as they provide relevant training. 

#4: Software programmer


Programming is one of the in-demand work at home jobs that promises a handsome income and a secure hustle. As per data, 42% of employees who have the option to work remotely want to do it more often in the next five years. Since programming is a career option that never loses demand, this may be a pretty good catch!.


Software programmers are experts in various programming languages. They code applications test and deploy them to cater to the client and business needs.


Expertise in programming comes with experience, though you can get started with it step by step.

#5: Web design and development

Websites are the face and 24×7 marketers of businesses. Thanks to the rise in the focus on branding and rebranding, website design and development experts are in high demand.


Web developers design and develop technically robust, secure, and branded websites for businesses. 


Web designing is a work-at-home job that demands skills rather than experience. However, experience and a portfolio help to attract more clients.

#6: Digital marketer

Social media is now the pulse of businesses. Companies are trying to capture user attention engage, and retain their trust and reputation through social media and digital marketing. With 30% of workers doing full-time remote work, this is one of the most highly regarded career paths.


Digital marketers promote businesses through various digital media such as search engines, social media channels, and content sharing platforms. They also play a crucial role in paid campaigns and tracking reports and metrics.


Beginners can step into digital marketing and hone their skills with time.

#7: Writing

Copywriting, blogging, editing, social media writing, and email marketing are some work-from-home roles that one can explore by leveraging their writing skills. Another advantage is you can opt for completely remote options in this field. As per data, fully remote employees are found 22% more happier than onsite workers.


As a writer, you help businesses establish trust in the audience and make more sales through impactful blogs, articles, one-liners, email copies, social media posts, and many more. 


Writing is a skill one can build with experience. However, starting is always the key. So, anyone can take the first step to explore the work-at-home jobs related to writing.

#8: Online teacher

The virtual learning trend created an increased demand for online teachers and tutors. Parents and schools are looking to hire online teachers who can simplify concepts and teach engagingly through virtual teaching methods. If you still have an inclination toward traditional teaching, don’t be surprised when we say that 13% of remote employees are likely to stay in their current job for the next five years, So, it is clear that you would be more satisfied while working from home.


As an online teacher, you will teach concepts engagingly to students and make a difference in their learning journey.


Sound knowledge of the chosen subject, ability to create enthusiasm about the topic, and patience to explain the concepts are the traits that can help me succeed as an online teacher over experience. 

#9: Translator

Are you a multi-linguist? Have the knack of translating thoughts from one language to another without missing the essence? Check the thousands of translator jobs that suit you perfectly. 


As a translator, you help businesses and clients to translate their content into various languages that you are an expert in and as per their business needs. 


A grip on languages is more vital than experience to become a successful translator.

#10: Virtual recruiter


Recruiting in this hybrid working life is a big game. However, you can be a part of it if you have good communication, organizing, and time management skills.


As a virtual recruiter, you assist companies in their headhunting. Candidate search, email communication, setting up interviews, and following up are some of your day-to-day responsibilities. 


Recruiting needs skills that you can master as you proceed with the job.


The opportunities to work from home are immense. You need to understand your correct fit and get started with it. You must also be aware that companies around the globe are also promoting work from office jobs since remote employees are 43% more likely to log in 40+ hours a week than office employees. Apart from that, 81% of employees say they recommend their place of employment to others if allowed to work remotely and another 74% support they are more likely to stay in their company if given work from home facility.

In a dilemma which job suits you? Let us extend our helping hand. At HomeJobsHub, we have helped thousands of candidates to find their dream work-at-home jobs in virtual customer support roles. Reach us for guidance to kickstart your home-based career today. 

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9 Work at Home Jobs You Can Start Right Now!

9 Work at Home Jobs You Can Start Right Now!

The demand for work-from-home jobs is at an all-time high in the United States. Yet, many people struggle to find a proper work-at-home job. Lack of knowledge, preconceived notions, and myths regarding virtual jobs deter many from pursuing the same. 

But, time could not be any more favorable than now to find a well-paid work-from-home gig and enjoy making money from home. Thanks to the pandemic

So, if you’re interested in working from home but you’re clueless about which roles to look for, this read is for you.

Nine Best Work From Home Jobs To Help You Begin a New Career Today

If you’ve been thinking about trying work from home jobs, here are nine legitimate jobs you can start today:

1. Virtual Assistant

If you have strong organizational and communication skills and like to multitask, a job as a virtual assistant might be a good fit for you. 

As a virtual assistant, you help your employer in:

  • Setting up meetings.
  • Making travel arrangements.
  • Providing research.
  • Help them with data entry work. 
  • Email support and more to make their life easier.

You can work anywhere in the world, and it’s an excellent opportunity for people who are just starting or are looking for a career change. If you wonder about salary benefits, you can easily make $10- $15 per hour in this job.

2. Virtual customer support

Virtual customer service jobs are among the most famous work-at-home jobs. If you are good with people, enjoy helping others, and have a friendly demeanor, then a customer service position is ideal for you.

In this role, you will typically work with a company to help its customers succeed with its products and services. This role often includes connecting to them via phone or email and helping them figure out what they need. The pay scale of a customer service representative usually starts from $9 and can go up to $19 an hour.

3. Transcriptionist


Transcribing is a process in which you listen to recordings and convert them into written texts. If you can type fast and have decent grammar skills, you can apply and get a job as a transcriptionist.

If you’re wondering what kind of audio files you have to listen to, they can be anything from recordings of a board meeting to interviews, lectures to a book, depending on your employer. 

But, the best part is you can make up to $59,243 a year as a transcriber.

4. Online Teaching

Online teaching is a flexible way to make some extra cash, especially if you are a subject matter expert in the field. 

As an online teacher, you interact with students of all ages worldwide. Moreover, you could set your schedule and choose when exactly your teaching hours are. 

You can even apply for a full-time teaching job in some reputed companies or supplement your income with shorter, freelance teaching gigs. And as a teacher, you can earn around $30,000- $ 40,000 per year.

5. Freelance Writing

Are you looking to work on projects that are both challenging and fun? Then, a freelance content writer is a job you are waiting for. Writing allows you to be a part of critical business processes and aspects. 

You could earn money by writing blogs, articles, and website content for enterprises and can easily make $30-$500 per article, depending upon the employer. 

Freelance writing also involves connecting with readers by writing engaging content for business blogs and online magazines. If you have some excellent language skills up your sleeves and are interested in writing, a freelance writer could be your career option. A resume, cover letter, and portfolio are all you need to get started with it.

6. Virtual Graphic Designer


If you have a knack for art, design, and creativity, then you could be the perfect fit for a graphic designer’s role. As a graphic designer, you will create and design logos, brochures, advertisements, books, magazines, packages, and much more. 

Graphic designers are in demand globally, so there are plenty of jobs available that you can apply for right now. The salary for graphic designers starts from $45,000/year and can go up depending upon your skills and experience.

7. Social Media Manager

The social media manager is responsible for managing the social media assets of a company. They ensure the company’s social media accounts are active and constantly updated. They are also responsible for interacting with customers, sharing content, and providing customer service to social media users.

Social media managers also make sure that the company is interacting with its target audience and that there is a persistent endeavor for growth in their business. The average salary of a social media manager is $15-$120/hour.

8.  A Chef

If baking is your love, you could start a home-based cake decorating business or create a cooking website. As a baker, you can deliver customized cakes to homeowners and earn good money. In addition, you can take orders online through your website and earn up to $20 an hour. 

For instance, you could start a cooking blog and get paid for your recipes and easy-to-cook tips. Of course, if you don’t own a camera but have a good phone camera, that would suffice. Moreover, you can also start by sharing your local delicacies on sites that pay you when people use your recipes.

9. QA tester

If you’re a technology geek and a language lover, this job is perfect for you. As a QA (Quality Analyst) tester, you’re responsible for making sure the product you’re working on is free of bugs and glitches and works as advertised. 

For instance, you could be required to read the product’s instructions, set up a testing environment, perform a series of tests, and ensure the product functions properly. You can easily earn $15-$20 per test as a tester.

End Your Job Struggles by Connecting With HomeJobsHub

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Best Remote Working Job Positions to Apply for in 2022!

Best Remote Working Job Positions to Apply for in 2022!

Work-from-home positions had a reputation for being low paid, monotonous, full of micromanagement, and so on. But if the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that working from home has been redefined and gone mainstream. Remote work has come a long way, and the prospects for working from home in 2022 are brighter than they’ve ever been.

What if we said there are more full-time remote jobs than ever before with HomeJobsHub, and that too with the flexibility to manage your schedule, security of a predictable monthly paycheck,  team support, and growth prospects? Sounds surreal, right? 

So, if you’re seeking a remote job in 2022 that will push you to grow professionally, check out our list of the top 7 work-from-home jobs. And by best, we mean careers that are interesting, challenging, and allow you to grow while earning a decent wage.

Seven Best Work-From-Home (Remote) Jobs for 2022

Here are a few legitimate work-from-home job ideas with flexible schedules that you can start doing right now to start making money at your leisure.

1) Customer success manager

Who is Ideal For It: People who enjoy assisting people and solving problems.

Job role: A customer success manager works alongside the customers to ensure they have the tools and support they need to succeed with a product or service. This includes assisting them with purchasing decisions and onboarding new users after being led via different marketing funnels.

Why is it remote-possible: Most customer care issues may be resolved over the phone or the internet. You can manage all of your customers’ demands from anywhere you have a computer and a good internet connection (and enough patience).

Estimated annual salary: $58,000

2) Sales development rep

Who is Ideal For It: Anyone who is self-motivated and keen to establish themselves, whether they have prior sales experience or are interested in sales.

Job role: A sales development representative’s ultimate goal is to increase a company’s customer base. They would generate leads, prospect new customers, and connect them with the appropriate salesperson.

Why is it remote-possible: To make sales calls, present pitches, send follow-up emails, or manage your sales team, you don’t need to be in a certain location. 

Estimated annual salary: $64,000

3) Data Scientist


Who is Ideal For It: Detail-oriented statisticians with a knack for spotting and interpreting patterns in vast swatches of data.

Job role: Data scientists acquire and analyze enormous sets of organized and unstructured data. They interpret the outcomes of data analysis, processing, and modeling to generate actionable plans for businesses and other organizations.

Why is it remote-possible: Companies see the value of hiring people who understand “big data” as more than just a buzzword. Because true data nerds are hard to come by, location generally takes a back seat.

Estimated annual salary: $114,000

4) Product/Project Manager

Who is Ideal For It: Anyone interested in big-picture planning and creating goods that users will enjoy. 

Job role: It entails collaborating with sales, marketing, and customer service to meet revenue and customer satisfaction targets. The Product Manager’s work entails ensuring that the company’s overall strategy and sales performance goals are supported by product and marketing initiatives.

Why is it remote-possible: As more software engineers and other tech professionals work remotely, it’s only natural that the project managers who collaborate with them will go remote as well. You’re all set if you’re a virtual communicator who’s used technologies like Zoom, Slack, Asana (the list goes on…) to communicate online.

Estimated annual salary: $95,000

5) Marketing Manager

Who is Ideal For It: People who are both creative and analytical in equal measure.

Job role: A marketing manager raises customer awareness by creating and implementing marketing strategies that suit consumer needs while increasing revenues. They supervise internal teams, create (or oversee the creation of) promotional messaging and products, and work to publish or distribute them to the public through media, advertising, and social media.

Why is it remote-possible: Analyzing industry trends and strategizing can be done from any location. In addition, with teams becoming more dispersed, you can use Zoom, Slack, and other online applications to coordinate cross-functionally with salespeople, engineers, and others.

Estimated annual salary: $63,000

6) Recruiter or HR

Who is Ideal For It: Market research, project/time management, and negotiation are all skills that a person possesses.

Job role: Every company’s success is dependent on its employees. Recruiters are in charge of finding those individuals who’d drive an org. They contribute to an organization’s growth by understanding hiring managers’ needs and locating the best individuals to fill open positions.

Why is it remote-possible: Robust hiring management, HR technology, and Application Tracking Systems (ATS) make it possible to recruit befitting talents across the board for remote firms.

Estimated annual salary: $50,000

7) Content Manager/Content Marketing Manager

Who is Ideal For It: People responsible for creating, editing, and delivering unique material while adhering to the company’s voice and brand guidelines. A professional content manager oversees and manages all aspects of a company’s content creation. 

Job role: A content marketing manager is ultimately responsible for overseeing a company’s content marketing efforts and ensuring success. They help with the content marketing strategy, continuing content planning, day-to-day content development, editing, promotion, and reporting on the success of each content marketing campaign.

Why is it remote-possible: A content manager works independently, for the most part, making this a great work-from-home opportunity. Communication is crucial, and the vast variety of communication platforms available now makes it much easier to complete your tasks remotely.

Estimated annual salary: $82,465

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8 Work From Home Careers to Pursue After Your 60’s

8 Work From Home Careers to Pursue After Your 60’s

At 60, you may want to slow down the pace. For example, a 9 to 5 job could make it strenuous to manage work and personal life. Or, if your job demands extensive travel, that could be unfavorable. Or, you may want to call it quits for a regular job in your ‘60s. There could be many reasons to look for an alternative source of income at this age. 

It is also a necessity since currently, the American citizens in the 65+ age category are 46 million amounting to 15%. However, it is expected to grow to 98 million by 2060, which will account for 24% of the population. Additionally, this is double the value from 2016. This is the case in the USA alone. In Japan, the projection is calculated to be around 40%.

However, the wise choice for you could be to pursue a more flexible career that is more in your control and doesn’t require traveling. Fortunately for you, today, there are ample work-from-home jobs you can search and apply for. These profiles do not need you to travel and give you the much-needed flexibility to work in comfort. 

Eight Work From Home Jobs You Could Pursue  Apply ’60s

Work from home careers you can pursue after your 60s are as follows:

1. Interpreter


This role involves developing communication between two or more parties who speak different languages. All you need is to have good knowledge and be fluent in two or more of the languages required. This job is very flexible and can be done through video conferences. 

Almost 37% of women in the age group of 65+ live by themselves. So, this might be a good career option for them since they can virtually engage with people.

You do need to have good communication skills. If communication breaks down, it can lead to misunderstanding. It is a responsible job but a peak profession after 60. 

2. Virtual assistant

A virtual assistant needs to do administrative tasks. You will have to make travel arrangements, send letters and emails, and even manage other services that can be handled via phone. You need to have basic management skills with some computer knowledge. 

This job includes data management, project management, desktop publishing, and using spreadsheets. This profession is an excellent part-time option too.

It is expected that there would be a 75% increase in the number of Americans needing nursing home care. So, this can be a go-to career option since it also allows to split the shift to increase flexibility. 

3. Customer service representative

Remote customer service jobs involve answering calls, taking new orders, and tracking existing orders. It requires communication and managing skills. You may need to work through online chat sessions and online meetings. 

In 2009 the old age population was just 12.9 %. However, by 2030, the population of 65+ will grow by 19%. The benefit of this career option is you will be often given training so that you can catch up with the work. Furthermore, it avoids office politics and unwanted commuting hours.

4. Dietitian

This profession requires a specialized course, but it is worth it. Guiding people about their diet and nutrition can be done online through chat sessions or phone calls and video conferencing. 

You can work under someone or if you are good at it,  or you can open your online firm. It is the best option for a work-from-home career if this field is in your best interest.

12% of the GDP would be taken up by the expenditure on medical care and social security for the 65+ age group by 2050. So, this career option is one of the best-paying ones you can opt for.

5. Online tutor

As an online tutor, you should be well-educated and experienced in the topic you are willing to teach. For example, it could be physics, maths, chemistry, or even arts. 

You may also take up a course to polish your knowledge if needed. This profession involves teaching students from home. As a result, time flexibility is available, and unwanted distractions are minimized. With the old age population expected to strike 20.2% by 2050 compared to 12.4 % in 2000, this is one of the job openings that may happen in huge amounts.

All you need is a strong internet facility. This career gives you time to rest and you can also spend time with your friends after you have ramped up for the day. 

6. Writer or Editor


The key is good grammar and strong skills to spot spelling and other narrative errors. In addition, this profession involves excellent writing skills, proofreading, and critical thinking. 

You can attend a course or workshop to learn some basics; however, you must have some good language skills up your sleeves. This job gives you a chance to explore your creativity and pick your schedules. Freelance writers are given due dates for each article, which are convenient enough to accomplish.

7. Consultant

You need to have good knowledge about this profession to share it with others. By the age of 60, you can have dealt with enough finance and related areas to have gained the experience. If you belong to a profession close to a consultant, it is the best job for you. 

Your expert opinions, analysis, and recommendation to an individual or an organization should be on point and profitable to them. This profession is time-saving and can be done remotely.

8. Transcriber or transcriptionist

This job involves listening to audio or medical dictations and typing what you hear. It is an entry-level job that can pay up to $25 per hour. You can also do it part-time or schedule shifts. A transcriber has flexible schedules and is the best job while traveling or caregiving. 

The people in the 65+ age group are growing rapidly. It turned to 39.6 million in 2009, and 46.2 million in 2014. However, now, it is expected to grow by 72.1 million by 2030. So, we hope these work-from-home job ideas have inspired you to ponder a career in work-from-home mode. For the practical job-hunting prospect, though, there HomeJobsHub.

We are an AI-enabled platform that matches potential professionals with the right work-from-home customer support jobs. All you have to do is fill out our AI-enabled form, and the system algorithm will kick in to make the right match with genuine employers. Register with us today!