Best Remote Jobs Paying $25 An Hour

Best Remote Jobs Paying $25 An Hour

Looking for high-paying jobs that you can do from the comfort of your own home? In case you’re interested in finding jobs paying $25 an hour or more, you’re in luck! 

In this article, we will share a list of some of the best remote jobs that pay $25 an hour or more, so you can start earning a decent income. Explore different options and find the right fit for your skills and interests.

Most importantly, you can do these jobs paying 25 an hour from the comfort of your home and without sacrificing your earning potential. So, if you’re ready to explore some exciting and lucrative job options, keep reading!


#1 Software Developer

Generally, software developers are the ones who design, develop, and maintain software programs that are used by individuals and businesses. They work in a variety of industries, including technology, healthcare, finance, and many more.

As a software developer, you should have a strong background in programming languages such as Python, Java, or C++. Also, you need to have a good understanding of software design principles and development methodologies.

One of the biggest advantages of the software developer is the ability to work remotely. You can do many of your tasks and projects from anywhere as long as you have a reliable internet connection and a computer.

Average Salary: $46/hour


#2 Web Developer

Web developers create and maintain websites, web applications, and other online platforms.

You should have knowledge of programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create user-friendly interfaces along with ensuring websites function properly. Additionally, you get to work closely with designers, project managers, and clients to create customized websites that meet specific needs and requirements.

As a web developer, you can work remotely for a company or work as a freelancer. With the growing demand for online presence and e-commerce, web development has become an increasingly popular field.

According to McKinsey, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more people are shopping online than ever before. As a result, e-commerce is growing rapidly and shows no signs of slowing down.

Average Salary: $30/hour

Projected Growth Rate (2021 - 31) - Software - Web Developers

Source –

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#3 Web Content Specialist

As the name itself suggests, a web content specialist is responsible for creating and managing the content on a website. Here, you have to ensure that the content is engaging, informative, and accurate. This includes writing copy, selecting images, and making updates as needed.

Do you know “around 50% of B2B buyers are now switching from traditional modes of purchase to online channels”?

This clearly proves that more and more businesses are moving online. As a result, the demand for skilled web content specialists is on the rise. It’s an excellent career choice if you are passionate about writing and have an eye for detail.

Plus, web content specialist is one of the jobs that pay $25 an hour without a degree. Though, having a degree in fields such as journalism, communications, or marketing is beneficial. 

Average Salary: $29/hour


#4 Senior Recruiter

A senior recruiter is a professional who is responsible for finding, attracting, and hiring top talent for a company. 

As this is a senior-level position, you will manage a team of recruiters and collaborate with hiring managers to identify the company’s hiring needs. Plus, you have to develop and implement recruitment strategies and best practices. On top of that, you should stay up-to-date with the latest hiring trends and techniques.

Furthermore, you may also negotiate job offers and provide guidance to candidates throughout the recruitment process.

Average Salary: $43/hour

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#5 Technical Writer

Another writer job that pays $25 an hour without a degree is the technical writer. 

Basically, technical writers create content that explains complex technical concepts and procedures in a way that is easy for the audiences to understand. For this, you work closely with subject matter experts to gather and understand technical information.

Depending on the industry, you are responsible for creating product guides, user manuals, and other technical documentation.

Some technical writers have a degree in a related field, such as English or journalism. Though, if you have strong writing skills and a background in a technical field, it is possible to enter this field without a degree.

Average Salary: $35/hour


#6 Project Manager

Generally, as a project manager, you need to oversee projects from start to finish. That includes ensuring projects are within budget, completed on time, and to the satisfaction of stakeholders. So, you become responsible for organizing resources, coordinating team members, and tracking progress. 

Many project manager positions pay $25 an hour or more, making it a lucrative job to pursue.

While some employers prefer candidates with a bachelor’s degree in a related field, such as business or engineering, experience, and certifications are also highly valuable. As a project manager, you have the opportunity to work in a variety of industries, from construction to healthcare to technology. 

Average Salary: $59/hour

Projected Growth Rate (2021 - 31) - Technical Writers - project managers (1)

Source –


#7 Business Consultant

Business consultants provide expert advice and guidance to help businesses solve problems and improve their performance. Thus, you get to work with a wide range of clients, from small startups to large corporations.

The good news is that there are many entry-level business consultant positions that offer jobs that pay 25 dollars an hour. Typically, these positions require a bachelor’s degree in business, finance, or a related field, along with strong analytical and problem-solving skills. 

Depending on your role, you may get involved in developing strategies, conducting market research, analyzing financial data, and providing recommendations to clients. It is a challenging and rewarding career for those who enjoy working in a fast-paced, dynamic environment.

Average Salary: $31/hour


#8 Technical Consultant

Technical consultants are professionals who offer expert advice to businesses on technical issues, such as software, hardware, and network systems. Here, you will work closely with clients to identify their needs and provide them with customized solutions that meet their requirements.

Most importantly, technical consulting is one of the jobs that pay $25 an hour without requiring a degree. However, having a degree in a related field, such as computer science or information technology, can be beneficial.

Note that to succeed in this field, you should have excellent problem-solving and communication skills, as well as knowledge of technical systems and software. With the growing demand for technical consultants, it’s a great time to start your career in this field.

In fact, in 2020, the value of the technology consulting market was $48.3 billion. Experts predict that it will continue to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.5% from 2021 to 2028.

Average Salary: $54/hour

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#9 Accountant

Basically, accountants are financial professionals responsible for managing and analyzing financial records. Usually, as an accountant, you help businesses and individuals keep track of their finances. Also, ensure that they are compliant with all applicable tax laws and regulations.

Typically, accountants work in accounting firms, but they may also work in-house for a company or as freelancers. To become an accountant, you need a bachelor’s degree in accounting or a related field, along with a certification from a professional accounting organization. Some of the specializations in this field are government accountants, management accountants, public accountants, and auditors.

Average Salary: $27/hour


#10 System Administrator

The final one on our $25 an hour jobs list is the system administrator. A system administrator maintains and handles computer systems and networks. You need to make sure that systems are up-to-date and running efficiently and troubleshoot any issues that arise.

This job is essential in any organization that relies heavily on technology to run its operations, such as businesses, government agencies, and educational institutions. Although some employers may prefer candidates with a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field, certifications, and experience are also highly valuable.

The system administrator is a great career choice if you have excellent technical skills and a passion for problem-solving.

Average Salary: $31/hour

Projected Growth Rate (2021 - 31) - Accoountant - System Administrator

Source –

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Are You Ready to Apply for Remote Jobs Paying $25/Hour?

In case, you are searching for “remote jobs that pay 25 an hour near me, know that there are plenty of options to choose from. Whether you are looking for a part-time gig or full-time position, there are opportunities out there that can help you earn a good income without leaving your home.

Keep in mind that some jobs may require a degree or specific certifications, experience, and skills are also highly valued. Consider all options mentioned in this article, explore, and apply for the remote job opportunities that best fit your skills and interests. 

Visit HomeJobsHub to find a number of work-at-home jobs in a variety of fields. Simply, sign up and their AI will notify you whenever a position matching your interests and skills is posted on their platform. Finally, earn a living with their reliable and efficient partners.

Good luck with your job search!

10 Best Digital Nomad Jobs You Can Do From Anywhere

10 Best Digital Nomad Jobs You Can Do From Anywhere

Some people might think that it is impossible to find digital nomad jobs that you can do from anywhere. You may also think that only lucky ones get to work as they enjoy their life journeying to beautiful and exciting destinations.

Well, You can be the lucky one today! Here we will introduce you to the 10 best jobs for digital nomads that you can do remotely.

Now, the table of contents for this post is as follows:


Best 10 Careers For Nomads

Below are the details about the 10 top nomadic jobs you can do to start and/or continue your career while working from anywhere in the world.


#1 Content Editor

A content editor ensures there are no grammatical errors and that the content is nonambiguous, easy to understand, and consistent. Overall, they proofread, fact-check, and publish the content. Some of them also develop strategies to improve user engagement.

Many editorial jobs don’t require you to work for specific times. So, you may work as per your schedule. Therefore, the content editor job is perfect for nomads.


#2 Online Teacher/ Educator

You will find educational jobs in every country and state. On top of that, regardless of age, students, graduates, and even employees are taking online classes. Therefore, an online teacher or educator is one of the best digital nomad jobs you can find on the internet.

If you have good academic knowledge, you can teach high school students. In case you are proficient in software applications or programs and good at explaining technical concepts, apply for software teaching jobs. In this way, share your knowledge in any field or industry by becoming an online educator.


#3 Blogger

Usually, the blogger writes and publishes content on a blog, which is a type of website. Here you can write about anything including your personal experiences, interests, or opinions on a particular topic.

Many companies use blogs to promote their products or services. So, if you want to have a steady income, work for such organizations. Otherwise, simply create your own blog

Actually, when you are good at sharing your experiences, being a travel blogger would be one of the best jobs for nomadic lifestyle

Alternatively, you can work as a freelance or remote writer as well.


#4 Video Editor

The video editor is responsible for creating, modifying, and assembling video content. Your tasks may involve selecting the best takes, splicing footage together, adding special effects, and adjusting audio and color settings. You can do all this by using specialized software designed to edit the raw footage. 

Overall, as a video editor, your job is to create visually appealing videos while also ensuring that the video meets technical and creative specifications.


#5 Graphic Designer

Have you ever seen a website or any content without any images or graphics? Of course not!

Whether it is a logo, social media graphics, artwork, infographics, etc., are created by a graphic designer.

Basically, a graphic designer creates visual concepts either using computer software or by hand to communicate ideas that inspire, captivate, or inform viewers. So, you get to work on a variety of projects related to websites, packaging, advertising materials, and corporates.

Skills required for video editor and graphic designer


#6 Recruiter

Recruiters help companies find and hire qualified candidates for open positions. Typically, they work with hiring managers to understand the requirements of each role and use a variety of sourcing methods to identify potential candidates.

So, you have to perform tasks like reviewing resumes, conducting in-person, phone, or video interviews, and coordinating schedules for onsite interviews. Once, a candidate is identified, you should present them to hiring managers and assist in negotiating salary or other employment terms.

Now, if you want to apply for the remote recruiter or HR jobs, click here.


#7 Software Developer

A software developer is one of the high-paying work-at-home tech jobs. There you will design, create, test, and maintain software systems. Generally, you use programming languages and software development tools to write code, debug any problems, and create applications.

Plus, work on a wide range of projects such as building websites and developing mobile apps, desktop software, and large-scale systems. Since software developers play a critical role in the tech industry, you may find many job opportunities. 

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#8 QA Tester

Quality assurance tester focuses on ensuring the software meets specified requirements and is free of defects. So, you have to identify and report any bugs or issues. Usually, you will use a combination of manual testing methods and automated testing tools to verify the software’s functionality.

Just like software development, QA testing is also done in many projects. So, it is a high-demand and high-paying job.


#9 Technical/ CustomerSupport Representative

One of the best jobs for nomads is being a technical or customer support representative.

Customer support involves providing assistance to users with their queries, complaints, or any issues related to a product or service. 

While in technical support, you need to assist customers having technical issues with a product or service. You will help them in diagnosing and resolving problems related to hardware, software, and other technical aspects of a product.

If you are interested in a customer service job, start preparing your resume right away by clicking here.


#10 Data Entry And Chat Jobs

Typically, data entry involves entering information into a computer system from a paper document or other sources. This role requires you to have a high degree of accuracy and attention to detail. Also, you should be able to work with databases and software applications.

On the other hand, chat jobs involve communicating with customers via online chat platforms. Here you need to provide customer support while answering their product or service related questions.

Skills required for Data entry and chat jobs

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How To Earn As A Digital Nomad?

As long as you have a computer and internet connection, you can do any of the mentioned jobs. That is the reason all these jobs have the flexibility to work from home. 

After the pandemic, most companies realized that they can hire the best talent from other parts of the world. Plus, the need for the introduced jobs is high. Therefore, you will find many remote job opportunities available for those who have the right skills.


Skills Required For Nomads

Apart from technical skills, there are certain universal traits you need to have to live as a digital nomad and earn a living with remote jobs.

  • Self-motivation – While doing remote work, it is easy to get distracted, feel isolated, and lose your motivation. Thus, it is necessary to stay motivated so you can focus on your work and complete your tasks on time. 
  • Communication skills – Since you won’t be talking in person, don’t think that remote work doesn’t require communication skills. It’s because you will be talking through online channels you need communication skills to clearly and effectively express yourself.
  • Flexibility – This is the key attribute in work-from-home jobs. The reason is that it helps you to handle changes, unexpected interruptions, and technical issues, and even collaborate with your colleagues from different time zones. In fact, being flexible to adapt to new situations and changing schedules makes remote work easier to handle.
  • Money management – When dealing with a nomadic lifestyle, you will have unexpected expenses, a lack of benefits, and no guaranteed income. So, knowing how to manage your money gives you financial stability and security.

Note: There are many telecommuting jobs that require you to stay in a particular location such as a specific city, state, country, or timezone. Thus, while applying for a remote job, make sure to check the location requirements.

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Ready To Work For Nomadic Lifestyle Jobs!

The top 10 digital nomad jobs range from traditional freelance work like data entry to modern digital nomad careers such as software development. All these jobs offer flexibility and freedom to work from anywhere, allowing you to enjoy your passion for travel while earning income. 

Now, if you want to apply for any of the nomad lifestyle jobs, visit HomeJobsHub. There you will find work-from-home jobs in a variety of industries. Another advantage is that their AI will notify you whenever a job matching your skills and requirements becomes available.

So, without waiting, register here!

Top 15 Companies Hiring For Remote Consulting Jobs

Top 15 Companies Hiring For Remote Consulting Jobs

Regardless of industry, consultants are needed in every business ranging from IT to healthcare. Therefore, you can discover remote consulting jobs in many companies. 

Here we are providing the best 15 organizations looking for candidates to fill vacancies in consulting jobs from home. Just click on the provided careers page button of your desired company to apply for the open positions.


1) Acorio


Image source –

Acorio is an NTT DATA company and is the world’s largest ServiceNow consultancy. No matter what industry your business is in, i.e. finance, manufacturing, education, government, etc. you can employ Acorio.

Also, they won many awards for their business and workplace over the past 7 years. Further, when you become an employee you get comprehensive benefits for yourself and your family’s health and wellness.


Remote Consulting Jobs Offered:

  • ServiceNow Technical Consultant
  • Sr. ServiceNow Technical Consultant
  • AVA Technical Consultant
  • ServiceNow Platform Solutions Consultant

Visit Careers Page


2) Guidehouse


Image source –

Guidehouse assists you in solving complex problems through their solutions like cyber security, managed services, risk, regulatory & compliance, and strategic development. Plus, their offices are available in 50 different locations across the globe.

In case you are a student/ fresher or experienced professional or military and veteran, you will find the career path, opportunities, and hiring process available on their website. Also, by looking at their awards and recognitions, you can rest assured that Guidehouse’s workplace is great for everyone.


Remote Consulting Jobs Offered:

  • Cross Practice Solutions – Impact Evaluation Managing Consultant
  • ES&I Cross Practice Solutions – Project Management Senior Consultant
  • Managing Consultant – ES&I Power Delivery
  • Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management – Senior Consultant

Visit Careers Page


3) Adobe


Image source –

The well-known and global MNC, Adobe specializes in software used for the creation and publication of graphics, illustrations, photography, video/ multimedia, etc., and print. They also offer cloud and digital marketing services.

As one of the largest companies, it offers many benefits and perks to its employees. For instance, you get medical, dental, and vision insurance, 401(k), paid time off, and academic reimbursements.


Remote Consulting Jobs Offered:

  • Adobe Target Consultant
  • Analytics/ CJA Consultant
  • Technical Consultant
  • Marketo Business Consultant
  • Senior AEM Consultant

Visit Careers Page


4) Alight


Image source –


To Alight’s clients:

Alight supports you right from when you get hired to till you retire and beyond by helping you to maintain a sustainable and healthy life through their products & services. Their technology gives you insights related to your health, wellness, workforce, payroll, etc. So, you can make better decisions for yourself, your family, and even your business.


To Candidates:

If you are a student or fresher, then join Alight’s Ignite & Inspire program to gain experience. Plus, you will definitely find many virtual and work-from-home opportunities (like the below-mentioned ones) on their careers page.


Remote Consulting Jobs Offered:

  • Workday Integrations Consultant
  • Senior Agile Consultant
  • Health Pro Consultant
  • Oracle HCM Consultant

Visit Careers Page


5) BlackLine


Image source –

BlackLine develops cloud-based services that automate and control repetitive accounting processes. It unifies your data, processes, and system to generate accounting automation for your teams.

When it comes to benefits, as an employee, you receive health insurance, 401(k), paid time off, Employee Stock Purchase plan, recognition & rewards, and so on.


Remote Consulting Jobs Offered:

  • Senior Learning Consultant
  • Manager, Implementation

Visit Careers Page




Image source –

With their software engineering, design, and consulting services, EPAM helps you to transform your business digitally. It specializes in digital platform engineering, product design, and service development. Moreover, EPAM is in partnership with Adobe, Google, BigCommerce, Salesforce, Microsoft, AWS, etc.

Once you get any of the remote consultant jobs at EPAM, you become eligible for their benefits. For example, a competitive salary, paid time off, health coverage, training programs, and relocation options.


Remote Consulting Jobs Offered:

  • Data Science Consultant
  • Marketing Data Analytics Technology Consultant
  • Principal Insurance Technology Consultant
  • Account Director – Financial Services Consulting

Visit Careers Page


7) Veeva Systems

Veeva Systems

Image source –

An American cloud computing firm, Veeva Systems focuses on life sciences and pharmaceutical industry applications. Their core functions include content management, CRM, data management, customer reference data, commercial data & analytics.

Veeva Systems is spread across countries like the USA, Canada, Japan, etc. And, you may join their communities such as Veera Black/ Pride/ Asian/ Women’s Community to share your common interests.


Remote Consulting Jobs Offered:

  • Business Consultant – Life Sciences R&D
  • Life Sciences R&D – Senior Business Consultant
  • Principal Business Consultant – R&D Clinical
  • Technical Consultant – MyInsights
  • Veeva CRM – Senior Implementation Consultant

Visit Careers Page


8) Allstate


Image source –

Allstate was founded in 1931 and its headquarters is in Illinois, United States. It offers vehicle home, property (like renters and landlord), and life insurance coverages. Also, you can get identity and phone protection services as well.

Now, coming to its employee perks, you receive health, life insurance, AD&D, disability, and retirement benefits. Plus, it includes well-being programs and work/ life benefits like paid time off.


Remote Consulting Jobs Offered:

  • Senior Reinsurance Claims Consultant
  • Voluntary Benefits Sales Consultant
  • Regulatory and Legislative Consultant
  • Business Consultant Analytics

Visit Careers Page


9) Biologics Consulting Group

Biologics Consulting Group

Image source –

Biologics Consulting Group provides product development and full-service regulatory consulting services. They offer this for pharmaceuticals, biosimilars, biologics, medical devices, and combination products.

After you become an employee, Biologics Consulting Group delivers many compensation and work environment perks along with professional development benefit packages. In order to know more about their perks and benefits, visit the careers page.


Remote Consulting Jobs Offered:

  • Senior Clinical Consultant
  • Medical Device Digital Health Consultant

Visit Careers Page


10) Lincoln Financial Group

Lincoln Financial Group

Image source –

Lincoln National Corporation’s marketing name is the Lincoln Financial Group. Through this company, you can apply for annuities, life insurance, retirement plan, and group protection services.

In case you are a student or recent graduate, then you should look at their career development programs, internships, and entry-level positions. Now, let’s look at the provided work-at-home consulting jobs.


Remote Consulting Jobs Offered:

  • Sr. Consultant, HR Risk Management
  • Consultant, Nurse Disability I
  • Sr. Product Development Consultant
  • Consultant, Behavioral Health
  • Sr. Consultant, Digital Execution Strategist

Visit Careers Page


11) U.S. Bank

US Bank

Image source –

A financial services company, U.S. Bank delivers personal, consumer, and business banking services. It includes checking and savings accounts, loans, mortgages, investing, etc. 

When you become an employee at U.S. Bank, you obtain benefits such as 401K, medical & wellness plans, career growth, and development programs. Also, note that they offer on-site, hybrid, and remote jobs.

Now, if you want to work for consulting jobs, accounting jobs, etc., remotely at the U.S. Bank, then, click on the below-provided link.


Remote Consulting Jobs Offered:

  • Risk Consultant – Third Party Risk Management
  • Treasury Management Sales Consultant
  • High Value Business Card Consultant
  • Major Account Sales Consultant

Visit Careers Page


12) Citizens Bank

Citizens Bank

Image source –

Another banking services company on our list is Citizens Bank which is shortly referred to as Citizens. Just like any other bank, it offers personal and business banking services including loans, equity products, and credit/debit cards.

Once you become an employee, Citizens supplies many benefits. For instance, comprehensive health care coverage, wellness programs, parental leave, PTO, and flexible work arrangements.


Remote Consulting Jobs Offered:

  • Employee Relations Consultant
  • Citizens Pay Partnership Consultant

Visit Careers Page


13) Parexel


Image source –

Founded in 1982, Parexel has facilities in over 51 countries. It is one of the largest global clinical research organizations (CRO) and provides phase 1 to phase 4 clinical development services. 

Additionally, Parexel designs and delivers clinical trials and is also a biopharmaceutical services company.

Do you want to work for consultant jobs remotely in this organization? If yes, learn about their hiring process by clicking here.


Remote Consulting Jobs Offered:

  • Oncology – Principal Clinical Regulatory Affairs Consultant
  • Principal Consultant – Regulatory Compliance
  • Senior Director, Solutions Consultant
  • Oncology Solutions Consultant
  • Internal/ General Med – Principal Clinical Regulatory Affairs Consultant

Visit Careers Page


14) CVS Health

CVS Health

Image source –

One of America’s leading healthcare solutions companies is CVS Health. This company delivers services ranging from pharmacy and health plans to advanced health and wellness solutions.

When you become an employee, you obtain many healthcare benefits, PTO, financial support for yourself and your loved ones, and so on.


Remote Consulting Jobs Offered:

  • UM Nurse Consultant
  • Health Coach Consultant
  • Senior Business Consultant Analyst
  • Manger, Business Consulting
  • Quality Consultant
  • Clinical Program Consultant

Visit Careers Page


15) UnitedHealth Group

UnitedHealth Group

Image source –

Another healthcare and well-being company, UnitedHealth Group was founded in 1977. It provides both healthcare products and insurance services. As per Wikipedia, UnitedHealth Group is one of the largest healthcare companies by revenue.

Since it is a global company, its employee benefits vary per country. But the common benefits include health and medical insurance, savings & retirement, PTO, and so on.


Remote Consulting Jobs Offered:

  • Business Process Consultant
  • HEDIS Quality Technical SME – Sr. Consultant
  • People Business Consultant
  • Nurse Practitioner – Oncology Clinical Consultant
  • Senior Healthcare Economics Consultant
  • Sr. Implementation Consultant

Visit Careers Page

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Good Luck!

After you find the company you are interested in, click on the associated button to go to its careers or jobs page. There you can find open positions for work-from-home consultant jobs. Then, apply for your desired vacancy.

In case you want to search for more remote jobs, then visit HomeJobsHub. You will discover many work-from-home jobs in a variety of industries. Simply sign up and apply for posted jobs to earn a living with their reliable partners.

Top 12 Companies Hiring for Remote Writing Jobs

Top 12 Companies Hiring for Remote Writing Jobs

Writing is one of the ideal professions for work-from-home jobs as there is no need to be constantly in touch with your colleagues. It is more of a solitary task. So, if you have experience in this field and longing for flexibility in your work, then you should consider remote writing jobs.

As you may already know, writing covers a broad range of subjects and industries. That is why you can discover remote writer jobs in many companies regardless of their field. 

Here we are providing the top 12 companies with writing jobs remotely. Just go through them and click on the available button to apply for the open positions.


12 Companies Offering Best Writing Jobs From Home


1) BKA Content

BKA Content

Image source –

BKA Content provides professional writing services for agencies, businesses, and eCommerce. They specialize in high-quality SEO content creation. Also, their services include custom content for social media posts, meta descriptions, press releases, and standalone editing.

Since this company is all about content creation, you can find writer remote jobs frequently. Moreover, to apply for the writing from home job, you should meet the following requirements.

  • Live in the US and are allowed to work there,
  • Have a proper internet connection,
  • Registered in Paypal,
  • Must be at a college writing level and have a good grasp of English spelling, punctuation, and grammar.
  • Should write at least 3,000 words per week.


Remote Jobs Offered

  • Basic Blog Writer,
  • Standard Blog Writer,
  • Pro Blog Writer,
  • Product Description Writer,
  • Legal Content Writer.

Visit Careers Page


2) SalesFolk


Image source –

SalesFolk claims to be the first company that specialized in cold email copywriting and has pioneered the popular and best outbound email practices. They have experience working with over 470 companies.

If you are interested in email writing and good at it, then we suggest you apply for the open positions in this company.


Remote Jobs Offered

  • Remote Copy Editor,
  • Cold Email Copywriter,
  • Sales or Marketing Professional with Writing Experience.

Visit Careers Page


3) McLellan Writing Team

McLellan Writing Team

Image source –

McLellan Writing Team follows 4 different approaches, namely enterprise class writing, customer-centric writing, seven-step method, and the buyer’s journey. Using these approaches, it delivers compelling content to its clients.

Below are some of the writing remote jobs that you may discover on the company’s career page.


Remote Jobs Offered

  • Content Writer,
  • Content Manager,
  • Marketing Manager.

Visit Careers Page


4) Randstad


Image source –

Randstad is a global recruitment agency that connects job seekers with employers. In addition to providing permanent and temporary outsourcing staffing services, it also offers a range of HR solutions.

Once you get the job, you become eligible for employee benefits that include 401K, health, incentive & recognition programs.


Remote Jobs Offered

  • Technical Writer,
  • Web Content Writer,
  • Cybersecurity Technical Writer,
  • IT Technical Writer,
  • Content Strategist,
  • Sr. Editorial Specialist.

Visit Careers Page


5) Osmosis


Image source –

A health education platform for both educators and students – Osmosis, has won many education awards such as “2021 Fastest Growing Companies – Inc. 5000”. Here, educators can learn to use assessment tools and create illustrated videos and students get access to the video library.

In case you have good medical and healthcare knowledge, you can proceed further to apply for the work-from-home writer jobs. Otherwise, you can go for other companies on the list.


Remote Jobs Offered

  • Medical Content Editor, All Specialities,
  • Medical Content Editor, Pediatrics,
  • Medical Content Writer, Internal Medicine,
  • Medical Content Editor, OBGYN,
  • Medical Content Writer, Surgery,
  • Social Media Influencer Partner.

Visit Careers Page


6) GAMURS Group


Image source –

GAMURS Group owns and operates a network of social media communities and publications. In fact, it is a leading esports, gaming, and entertainment media company that focuses on Timeless Content and breaking news.

After you get a job at the GAMURS Group, you will receive benefits such as unlimited paid time off, parental leave of up to 6 months, flexible working arrangements, and employee assistance programs.


Remote Jobs Offered

  • Freelance Writer (Video Games),
  • Gaming Editor,
  • Staff Writer,
  • Freelance Writer: Gaming / Esports,
  • Content Director,
  • Chief Digital Officer.

Visit Careers Page


7) Ballotpedia


Image source –

Ballotpedia is a nonprofit digital encyclopedia that covers federal, state, and local elections, politics, and public policy of the US. Their goal is to give accurate, unbiased, and the latest news to the people.

So, if you are well-versed in politics and have good knowledge of current affairs, then, you should apply for open positions at Ballotpedia. 


Remote Jobs Offered

  • Elections Staff Writer,
  • Marquee Staff Writer,
  • Data Sales Manager,
  • Director of External Relations.

Visit Careers Page


8) Harmonic


Image source –

Harmonic creates video streaming and broadband solutions for businesses. Whether it is simplifying streaming using the cloud or SaaS or helping the cable operator to deliver gigabit services, Harmonic does whatever it takes to deliver your content on every screen.

When you look at the careers page, you can notice that they have hybrid, remote, and on-site jobs. So, apply for the suitable one. 


Remote Jobs Offered

  • Content Marketing Specialist,
  • Technical Writer,
  • Technical Trainer,
  • Product Manager.

Visit Careers Page


9) Spotlight Sports Group

Spotlight Sports Group

Image source –

Spotlight Sports Group specializes in delivering sports betting experiences and fantasy sports solutions. They provide technology and content services to engage your audience and scale the revenue. Initially, it was launched as a daily racing post newspaper in 1986 and later transitioned into a betting business.

Once you apply for the virtual writer jobs and join the company, the benefits you receive include mental health support, medical insurance, social get-together, and assistance programs.


Remote Jobs Offered

  • Copywriter,
  • SEO Content Specialist,
  • Writer (Freelance),
  • Managing Editor.

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10) Brafton


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Brafton generates content marketing campaigns through its best-of-class content creation, strategy, and distribution teams. In fact, this is one of the industry-leading creative digital content marketing agencies in America.

After you get any one of the writer jobs remotely here, you obtain benefits like paid time off & sick days, 401K, comprehensive health insurance, and paid parental leave.

Remote Jobs Offered

  • Remote Biotech & Pharma Writer,
  • Remote Content Writer,
  • Freelance Email Marketing Specialist,
  • Remote Email Marketing Specialist,
  • Remote Creative Production Project Manager.

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11) Enago


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Enago does English editing and proofreading for its clients. They even do plagiarism check and translations. Moreover, Enago has experience working with researchers in over 125 countries. Its offices are located across 8 countries.

In case you are an expert in the academic field and have a good grasp of the English language or have significant experience in academic publishing, you should apply for vacancies at Enago.


Remote Jobs Offered

  • Editors in Mathematics,
  • Economics Editor,
  • Orthopedics Editor,
  • Editors in Statistics,
  • Rehabilitation Sciences Editor.

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12) Codeless


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Codeless produces hundreds of pieces of SERP-topping content every month for their client sites on the internet. It promises to deliver long-term ROI by using SEO, content, and PR. 

With Codeless you get to work with some of the biggest SaaS, affiliate, and service brands such as Zapier, Robinhood, and Freshworks. Since it quotesWe live and work remotely”, you can apply for the virtual writing jobs from their careers page.


Remote Jobs Offered

  • General Writers,
  • Junior SaaS Writer,
  • SaaS Content Writers,
  • Consumer Writers,
  • Project Management Writers,
  • Finance Editor.

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Final Thoughts

As you may see, there are writing-related jobs in various industries. We hope the above-mentioned top 12 companies list helped you to apply for remote writing jobs in your desired field.

If you didn’t find an open position or vacancy in the industry or company you wanted, then you can visit HomeJobsHub. They have an AI system that informs you whenever a job matching your requirements or skills is posted. You can find remote content writing jobs in various locations such as New York, New Jersey, and so on. Just sign up and earn a living with HomeJobsHub’s reliable partners.

Remote Coder Companies Hiring for Medical Coding Jobs

Remote Coder Companies Hiring for Medical Coding Jobs

Are you interested in the medical remote coder companies that are looking for candidates to hire for billing and coding jobs? Then, this article is for you.

Actually, as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), employment in the healthcare industry is projected to grow 13% from 2021 to 2031 which is faster than the average of other occupations.

And, according to PayScale, the base salary for billing and coding specialists is more than $30,000 per year.

So, without further ado, pursue your career in healthcare by applying to any of the listed 10 companies hiring for medical coding jobs remote.


1) AdventHealth


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AdventHealth used to be Adventist Health System and rebranded to its present name in January 2019. It is a healthcare organization that operates facilities from primary care to specialized medical services in 6 states across the United States.

Moreover, the organization takes pride in its responsibility to maintain the values of quality service, community, ethics, stewardship, and inclusiveness. See what medical coding remote jobs it provides that you can apply for below.

Remote Jobs Offered

  • Coding Specialist Inpatient Senior
  • Coding Quality Education Coordinator
  • Coding Specialist Rapid In & Out
  • Clinical Documentation Integrity Quality Liaison
  • Consumer Access Specialist Virtual

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2) Aviacode


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Aviacode, a GeBBS healthcare company, provides medical coding and compliance services. For over 20 years, they have been the partner for imaging centers, physician groups, surgery centers, payers, hospitals, and health systems. 

Once you become an employee, you get rewards such as 401K, HSA, FSA, medical, dental, & vision plans, and PTO under the program Aviacode’s Employment Value Proposition (EVP).

Remote Jobs Offered

  • Cardiology Hospital Coder
  • Professional Fee Hospital (IP and OP/) EM Coder
  • Professional Pediatric E/M and Surgery Coder-Temp FT
  • Neurosurgery – Coder (brain/spine)
  • CMS-HCC Risk Validation Audit
  • Inpatient Facility Coder
  • Multi-Specialty Coder

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3) Change Healthcare

Change Healthcare

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A technology company, Change Healthcare focuses on insights, innovation, and transformation of the US healthcare system through the power of The Change Healthcare Platform.

Now, The Change Healthcare Platform provides expensive data, analytics, unparalleled connection, and data transfer between payers, providers, and consumers. It helps to improve workflows, clinical decisions, and administrative & financial efficiencies.

Next, you can learn about their employee reward programs by clicking here.

Remote Jobs Offered

  • Risk Adjustment Medical Coder
  • Director, Coding Services
  • Principal Software Engineer
  • HEDIS Abstractor
  • Clinical Validation Auditor
  • Medical Coding Analyst

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4) Ciox Health

Ciox Health

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Ciox Health headquarters is in Alpharetta, Georgia, and was founded in 1976. Presently, it is a healthcare information management organization that connects the ecosystem of healthcare with data and insights in medical records to provide better patient outcomes.

You can find the following work-from-home jobs and more on their careers page.

Remote Jobs Offered

  • ProFee Coding Lead
  • Audit Specialist
  • Provider Practice Coding Consultant
  • Health Information Specialist I
  • Outpatient Auditor
  • HCC Risk Adjustment Coder
  • OBGYN Provider Practice Coder

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5) Ensemble Health Partners

Ensemble Health Partners

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A leading revenue cycle management company for physician practices, hospitals, and health systems. Its technology helps to improve financial outcomes and patient experiences. Additionally, it won the award Top Work Places 2022 USA.

When you join the company, you become eligible for competitive compensation, benefits, wellness, training, and professional development programs.

Remote Jobs Offered

  • Outpatient Coder
  • Inpatient Coder
  • Coding Specialist I
  • Coding Auditor – Physician Revenue Cycle
  • Forensic Coder
  • Coding Manager

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6) HCA Healthcare

HCA Healthcare

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HCA Healthcare was founded in 1968. It is an American for-profit organization and a leading provider of healthcare services that operates numerous healthcare facilities

Also, it has a learning health system that uses approximately 32 million patient records to improve patient care and advance science.

You can know the benefits they offer to their employees from here – HCA employee rewards.

Remote Jobs Offered

  • Rehab Inpatient Coder
  • Inpatient Coder
  • Outpatient Coder
  • Certified Coder
  • Inpatient Coding Auditor
  • Application Developer

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7) UnitedHealth Group

UnitedHealth Group

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UnitedHealth Group offers healthcare products along with insurance services to its customers and clients in 50 US states and over 120 countries across the world. Hence, it is an American multinational company.

When it comes to its employees, it provides career growth and development and personal empowerment opportunities. You also get access to mindfulness apps, health insurance: copay and HSA-eligible plans, 401(k), PTO, and more.

Remote Jobs Offered

  • Senior Medical Coder
  • Certified Coding Account Manager
  • Quality Assurance Coding Auditor
  • Senior Backend Software Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Lead Cloud Engineer

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8) MRA


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MRA is the United States’ leading provider of medical coding, auditing, and cancer registry services and was founded in 1986. Since it is a healthcare information management company, you can work for any of the professional and entry level coder jobs remotely at this organization.

Also, you get medical insurance, paid time off, a competitive salary, 401K, FSA plans, and paid holidays. 

Remote Jobs Offered

  • Inpatient Facility Coder
  • Coding Account Manager
  • Cancer Registrar I
  • Profee Coding & Auditing Specialist
  • Ancillary Coding Specialist

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9) Conifer Health Solutions

Conifer Health Solutions

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A healthcare business solutions company that drives patient financial and operational outcomes. Conifer Health Solutions provides revenue cycle and care solutions that optimize financial performance and improve business outcomes. It serves physician practices, hospitals & health systems, employers, and unions.

If you get a job at Conifer Health Solutions, you get many benefits and perks. For example, flexible spending accounts, paid holidays, PTO, 401(k), discounts on travel, electronics, etc.

Remote Jobs Offered

  • Inpatient Coder
  • Senior Inpatient Coder
  • Coding Manager
  • Coding Quality Auditor
  • Coding Analyst
  • IP Coding Analyst

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10) LexiCode


Image source –

An Exela Technologies brand, LexiCode delivers Health Information Management (HIM) solutions to improve code quality, drive reimbursement, and minimize compliance risk. They do this through coding services, consulting services, and technology. The organization even offers learning courses for medical coders.

Now, you can discover the available work-at-home jobs in LexiCode below. 

Remote Jobs Offered

  • Inpatient Facility Medical Coding
  • Observations with I&I and PCS Remote Coders

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If you want to work as a medical coder remotely, then click on the provided buttons to visit the careers page of any of the remote coder companies and apply for the job. As you can see, the list includes healthcare organizations that offer remote coding jobs entry level and professional level.

In case you want to apply for more jobs at reliable companies, then visit HomeJobsHub. It has a variety of remote jobs from different industries. Simply sign up and get notified of potential jobs matching your profile.

10 Best and High-Paying Work From Home Tech Jobs

10 Best and High-Paying Work From Home Tech Jobs

For computer and tech jobs, all you need is a system with the required specifications and applications to do the work. Hence, work from home tech jobs has become more popular.

As per Velocity Global, 72% of tech companies’ employees are working outside their offices. If you too want to make the transition from in-office jobs to computer jobs from home, then you should go through this article. 

Here, we have the list of 10 high-paying tech jobs from home. Just go through them to understand which industry you should aim for.


1) DevOps Engineer

DevOps engineers are the ones who work with organizations to automate and streamline software development processes. Here you are responsible for creating and maintaining the infrastructure on which the code is built, along with the tools and processes needed to deploy a project. 

That is why you need to have a wide range of knowledge on both development and operations.

To get this job, you need to have at least a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering or a related field and professional certification in the required skills.

Median Pay: $126,073 per year and $61 per hour


2)  Computer Network Architect

A computer network architect designs, builds, and maintains data communication networks ranging from cloud infrastructures to intranets.

If you want to be a computer network architect, you should have a bachelor’s degree in a computer-related field and experience of working in a relevant occupation such as network and system administrator.

2021 Median Pay: $120,520 per year and $57.94 per hour

Skills required for DevOps Engineer and Computer Network Architect


3) Software Engineer

Software engineers or developers get involved in designing, developing, and testing computer software. So, you need to create new applications and ensure that the software meets your client’s demands.

Most software engineers need to have extensive knowledge and experience in programming languages and technical tools. For example, Java, C++, Python, and so on. 

Moreover, they need to work alongside UX designers and coders, so you need to have good teamwork skills.

The education qualification for software engineers is a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer and information technology or a related field.

2021 Median Pay:  $109,020 per year and $52.41 per hour


4) Quality Assurance Analyst and Tester

Just like any quality assurance officer, the quality assurance analyst, and tester in the tech industry identify problems with applications or programs and report the defects. Usually, as a quality assurance analyst, you need to check the components and the overall functionality of a product. As a tester, you have to look for bugs or errors in software or program.

The quality assurance analyst and tester jobs start after a software developer builds a program.

Typically, for both these jobs, you need a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science, information technology, or any relevant field.

2021 Median Pay: $109,020 per year and $52.41 per hour


5) Information Security Analyst

Basically, an information security analyst plans and carries out security measures with the goal to protect an organization’s computer networks and systems. You have to always monitor the organization’s network for any security breaches and investigate when it occurs. 

Usually, to become an information security analyst, you need a bachelor’s degree in the computer science field along with relevant work experience. If you have a professional certification, it increases the chances for you to be considered for the post.

2021 Median Pay: $102,600 per year and $49.33 per hour

Skills required for information security analyst


6) Database Administrator and Architect

Database administrator and architect are similar jobs. But technically, database administrators are responsible for performing operations on the database whereas database architects take care of designing the easy-to-use databases.

In the end, both work to create and organize systems to securely store the data of an organization.

To become either a database administrator or an architect, you need a bachelor’s degree in computer science and information technology or any related field.

2021 Median Pay: $101,000 per year and $48.56 per hour


7) Data Scientist

Data scientist extracts meaningful insights from data by using analytics tools and techniques. They use these findings to improve the products and services of a company. 

To work as a data scientist, you need to have at least a bachelor’s degree in any of the following:

  • Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Computer Science
  • Or a related field

Some employers prefer a master’s or doctorate degree.

2021 Median Pay: $100,910 per year and $48.52 per hour.


8) Mobile App Developer

As the name itself says, Mobile app developers create and test software applications that run on mobile devices. You should have the programming language and development skills to develop apps that work in operating systems such as Android or iOS. 

When it comes to a degree, you need to have one in computer science or a related field. Having a professional certification is beneficial while applying for this job.

Median Pay: $98,860 per year


9) Business Analyst

Business analyst interprets and evaluates the business processes of a company to identify areas of improvement. They conduct research and analysis to find solutions for business problems and assist in introducing new systems into business.

Usually, you need to work together with other departments to increase their efficiency and reduce costs.

For qualification requirements, you need a bachelor’s or master’s degree in business administration, economics, or a relevant field. Even without any degree in a related field, if you have relevant work experience, it is enough to apply for this job.

Median Pay: $79,552 per year and $38 per hour.

Skills Required For Business Analyst


10) Web Developer and Digital Designer

A web developer’s job is to create and maintain websites. While a digital designer develops, creates, and tests the usability of a website or interface, layout, functions, and navigation.

Depending on the position you are applying for, the qualification ranges from a high school diploma to a degree in bachelor’s.

2021 Median Pay: $78,300 per year and $37.65 per hour

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Last Words

As per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the yearly median salary for computer and information technology occupations was $97,430 in 2021. It is higher than the yearly median pay of all other occupations which is $45,760.

Hence, it is the right time for you to pursue a career in the tech industry. With the right skills and experience, you can get any of the above-mentioned top work at home tech jobs

Now, if you want to apply for work-from-home jobs, then there is no need to look for tech jobs work from home on any search engines, just visit HomeJobsHub. They have a variety of entry-level remote jobs from which you can gain experience. For example, you can find full-stack developer jobs in your desired locations like in India –  Pune, and Banglore.

All you need to do is sign up and their AI will inform you whenever a job matching your skills and requirements becomes available.