10 Companies Hiring for Remote HR Jobs

10 Companies Hiring for Remote HR Jobs

As per McKinsey, most of the employees in an organization want flexibility. In fact, 87% of employees are ready to take the offer to work remotely. 

If you are also one of those who are interested in work-from-home jobs and want to work in human resources, then you have come to the right place.

Here we are providing a list of 10 companies that offer remote HR jobs. Simply click on the provided buttons that direct you to the company’s careers or jobs page and start applying to work for HR jobs remotely.


1) Alight Solutions

Alight Careers page

Image source – careers.alight.com

Based in Lincolnshire, Illinois, Alight is a cloud-based information technology (IT) and consulting company. It is founded in May 2017.

They have both work-from-home and workday jobs. You can also find internship opportunities for graduates through Alight’s Ignite and Inspire programs. 

Now, let’s see what work-at-home jobs Alight provides.

Remote Jobs Offered:

  • Payroll Implementation Consultant,
  • SAP Payroll Consultant,
  • Client Services Manager,
  • Implementation Payroll Senior Consultant,
  • Public Relations Director.

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2) Kelly Services

Kelly Services delivers staffing services to various organizations. Generally, they provide solutions to various industries such as education, science, engineering, technology, telecom & digital connectivity, and so on. The result is, it became a global leader in workforce management solutions.

And so, you can always find full-time and part-time jobs at Kelly. For you who are looking for human resources jobs, they have the following remote HR positions.

Remote Jobs Offered:

  • HR Accounts Payables Clerk,
  • HR Generalist,
  • Remote Claims Manager.

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3) Kraken

Kraken careers page

Image source – kraken.com

Kraken lets you buy, sell, trade, and even learn about cryptocurrency. In fact, it is a cryptocurrency exchange/ trading platform. The company is based in the United States and was founded in 2011.

Kraken is spread across 60 countries and they claim that 90% of their employees work remotely. That means you can find a variety of work-from-home jobs on their careers page.

Remote Jobs Offered:

  • HR Business Partner,
  • Senior Employee Relations Partner,
  • Senior Global Mobility and Immigration Manager,
  • Travel & Events Coordinator,
  • Travel & Events Lead.

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4) Randstad

Randstad USA

Image source – randstadusa.com

Randstad provides consulting, staffing, outsourcing, and workforce solutions within the fields of healthcare, HR, engineering, finance & accounting, IT, life sciences, etc. To put it simply, they connect job seekers with employers. 

Here, you can discover temporary to permanent jobs. Also, the benefits and compensations depend on the job position you get. So, check out the multiple human resources remote jobs available on their jobs page. 

Remote Jobs Offered:

  • Human Resource Advisor,
  • Remote Recruiter,
  • Contract Recruiter,
  • Sr. HR Reporting Analyst,
  • Sr. Recruiter,
  • RPO Recruiter.

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5) Robert Half

Robert Half Careers page

Image source – roberthalf.com

Rober Half, formerly known as Rober Half International Inc., is another human resource consulting company. It offers staffing solutions in finance & accounting, legal, technology, customer support, marketing, and creative industries.

The company has award and recognition programs for its employees. When you become an employee, you become eligible for various perks which you can check from here – Robert Half Benefits. To give you a sneak peek, their health care benefits come in the form of HSA/ FSA.

Remote Jobs Offered:

  • Human Resources (HR) Assistant,
  • HR Recruiter,
  • Benefits Specialist,
  • Bilingual HR Recruiter,
  • HR Specialist,
  • Payroll Coordinator,
  • Sr. Recruiter.

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6) Kforce

Kforce careers page

Image source – kforce.com

Kforce specializes in technology and professional staffing services. It is founded in 1962. Presently, its headquarters is located in Florida, United States.

Kforce offers careers in 3 ways: sales, recruiting, and corporate.  In recruiting, they are looking for associates. For that, you need to have at least 2-5 years of professional experience.

They provide monthly commissions, annual performance incentives, and the following benefits to recurring associates.

  • 401k,
  • Medical,
  • Dental,
  • Vision,
  • 17 days PTO.

Remote Jobs Offered:

  • Recruiting Associate,
  • Sales Associate.

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7) CVS Health

CVS Health Careers page

Image source – jobs.cvshealth.com

An American healthcare company that owns and operates CVS pharmacy, CVS Caremark, and Aetna among many other brands is CVS Health.

Since it is a leading health corporation, you will get total health benefits including free resources for your physical, mental & social well-being. They also provide a 24/7 text or video chat with mental health professionals. You will also get paid time-offs, financial support for your family members, well-being rewards, and many more.

Remote Jobs Offered:

  • Campus Recruiter- University Relations Manager,
  • Sr. Manager HR Business Partner,
  • Employee Relations Sr. Consultant,
  • HR Workforce Reduction Lead,
  • Associate Manager Workforce Initiatives,
  • RPO Relationship and Analytics Manager,
  • Sr. Analyst Colleague Relations.

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8) ModSquad

ModSquad Careers page

Image source – modsquad.com

A digital engagement company ModSquad, delivers customer support, community management, content moderation, and social media services globally. It is founded in 2007 and its headquarters are in California, United States.

ModSquad has always been a remote-first company. So, you will find that most of the positions allow you to work from home. Their perks and benefits include medical coverage, 401(k), and unlimited vacation. 

Note that for international employees, these benefits may vary by their region.

Remote Jobs Offered:

  • Human Resources Business Partner (HRBP),
  • Human Resources Specialist.

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9) Concentrix

Concentrix careers page

Image source – jobs.concentrix.com

Since 2006, Concentrix was a subsidiary of SYNNEX Corporation and in December 2020, it went public as an independent company. Concentrix specializes in customer engagement and brand performance. They assist businesses in delivering an exceptional customer experience (CX).

It is spread across 40+ countries and 6 continents. So, you can discover a variety of remote roles ranging from front-line positions to managers and executive leaders at Concentrix. They even provide paid training and virtual learning.

Remote Jobs Offered:

  • People Solutions Group Business Partner,
  • Consultant II, HR Compliance,
  • Manager I, Payroll,
  • Sr Analyst Benefits.

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10) SoftwareMill

SoftwareMill Join Us page

Image source – softwaremill.com

Software Mill customizes software solutions in web applications, enterprise applications, and backend systems. They have experience with Java, Scala, Machine Learning, Big Data, and Blockchain.

As an employee, you get the best perks at Software Mill. For instance, they include –

  • 100% remote work forever
  • Pay transparency, 
  • Paid day offs, 
  • Get a workstation of your choice, 
  • Conference refunds, 
  • Company getaways, 
  • Free English classes, 
  • Health priorities, 
  • Softskills & hard skills development, 
  • and many more!

Remote Jobs Offered:

  • IT Recruitment Specialist.

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Remote jobs help you to maintain a work-life balance easily compare to commute jobs which require you to do your tasks at the office. So, we provided the list of companies that offer work-from-home HR jobs. 

You can click on any of the provided buttons to visit your desired company’s website and apply for open HR positions to work for human resources jobs remotely.

Actually, instead of searching for HR remote jobs, you can visit HomeJobsHub. It is specially designed for work-at-home jobs with reliable and efficient partners. Just sign up and their AI will notify you whenever a job matching your skills and requirements is posted.

10 Remote Companies Offering 4 Day Work Week Jobs

10 Remote Companies Offering 4 Day Work Week Jobs

When you think of a full-time job, you usually expect it to be 5 days a week, 8 hours a day, or 40 hours a week. It is understandable as it has been the standard for a long time. 

However, after COVID-19, the priorities of people have changed. As per LinkedIn, candidates want more flexibility and work-life balance. The Joblist survey reveals that 94% of employees say that they would enjoy 4 day work week jobs.

So, we are here with a list of 10 remote companies with 4-day work weeks job positions. Apply for your desired ones and enjoy the benefit of long weekends.


#1 Bolt

Bolt Careers Page

Image source – bolt.com

Bolt offers online checkout and payment platforms for eCommerce businesses. It even delivers fraud protection.

If you join the Bolt, along with four day work week jobs, and flexible work hours, they deliver 100% medical coverage, a 401K program, paid parental leaves, a work-from-home stipend, and many more perks.

Remote Jobs Offered:

  • Integration Engineer,
  • Principal Sales Engineer,
  • Product Manager,
  • Program Manager,
  • Software Engineer.

Visit Careers Page


#2 Buffer

Join Buffer page

Image source – buffer.com

Buffer helps businesses to increase their audience by providing intuitive and affordable marketing tools. Since the company’s employees are spread across 22 countries, it is bound to provide work-at-home jobs.

Even though it is a small company, you can find that it has the best employee benefits such as competitive salary, health insurance, 4 days a week jobs, 401(k), family leaves, and so on.

Remote Jobs Offered:

  • Senior Product Marketing Manager,
  • Talent Acquisition and Onboarding Manager.

Visit Careers Page


#3 DNSFilter

DNS Filter Careers page

Image source – dnsfilter.com

DNSFilter specializes in DNS threat protection and content filtering services. They work across industries including education, manufacturing, finance, health care, and even for government.

The company is 100% virtual. So, you can discover rotational 4-day work week jobs from their careers page.

Remote Jobs Offered:

  • macOS Developer,
  • Quality Engineer,
  • Product Manager.

Visit Careers Page


#4 Goosechase

Goosechase Jobs page

Image source – apply.workable.com

Goosechase lets you create interactive experiences for every occasion. It can be for your communities, conferences, teams, orientation, celebrations, and even fundraising.

It provides fully remote work, company-wide profit sharing, competitive salary, co-working & desk setup funding, and Personal & professional development funds.

Remote Jobs Offered:

  • Lead Product Designer,
  • Full Stack Software Engineer.

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#5 Kickstarter

Kickstarter Careers page

Image source – jobs.kickstarter.com

Based in Brooklyn, New York, Kickstarter maintains a crowdfunding platform that focuses on creativity. You may start a project related to arts, comics & illustrations, design & tech, film, games, food & craft, music, and publishing.

It provides fully virtual work and its benefits include paid vacation days, volunteer hours, healthcare coverage, and a yearly stipend for remote working and wellness. On their careers page, you can discover various remote 4-day work week jobs.

Remote Jobs Offered:

  • Director of Lifecycle Marketing,
  • Outreach Lead, Design & Tech,
  • Senior Product Marketing Manager,
  • Senior Product Designer.

Visit Careers Page

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#6 Praytell Agency

Praytell Agency Careers page

Image source – praytellagency.com

Praytell agency is an award-winning company that does creative PR and advertising for brands. In other words, it is a modern creative communications agency. Hence, they also deliver social + digital and influencer marketing. 

Just go to their careers page by clicking on the provided link, apply for the job in the interested field or department, and prepare for the interview from here.

Remote Jobs Offered:

  • Copywriter,
  • Director, Brand Strategy.

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#7 Basecamp

Basecamp homepage

Image source – basecamp.com

Formerly known as Basecamp, now reverted back to its original name 37 Signals. It is an American-based web software company founded in 1999. Initially, the company concentrated on web design. But since mid-2004, its focus shifted to web application development.

Since 2008, Basecamp has Summer Hours policy of working only 4 days a week every year. That is, from March 1 to August 31.

Note that recently hired candidates must complete their training program to be eligible. Learn more about the benefits & perks offered by 37 Signal from here.

Remote Jobs Offered:

  • Product Designer,
  • Email Marketing Manager,
  • Data Analyst,
  • Recruiter.

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#8 Bit.io

Bit.io Jobs page

Image source – bit.io

You can get a Postgres database from Bit.io to keep your data secure both in motion and at rest. They provide the documentation required to operate the database on their website. And also, the product integrates with various business intelligence tools.

Before joining Bit.io, you need to know that it is a start-up company. So, the employee perks & benefits are limited. Even though it allows remote 4 day work week jobs, there may not be vacancies all the time.

Remote Jobs Offered:

  • Operations Engineer.

Visit Careers Page


#9 Blackthorn

Blackthorn Careers page

Image source – blackthorn.io

Blackthorn is a software company which launches Salesforce apps that make event management and payment processing simple and efficient. 

It has a globally distributed team without an office. Therefore, if you look at their careers page, you can find that they have work-from-home jobs with every Friday off.

Remote Jobs Offered:

  • Customer Success Manager,
  • Salesforce Business Analyst,
  • Product Designer.

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Golinks Careers page

Image source – golinks.io

An enterprise that does link management and URL shortening services through single sign-on (SSO) is GoLinks. Its solutions are applicable to various industries such as engineering, marketing, sales, human resources, IT, design, customer support, etc.

Their interview process mostly takes place through a series of phone and video calls which may vary depending on the job position. After you finish the interview process, learn what to do and not to do while waiting for results from here.

Remote Jobs Offered:

  • Engineering Manager,
  • Information Security Analyst,
  • IT Specialist,
  • Account Executive,
  • Sales Development Representative.

Visit Careers Page

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Last Words

You can work for any of the mentioned jobs 4 days a week. Simply visit the careers page and apply for your desired job. In case there are no current openings, then you can send them a cold email with an updated resume or CV. So, they can consider you when they have any vacancies.

Actually, instead of going through individual company websites, you can just visit HomeJobsHub. They offer access to remote jobs in various fields. You only need to sign up and their AI-powered system will notify you whenever a job matching your skills and requirements is available.

12 Companies Hiring for Work From Home Virtual Assistant Jobs

12 Companies Hiring for Work From Home Virtual Assistant Jobs

Becoming a virtual assistant allows you to work remotely in the comfort of your desk. And also there is no need to commute back and forth.

Typically virtual assistants deliver support to organizations, agencies, and/ or individuals by handling various tasks such as customer service, administrative tasks, scheduling, accounting, data entry, and so on.  

In case you are interested, find out the 12 companies looking to hire for virtual assistant jobs work from home in this article and apply for them.

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Enterprises That Hire For Virtual Assistant Jobs From Home

#1 Belay Solutions

Belay Solutions

Image source – belaysolutions.com

Belay Solutions is founded in 2010 and is a 100% remote organization. It provides financial management, social channels, and virtual assistance services to other industries. 

Therefore, whether you are looking for legit virtual assistant jobs, bookkeepers, website specialists, or social media managers, Belay Solutions is the one for you.

Note that the job opportunities are based on contractor and corporate positions.

Remote Jobs Offered:

  • Contractor Positions:
    • Virtual Executive Assistant,
    • Bookkeeper,
    • Social Media Manager,
    • Website Specialist.
  • Corporate Positions:
    • Client Success Consultant,
    • Executive Assistant to Director of Client Relations.

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#2 Kelly Services

Kelly - find a job page

Image source – kellyservices.com

Actually, Kelly Services places its employees at all levels in various sectors including law, financial services, and information technology. That is because it is a global workforce management company that delivers staffing solutions to top companies across a variety of industries.

Now, the work-from-home jobs available at Kelly Services are as follows.

Remote Jobs Offered:

  • Senior Executive Assistant,
  • Administrative Assistant,
  • Executive Administrative Lead,
  • Accounting Assistant.

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#3 Boldly


Image source – boldly.com

Boldly claims to be an award-winning executive assistant company. It employs highly skilled and experienced remote staff across a variety of fields like marketing, project management, and so on. 

It hosts regular well-being events and provides health insurance, retirement 401(k), paid holidays, parental leaves, and many more. Another benefit of working at Boldly is that you can create your own schedule.

Remote Jobs Offered:

  • Executive Assistant,
  • Bilingual Executive Assistant,
  • Administrative & Marketing Assistant,
  • Legal Assistant.

Visit Website


#4 Equivity


Image source – equivityva.com

A business-to-business services company, Equivity has the expertise for your bookkeeping, marketing, paralegal, and administrative needs

In fact, they even have vacancies for part time virtual assistant jobs. However, to apply for it, you need to fulfill the following requirements.

  • Must be US-based.
  • Should have a laptop, smartphone, and broadband internet along with a quiet workspace.
  • Four-year Bachelor’s degree.
  • Knowledge of MS Office and email platforms like Microsoft Exchange, and Gmail.
  • Proficient with search engines and online rating websites.
  • Having prior experience as an administrative assistant or executive assistant is a plus.
  • And other soft skills like initiative, dedication, attention to detail, resourcefulness, excellent communication skills, responsiveness, organization, and ability to work independently are the skills they are looking for in a candidate.

Remote Jobs Offered:

  • Virtual Executive Assistant,
  • Virtual Bilingual Immigration Paralegal,
  • Virtual Estate Planning Paralegal,
  • Virtual Civil Litigation Paralegal,
  • Virtual Employment-Based Immigration Paralegal.

Visit Website


#5 Planet Professional

Planet Professional Careers page

Image source – careers.planet-pro.com

Formerly known as WinterWyman, Planet Professional specializes in helping various businesses in attracting and retaining top talent in the HR, administrative, accounting, and finance sectors.

To its US employees, it gives medical (HSA, PPO, PPO HD), vision, dental, and AD&D insurance, FSA, 401(k) program, paid time off, paid holidays, even referral bonuses, and relocation support.

Remote Jobs Offered:

  • Administrative Assistant,
  • Executive/ Onboarding Assistant,
  • Sr. Executive Assistant,
  • Accounting Coordinator,
  • Accounting Manager.

Visit Website


#6 Robert Half

Robert Half Talent Solutions

Image source – roberthalf.com

Based in Menlo Park and San Ramon, California, Robert Half is a global human resource consulting firm. It has job opportunities in law, finance, accounting, technology, marketing, administration, customer support, and more. 

It won Fortune World’s Most Admired Companies 2022, Forbes America’s Best Professional Recruiting Firms 2022, Forbes Best Employers for Diversity 2022, and other awards.

So, without any worries, you can apply for the work from home virtual assistant jobs at Robert Half.

Remote Jobs Offered:

  • Executive Assistant (Part-Time)
  • Administrative Assistant,
  • Accounting Assistant,
  • Executive Assistant,
  • Legal Assistant,
  • Sr. Administrative Assistant,
  • Office Assistant.

Visit Website


#7 Time etc

Time etc

Image source – web.timeetc.com

Time etc delivers virtual assistant services to other businesses. So, you will find virtual assistant jobs part time and full-time on their website.

Here, you need to pass a 10-stage selection process designed by Penni Pike. Additionally, you should have at least 5-8 years of relevant experience and should be willing to work long-term. Only then you will be considered for a freelance virtual assistant job. 

At Time etc, you can choose your own work hours and initially, you are paid $13 – $17 per hour.

Remote Jobs Offered:

  • Time etc Assistant (Part-Time).
  • Time etc Assistant (Full-Time) (available for now in the UK)

Visit Website


#8 Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill Careers Page

Image source – beaconhillstaffing.com

Another staffing agency that assists various industries with their workforce needs and provides project consulting and solutions is Beacon Hill. It has 50+ offices and 1000+ consultants. 

To their employees, Beacon Hill gives various benefits such as travel discounts, insurance, health plans, etc. Therefore, you can apply for any of the work from home assistant jobs mentioned below.

Remote Jobs Offered:

  • Executive Assistant,
  • Clinical Project Assistant.

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#9 Randstad

Randstad USA

Image source – randstadusa.com

Randstad focuses on outsourcing, staffing, consulting, and workforce development. It does this in the areas of accounting, finance, HR, IT, engineering, manufacturing, logistics, office, administration, sales, marketing, legal, and life sciences.

Therefore, you may discover different types of remote jobs along with virtual assistant work from home jobs at Randstad.

Remote Jobs Offered:

  • HVAC Admin Assistant,
  • Executive Assistant,
  • Payroll Assistant,
  • Construction Invoice Legal Assistant,
  • Senior Administrative Coordinator,
  • Assistant Brand Manager.

Visit Website 


#10 Great Assistant

Great Assistant Jobs page

Image source – greatassistant.com

Great Assistant lets other businesses handle various operations by providing trained virtual assistants.

To apply for the virtual assistant jobs from home at Great Assistant, you need to satisfy certain requirements

  • You should be a resident of the United States or Canada.
  • Follow the exact instructions mentioned in the “How To Apply” section of the Job Postings page.

Note that their application process is extensive and includes assessments. Only after you pass the assessments you are invited for an interview. Therefore, after applying, prepare for your interview.

Remote Jobs Offered:

  • Virtual/ Executive Assistant.

Visit Website


#11 Smith.ai


Image source – smith.ai

The services provided by Smith.ai includes 24/7 phone answering, sales outreach campaigns, SMS text, lead screening & intake, and more. In short, they provide professional answer services to your business calls, texts, chats, and social messages.

In case you want to apply for full-time and part-time virtual assistant jobs offered by Smith.ai, you need –

  • Strong typing (minimum 40 WPM with 100% accuracy) and multitasking skills,
  • Access to high-speed internet (<50 ms ping, >10Mbps download, 3Mbps upload),
  • Ability to work at flexible hours in a quiet environment,
  • To be a professional and confident communicator,
  • Proficient and confident computer user,
  • Speak smoothly and confidently in English.
  • If you are bilingual, then it will be a plus.

Remote Jobs Offered:

  • Virtual Receptionist (Part-time & Full-Time).

Visit Website


#12 Zirtual

Zirtual Jobs

Image source – zirtual.com

Founded in 2011, Zirtual is an American company that specializes in virtual assistant services and delivers them to small corporate teams, entrepreneurs, and professionals. It is part of the Startups.com platform.

Remote Jobs Offered:

  • Virtual Executive Assistant,
  • Growth Consultant,
  • Startup Advisor,
  • Startup Consultant.

Visit Website

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Final Words

It is hard to find online personal assistant jobs as most of them include in-office work. If you are fine with an in-office personal assistant, then you can apply for it at Kelly Services and others.

When it comes to legit virtual assistant jobs work from home, you can find them at all the above-mentioned companies. Just, prepare your resume and visit the associated websites to apply for them.

Moreover, you can directly apply to your desired remote jobs at HomeJobsHub. One major advantage is that it notifies you whenever a new job is posted matching your skills and requirements.

So, sign up here without wasting any time! And, good luck with your job search!

8 Companies Hiring for Remote Tech Support Jobs

8 Companies Hiring for Remote Tech Support Jobs

Do you know due to the COVID-19 effect, many people want to work remotely?

As per McKinsey, most people want flexibility in their work. Actually, 58% of respondents work from home at least once a week while 65% of them are willing to do so all the time.

Therefore, most companies are creating new working norms and even hiring all-time remote workers that includes work from home tech support jobs you are looking for. 

So, here we are providing the 8 companies that are hiring for remote tech support jobs. You may look through their details and apply for online tech support jobs by clicking on the Visit Website buttons.

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8 Companies That Hire For Work From Home Tech Support Jobs

  1. Apple At Home
  2. Kelly Services
  3. Transcom
  4. TTEC
  5. Twilio
  6. ModSquad
  7. Bentley Systems
  8. Fastly

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1) Apple At Home

Apple careers page

Image source – apple.com

Everyone knows that Apple is a multinational technology company. But do you know that Apple offers remote jobs in the name of At Home Advisors? Actually, this program is designed for students so you do not need any experience.

However, you need to meet certain requirements.

  • Typing speed – 40WPM,
  • Quiet and distraction-free workspace,
  • Hard-wired internet connection with a minimum 10Mbps of download and 3Mbps of upload speed,
  • Availability to attend a 9-week online training program including weekends.
  • Moreover, work timings vary as per the job requirements.

Remote Jobs Offered: 

  • Apple Support College Program At Home Advisor,
  • Design Associate, Innovation.

Visit Website Apple At Home Careers


2) Kelly Services

Kelly - find a job page

Image source – kellyservices.com

At Kelly Services, the vacancies are always available because it offers staffing services across a variety of industries. In short, Kelly Services Inc. is a global workforce management company that is based in America.

Thus, you can easily apply for remote IT support jobs via their website. In addition, when you become a member of Kelly, you are eligible for a lot of benefits. For example, a health & retirement plan, employee wellness program, educational discounts and savings, and so on.

Now, let’s see the different work from home jobs provided by Kelly Services.

Remote Jobs Offered:

  • Technical Support,
  • IT Support Engineer,
  • Cloud Support Techs,
  • Bilingual Call Center Interpreters,
  • ServiceNow Administrator/Developer.

Visit Website 


3) Transcom

Transcom careers page

Image source – transcom.com

Transcom provides sales, customer & technical support, and collection services through a network of contact centers and remote agents. In fact, they are delivering wort at home jobs for 16 years now.

Their recruitment, onboarding, training process, and operations are digital. So, without any worry, you can apply for tech support jobs from home.

Remote Jobs Offered:

  • Customer Service Advisor,
  • Technical Support Advisor.

Visit Website



TTEC work from home page

Image source – ttecjobs.com

TTEC is known to offer exceptional customer experience services with industry-specific CX solutions. They have experience working with automotive, communications & media, financial services, healthcare, travel, retail, eCommerce, public, and government sector.

Along with the remote tech support jobs, you can see below that TTEC also offers many other work-from-home opportunities even for managerial positions.

Remote Jobs Offered:

  • Technical Support Representative,
  • Bilingual Technical Support Specialist,
  • Customer Service Representative,
  • Technical Project Manager,
  • Desktop Support Associate Technician,
  • Bilingual Quality Assurance Specialist,
  • Technical Operations Manager,
  • Sr. Project Manager,
  • Content Strategist,
  • Business Development Representative.

Visit Website


5) Twilio

Twilio helps you to connect with your customers through phone calls, text messages, and other communication tools by using its web service APIs. It is founded in March 2008 and is based in San Francisco, California.

In 2021, Twilio launched an Open Work initiative and announced itself as a remote-first company. So, when you get a remote technical support job, you will have the flexibility to work remotely and from the Twilio office.

Remote Jobs Offered:

  • Technical Program Manager,
  • Technical Support Engineer,
  • Customer Insights Analyst,
  • Email Support.

Visit Website


6) ModSquad

ModSquad Careers page

Image source – modsquad.com

A digital engagement platform that delivers social media, content moderation, community management, and customer support services globally. Since 2007, ModSquad has been a remote-first company, so most of the job positions are remote.

On top of that, it offers competitive benefits including 401(k), unlimited vacation, and medical coverage for US employees. Further, for international staff similar benefits are provided but they vary by region. Now, see what work-at-home jobs are available at ModSquad.

Remote Jobs Offered:

  • Customer Support,
  • Content Writer,
  • Recruiter/Sourcer,
  • Technical Developer,
  • Sales Manager.

Visit Website


7) Bentley Systems

Bentley Systems Careers page

Image source – bentley.com

Bentley Systems develops, manufactures, sells, and supports software along with providing services for design, construction, and infrastructure operations. Overall, it is a software development company that is founded in 1984.

To their employees, Bentley gives the advantage of a secondary benefits package. For example, some of the global benefits are wellness programs and activities, educational assistance, parental leave, vacation package, and so on.

Remote Jobs Offered:

  • Technical Consultant,
  • Senior Technical Consultant,
  • Technical Support Engineer,
  • Senior Technical EAM Consultant,
  • Sales Development Representative,
  • Customer Success Manager.

Visit Website


8) Fastly

Fastly Careers page

Image source – fastly.com

It is a cloud computing service provider that helps developers to expand their core cloud infrastructure. And, the company is founded in March 2011.

Fastly claims that even before COVID-19, 40% of its workforce is remote and geographically distributed. So, whether you want to work remotely, from the office, or hybrid, Fastly has the experience and offers many benefits for you.

For instance, they provide competitive paid time-off policies along with other benefits such as parental support, health insurance, 401(k)/retirement plans, and so on. Now, here are the remote job opportunities from Fastly.

Remote Jobs Offered:

  • Technical Account Manager,
  • IT Help Desk Specialist,
  • Communications Manager,

Visit Website

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First of all, remember to prepare your resume to match the job profiles. Next, apply for at home tech support jobs in any of the mentioned companies just by clicking on the provided buttons. Then, prepare for your remote job interview and get tips to succeed at an interview from here.

In case you looking for a variety of remote jobs from reliable companies, then simply visit the HomeJobHub website. There you can apply for work from home IT support jobs, customer service, writing, accounting, even HR, and many more remote work categories.

All you need to do is sign up and their AI system will inform you whenever a job position matching your skills and requirements is posted.

8 Companies Hiring for Remote Tech Support Jobs

10 Companies That Hire For Call Center Work From Home Jobs

One of the most popular remote jobs is customer support. Because you can accomplish responsibilities that come with call center jobs from home by just connecting to the required communication tools.

And, do you know that by 2027, the global market for call centers is estimated to reach $496 billion? This is because every enterprise needs customer service representatives. They are needed to answer queries that users have about your products and services.

Now, let’s take a look at the companies that are hiring for call center work from home jobs.

10 Companies With Work From Home Call Center Jobs

1) Concentrix

Concentrix careers page

Image source – concentrix.com

Concentrix is an American-based company that specializes in customer engagement and business performance. Since 2006, it was a subsidiary of SYNNEX Corporation but became an independent company on December 2020.

The company gives performance-based pay. That means, the better you perform the more you can earn. 

Remote jobs offered:

  • Customer service representative,
  • Sales representative,
  • Call center team leader.

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2) UnitedHealth Group

UnitedHealth group careers page

Image source – careers.unitedhealthgroup.com

An American multinational health care and insurance company, UnitedHealth Group was founded in 1977. You may apply for online call center jobs on their careers page.

In addition to competitive wages, the company provides additional benefits for you that include a 401(k) plan, paid company holidays, tuition reimbursement, and so on.

Remote jobs offered:

  • Customer service advocate,
  • Senior customer service representative,
  • Customer service supervisor.

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TTEC work from home page

Image source – ttecjobs.com

Based in Englewood, Colorado, TTEC Holdings Inc., is a customer experience services and technology company. It has employees from around the world. 

Since TTEC is a multinational company, they work with recognizable brands. That means, there are a lot of career development opportunities for you. 

Remote jobs offered:

  • Customer service representative,
  • Bilingual customer service representative,
  • Desktop support supervisor,
  • Desktop support associate,
  • Technical support representative,
  • Sales support representative,
  • Global support desk.

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4) Transcom

Transcom careers page

Image source – transcom.com

Founded in 1995, Transcom is a Swedish customer service outsourcing company that provides all of its services through a network of contact centers and remote agents.

Therefore, you can find various work-at-home jobs for different departments like business development, accounting/ finance, IT, human resources, and so on. 

Remote jobs offered:

  • Customer service advisor,
  • Technical service advisor,
  • Team leader.

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5) Sutherland

Sutherland jobs page

Image source – jobs.sutherlandglobal.com

Delivering exceptional services to both customers and employees is the mission of Sutherland. It is a global digital transformation company founded in 1986.

If you want to work at Sutherland, you would need a PC that meets minimum system requirements and has high-speed internet connectivity.

Remote jobs offered:

  • Customer service representative,
  • Customer service advisor,
  • Associate – Consultant.

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6) Momentum Solar

momentum solar careers page

Image source – momentumsolar.com

Regardless of being an alternative energy company that delivers renewable solar energy at affordable prices, they do not use outsourcing agencies to provide their customer support. So, you can discover call center jobs online on their website.

This company not only gives a base salary but a commission as well. Hence, you can earn more money, if you work harder.

Remote jobs offered:

  • Call center outbound representative,
  • Confirmation sales agent,
  • Customer service specialist,
  • Validations representative,
  • Validations team lead.

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7) Randstad

Randstad USA

Image source – www.randstadusa.com

Since Randstad is an employment agency, they are always looking for potential candidates including call center agents.

Actually, they serve clients in various industries such as healthcare, IT, engineering, finance, legal, logistics, and numerous fortune 500 companies. Also, as the organization is big, there is a high chance for career development.

In addition, when you join the enterprise, aside from training, they provide referral bonuses, insurance, wellness programs, and other benefits.

Remote jobs offered:

  • Call center/ customer service,
  • Customer service specialist,
  • Customer service rep,
  • Bilingual customer service representative,
  • Customer service analyst,
  • Customer care rep.

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8) Liveops

Liveops become an agent page

Image source – join.liveops.com

if you wish to work as an independent agent, then Liveops is the best organization for you.

As a contact center company, it gives other enterprises access to a network of agents who provide customer service solutions. Thus, you can say that virtual call center jobs are always available at Liveops.

Here, not only do you get the freedom to choose your schedule but the pay structure is based on the plan you choose. Most of those plans pay at a per-talk-minute rate. That simply means the more calls you make, the more you earn.

Remote jobs offered:

  • Liveops Independent Contractor Agent.

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9) Kelly

Kelly - find a job page

Image source – www.kellyservices.com

Kelly Services is a management consulting company that provides staffing services to a variety of industries. That includes technology, communications, automotive, engineering, financial services, healthcare, life sciences, and government sectors. 

Since the organization works globally and is spread across industries, you can discover work from home jobs in different fields.

Remote jobs offered:

  • Customer service representative,
  • Customer account coordinator,
  • Bilingual customer service representative,
  • Customer care representative,
  • Call center agent/ dispatcher,
  • Automotive call center agent.

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10) Working Solutions

Working solutions

Image source – jobs.workingsolutions.com

For over 25 years, this company has been providing on-demand customer support, sales, and business services to its clients. So, they hire a vast number of associates from the United States and Canada. 

You can just apply for calling jobs from home and become an independent contractor for Working Solutions.

However, you need to have a USB headset, high-speed internet, a minimum of 10Mbps download, an up-to-date system with 8GB RAM, Windows 10 Home, Pro or Pro for Workstations or higher, a Webcam, and some client programs to become an agent.

Remote jobs offered:

  • Customer service representative,
  • Customer care representative,
  • Insurance verification representative,
  • Bilingual insurance verification representative.

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Interesting Facts

Do you know it is estimated that over half of the global population uses the internet? According to the study Digital in 2017: Global Overview conducted by We Are Social –

  • 66% of Brazilians are connected to the internet, i.e. 140 million people.
  • Almost, two-thirds of the world’s population have mobile phones. And, more than 50% of internet traffic comes from smartphones.
  • To be precise, there are globally 3.7 billion internet users, 2.7 billion active social media users, and 4.9 billion unique mobile users.
  • Actually, 37% (2.8 billion) of the world’s population uses social media.
  • Through mobile phones one-third of the global population, i.e. 2.56 billion people, use social media. It equals 34% penetration.
  • The United States has the most number of social network users which is 99%.
  • 64% of Mexicans and 56% of Japanese use social networks. 

By observing the 2017 Digital Yearbook, you can find that Cuba has the highest growth in two categories (compared to the year 2016 report): 

  • Presence in social networks – it has over 2.7 million new users which is a 365% increase.
  • Accessing social media through mobile phones – recorded 2.6 million new users which is an increase of 385%.

Note: You can find more key stats related to 230 countries in the.2017 Digital Yearbook.

As you can see, digital connectivity is spreading across the world at a great speed and changing the lives of people globally. It is time for you to embrace the change and use it to your advantage.

One way is to use it to improve your flexibility in work so you can fulfill your goals and maintain a good work-life balance. The direct answer is to work remotely.

With digitization, many companies are offering work-from-home jobs. You can find the top companies looking for call center jobs in this article.



If you are interested in call center jobs from home, then start by preparing your resume and practicing for interviews from here. After that apply to the jobs by clicking on the provided buttons.

Actually, instead of looking for remote jobs on each organization’s website, you can just find work from home call center jobs just by signing up on HomeJobsHub. They have an AI-powered system that informs you whenever an employer posts a job matching your skills and requirements.

Finally, good luck with your job search!

15 High Demand Jobs In The Next 10 Years

15 High Demand Jobs In The Next 10 Years

The rapid advancements in technology and covid 19 have greatly impacted the workforce. As you know, the aftermath of the pandemic is the recession. 

Therefore, it is very important to think of your future and decide on a career that offers financial stability and helps you grow.

As per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the leisure and hospitality sector will have the fastest employment growth. While healthcare and social assistance sectors are expected to create most jobs in the next decade because of the increase in the elderly population.

US_BLS stat 2021 - 31

So, without waiting let’s take a look at the list of 15 jobs that will be in demand in the next 10 years.


Most Demanding Jobs In The Next 10 Years

1) Nurse practitioners

One of the most in demand jobs for the future is a nurse practitioner. They coordinate with patient care and provide specialty and primary healthcare. Usually, nurse practitioners work in a variety of settings including physician offices, hospitals, and clinics. 

Most advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) do full-time jobs. Their duties include –

  • Consulting with physicians, and medical professionals, 
  • Conducting and analyzing tests,  
  • Performing examinations, and
  • Prescribing and administering medication.

Entry-level Education: Master’s degree

On-The-Job Training: None

Projected Growth: 46%

Median Annual Pay 2021: $123,780 yearly and $59.51 hourly


2) Wind turbine technicians

Generally, wind turbine technicians work outdoors, at great heights, and in confined spaces. Usually, most of them work full-time but sometimes they are called to take care of emergencies on evenings and weekends.

This technician’s duties include installing, repairing, and maintaining wind turbines. 

Entry-level Education: Postsecondary nondegree award

On-The-Job Training: Long-term

Projected Growth: 44%

Median Annual Pay 2021: $56,260 yearly and $27.05 hourly


3) Ushers, lobby attendants, and ticket takers

Mostly work in entertainment industries. The duties performed by job titles such as ushers, lobby attendants, and ticket takers include the following.

  • Collecting admission tickets and passes,
  • Assisting the audience in finding their seats,
  • Helping people find facilities like restrooms and telephones,
  • Searching for lost items.

Entry-level Education: High school diploma or equivalent

On-The-Job Training: Short-term

Projected Growth: 41%

Median Annual Pay 2021: $24,440 yearly and $11.75 hourly


4) Motion picture projectionists

Usually, these projectionists set up and operate video and sound reproduction equipment. Perform maintenance tasks such as lubricating machinery, keeping electrical contacts clean, and so on. As per the rules and schedules, they open and close facilities.

Motion picture projectionists often work indoors.

Entry-level Education: High school diploma or equivalent

On-The-Job Training: Short-term

Projected Growth: 40%

Median Annual Pay 2021:  $29,350 yearly and $14.11 hourly


5) Cooks (Restaurant)

Cooks are one of the high demand jobs in the next 10 years. They prepare food such as salads, entrees, desserts, meat, and soups in a restaurant. Most of them order supplies, set prices, and plan menus. Mostly work in the early mornings, late evenings, on weekends, and even on holidays.

Entry-level Education: High school diploma or equivalent

On-The-Job Training: Varies for different types of cooks

Projected Growth: 37%

Median Annual Pay 2021: $29,120 yearly and $14.00 hourly

1-5 high demand jobs in next 10 years


6) Data scientists

Use analytical tools and techniques to extract meaningful information from data. In other words, data scientists apply data modeling, data mining, machine learning, and natural language processing to extract and analyze insights from structured and unstructured data sets. Also, visualize and report data findings.

They spend much of their time in offices and do full-time jobs.

Entry-level Education: Bachelor’s degree

Work Experience: Need several years of related work experience

On-The-Job Training: None

Projected Growth: 36%

Median Annual Pay 2021: $100,910 yearly and $48.52 hourly


7) Athletes and sports competitors

Regularly they participate and compete in organized, officiated athletic events. They often work on irregular schedules. During sports seasons, competitors typically work for more than 40 hours a week for several months. 

Depending on the type of sport played, they work both indoors and outdoors.

Entry-level Education: No formal education is required

On-The-Job Training: Long-term

Projected Growth: 36%

Median Annual Pay 2021: $77,300 per year


8) Information security analysts

Responsible for planning, implementing, upgrading, and monitoring security measures to protect computer systems, networks, and information of an organization. Also, responds to security breaches and viruses.

Usually, they work for IT/ computer, business, financial companies, and consulting firms.

Entry-level Education: Bachelor’s degree

Work Experience: Less than 5 years

On-The-Job Training: None

Projected Growth: 35%

Median Annual Pay 2021: $102,600 yearly $49.33 hourly


9) Statisticians

Also, selected for the best careers for 2020 and beyond are the Statisticians. They develop or implement mathematical theories and methods to collect, organize, and interpret numerical data to generate useful information. 

In short, they analyze data and apply statistical or computational techniques to solve problems.

Entry-level Education: Master’s degree

On-The-Job Training: None

Projected Growth: 33%

Median Annual Pay 2021: $96,280 yearly and $46.29 hourly


10) Umpires, referees, and other sports officials

Umpires, referees, and other sports officials supervise athletic events. Their job is to detect any violation of rules and give penalties as per the established regulations. They assist in maintaining the standards of play.

Schedules vary and they frequently work at irregular hours. It mostly includes part-time and seasonal work.

Entry-level Education: High school diploma or equivalent

On-The-Job Training: Moderate-term

Projected Growth: 32% 

Median Annual Pay 2021: $35,860 per year

6-10 high demand jobs in next 10 years


11) Web developers

Design, build, launch, and maintain websites, application databases, interactive web interfaces, and web applications. They evaluate the code and test the website’s layout, functions, and navigational functionalities.

Some of the web developers work in computer system design and other development services-related organizations. That includes advertising, publishing, and management consulting companies. While others are self-employed.

Entry-level Education: Bachelor’s degree

On-The-Job Training: None

Projected Growth: 30%

Median Annual Pay 2021: $78,300 yearly and $37.65 hourly


12) Animal caretakers

Provide care that involves watering, feeding, bathing, grooming, exercising, training, and so on. Overall maintain the well-being of pets and other animals such as cats, horses, dogs, fish, birds, or zoo animals. 

Animal caretakers are employed in a variety of settings like stables, kennels, pet stores, aquariums, veterinary clinics, animal shelters, and zoos.

Entry-level Education: High school diploma or equivalent

On-The-Job Training: Short-term to long-term

Projected Growth: 30%

Median Annual Pay 2021: $28,730 yearly $13.81 hourly


13) Choreographers

Create new dance routines, rehearse and perform for audiences. They may also teach other students, dancers, and performers. Sometimes, the choreographers direct the plays and do stage presentations.

Some of them work with art companies, dance schools, and/ or studios while others are self-employed.

Entry-level Education: Most of them require a four-year bachelor’s degree but some do not.

Work Experience: Several years of dance experience or vocational training is needed.

On-The-Job Training: None

Projected Growth: 30%

Median Annual Pay 2021: $19.47 per hour


14) Passenger vehicle drivers

Transport people from one place to another while charging a fare. Operates taxis, buses, and other modes of transportation. Being a part-time driver is common but most of them work full time.

Schedules of passenger vehicle drivers vary. Some do the job in the evenings, early mornings, and on weekends. The school bus drivers work only when schools are open.

Entry-level Education: For bus drivers, a high school diploma or equivalent is required and others don’t need any formal education.

On-The-Job Training: Vary

Projected Growth: 28%

Median Annual Pay 2021: $37,540 yearly and $18.05 hourly


15) Medical and health service managers

One of the jobs that will be in-demand in the next 10 years is the medical and health service managers. Just like other managers, they plan, direct, and coordinate health services in clinics, hospitals, public health agencies, nursing homes, and similar organizations. 

Entry-level Education: Bachelor’s degree

Work Experience: Less than 5 years

On-The-Job Training: None

Projected Growth: 28%

Median Annual Pay 2021: $101,340 yearly and $48.72 hourly

10-15 high demand jobs in next 10 years


Wrapping Up!

The mentioned high demand jobs in the next 10 years are based on the fastest growing occupations (2021 – 31) published by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. While the list is purely created through projections, you can get an idea of which career is most in-demand and can prosper. 

Now, you can apply for remote jobs from HomeJobsHub. Based on your skills and requirements, the AI-powered website informs you whenever a matching job is posted.

So, sign up here and become an employee in your desired field.