18 Best Jobs with Flexible Schedules!

Jobs with flexible schedules

Discover a world of professional freedom with the best jobs with flexible schedules

Explore diverse fields where flexibility is not just a perk but a defining feature, allowing you to thrive personally and professionally. 

In a recent survey, 38% of Millennials, 33% of Gen X, and 32% of Gen Z identified flexible working benefits as the most important factor in their job satisfaction.

Say goodbye to the standard 9-to-5 and welcome a profession that fits your schedule.

18 Best Jobs with flexible schedules

We’ve done the work for you! Check out our list of 20 jobs that offer flexibility.

1) Virtual Assistant 

A virtual assistant operates remotely, providing administrative support for a company. Their tasks include answering calls, data entry, and scheduling meetings. 

This job needs good people skills, attention to detail, and organizational abilities. While having experience or certifications can help, you don’t always need a college degree.  

2) Social Media Manager

Social media managers handle the online presence of a company, organization, or brand by creating, planning, and managing social media content. 

For this job, you need to be familiar with metrics from social media platforms and tools like Hootsuite to analyze performance and make improvements. 

While having a bachelor’s degree is common, you could also land the job with training certificates and relevant work experience.

3) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist

As an SEO specialist, you need to examine, assess, and strive to enhance the search rankings of a company or brand through search engine optimization techniques. 

As an SEO specialist, you need to employ tools such as Google Ad Manager, Google Analytics, and various other software to influence search results on behalf of a business. 

As the core duties of an SEO specialist involve assessing website content and enhancing search engine placement, you have the opportunity for substantial flexibility in your workplace. 

4) Graphic Designer

In this role, your tasks involve crafting elements like logos, business cards, advertisements, and designs for emails and blogs. You should be skilled in utilizing digital tools like the Adobe Creative Cloud.

To pursue a career as a graphic designer, you can develop your skills either through formal education or by demonstrating years of hands-on experience in your portfolio.

If you choose to become an independent graphic designer, you will enjoy considerable flexibility, as long as you can secure enough freelance projects to sustain yourself.

5) Freelance Writer

A writer for hire is someone who gets paid to write about specific topics, often after doing a lot of research. As a writer, you have the option to cover a range of subjects for different clients in various industries. 

To get jobs, you will need to build a portfolio of your writing and be good at grammar.

Freelance writers usually work on a project basis, meaning you’ll be given a task and a deadline but can choose where and when to get it done. 

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6) Customer Service Representative

Serving as a help desk representative involves tasks such as: handling customer inquiries, addressing complaints, and assisting with products and services.

You need effective communication and strong data-entry skills to succeed in this role. While some positions are entry-level, certain companies may prefer candidates with an associate’s or bachelor’s degree or relevant experience.

7) Communication Expert

As a communication expert, you will be in charge of making sure more people know about a company or brand and what it offers. 

You will act as the bridge between the company, the media, and the public, creating communication plans that match the company’s goals. To excel in this role, you need to be good at handling relationships, communicating effectively, and solving problems. 

8) Accounts Executive

Account executives take on numerous responsibilities, such as establishing client connections, discovering new clients, and managing accounts. 

To pursue this career, you need to be good at negotiating, have strong sales skills, and have good communication skills. You can find account executive jobs in different industries, so you might find one that matches what you like.

9) Walking Dogs

This profession is perfect for you if you adore pets! Dog walking is a fun job for pet lovers. Dog walkers are hired to take dogs out when owners are busy. No formal requirements are needed, and while the pay isn’t super high, apps like Rover and Wag! can help boost income. 

The job offers flexibility in terms of hours, days, and locations. Traditional dog-walking companies with more structure are also an option for those seeking full-time or part-time work.

10) Independent drivers

Independent drivers are freelancers or contractors hired for specific tasks, such as providing rides (Uber, Lyft) or making deliveries (Grubhub, DoorDash). 

This gig economy extends to services like Instacart and Shipt, where workers shop and deliver. To qualify, you need a reliable vehicle, a license, a smartphone, and a clean driving record.

11) Fitness Coach

Being a fitness coach is a great side gig if you are a health-conscious person. Typically, a high school diploma is a must along with a fitness or nutrition certification, which is achievable in a few months, are needed. 

Once you’re established, you can also work with private clients, setting your hours and charging higher fees. 

12) Professional Photographer

Professionals skilled in capturing high-quality images are sought after in various industries, including fashion, food, travel, and weddings. To secure opportunities as a photographer, you need a strong portfolio and up-to-date equipment. 

If you decide to freelance, you will enjoy flexibility with shorter hours and higher rates. Otherwise, you can opt for full or part-time roles with companies needing regular visual content, such as a jewelry store. Starting a photography business is also an option to consider.

13) Project Manager

A project manager oversees daily operations for specific initiatives, acting as the temporary team leader. A project manager is needed in various industries, they initiate and guide projects, ensuring team members stay on track. 

Essential skills include interpersonal, critical thinking, and attention to detail, often backed by a college degree and project management certifications.

Project managers are in high demand across industries, offering flexibility in working with large corporations, startups, or freelance consultants. 

14) Talent Acquisition Specialist

As a talent acquisition specialist, you will be tasked with hiring new personnel for specific companies. The responsibilities include screening, interviewing, and placing candidates in a company’s recruitment pipeline. 

For this position, strong interpersonal skills are essential, and having a degree in human resources is advantageous.

Opting for a career in this field offers a range of flexible work possibilities. You can decide between part-time or full-time positions, or choose to work as an external contractor, giving you the independence to set your work hours. 

15) Software developer

Software developers are responsible for creating computer software, involved in planning, writing, developing, testing, and maintaining programs crucial for daily company operations. 

To thrive in this role, you’ll need a degree in computer science or information technology, coupled with proficiency in diverse programming languages. 

16) Translator

Translators are people who know different languages and help turn written or spoken words from one language into another. They can work in different areas like law, science, education, or business. 

To be a good translator, you need to specialize in a language of your choice along with degrees or certificates in the languages you work with.

You can work full-time or part-time for a company that needs things translated regularly, or you can work on short projects as a freelancer.

17) Tutor

A tutor is an educator who provides one-on-one or class-based support to students in a specific subject. To work as a tutor, you need a degree or can gain expertise through experience and certifications.

You will assess students’ learning styles and use interpersonal and communication skills to translate complex concepts into understandable lessons.

Traditionally on-site, tutoring has shifted to online platforms like Zoom due to the pandemic. Tutors can now build a flexible remote freelance career or work for in-person or virtual learning centers full or part-time.

18) Web Developer

Web developers handle front-end, back-end, and full-stack development, utilizing coding languages like JavaScript, HTML5, PHP, and Rails. 

A computer science degree or relevant certifications, along with experience, is typically required. In high demand due to the essential role of websites in businesses, web developers can work for a company, agency, or freelance for multiple clients.

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In conclusion, the array of best jobs with flexible schedules presents a diverse range of opportunities if you are looking for work-life balance and the freedom to tailor your schedules. 

From creative roles to technical positions, this list encompasses professions that cater to various skill sets and preferences. 

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