Top Reasons Why You Are Not Hearing Back From Jobs Applications

Top Reasons Why You Are Not Hearing Back From Jobs Applications

Not hearing back from jobs you have applied to can be frustrating and disheartening. Well! you are not alone. In fact, many job seekers experience the same frustration.

According to Human Capital Institute (HCI), 75% of job candidates report never hearing back from employers after submitting an application.

This lack of response from employers is caused by various factors. In this article, we will explore the top reasons for your question “why am I not hearing back from jobs”.


Top Reasons Why You’re Not Hearing Back From Job Applications

Along with the top reasons we will also provide you with tips to help you address each one.


1) Incomplete Or Inaccurate Application

As you already know, filling out the job application form is the first step in the recruitment process. Therefore, you need to ensure that you are following all the instructions properly. This includes submitting the right documents, such as a resume and cover letter, and applying through the correct channels.

Even if you follow proper instructions, errors in your application will leave a bad impression. Thus, check for any spelling or grammatical errors and incorrect contact information

Job opening resumers stat - Zety Blog

Image source –

Based on the image, you can estimate that employers receive numerous job applications. So, they are unlikely to follow up on applications that are incomplete and/or contain errors. 

Just remember that one mistake is enough for the recruiters to not consider your application. Therefore, follow the tip mentioned below to submit your job application properly.


Read your interested job posting carefully and follow the instructions provided. Also, take your time to proofread the application. In the end, double-check to ensure that you’ve included everything that the employer requires.


2) Your Resume Doesn’t Match The Job Requirements

A generic resume may not stand out among other applications. Plus, it may not reflect how you match the specific job requirements as well. Therefore, it is essential to add relevant skills and experiences to your resume. 

Furthermore, a poorly formatted resume makes it difficult for recruiters to go through your resume and understand your qualifications. In a worst-case scenario, the employer may not even read your resume.

Another reason is applying for jobs for which you are underqualified or overqualified. Remember that HRs tend to hesitate to consider applicants for positions that are below or above their skill level.


First, customize your resume for each job application to highlight your relevant skills and experiences in a clear, concise, and easy-to-read format.

Next, in case you don’t have the relevant experience, consider gaining it by doing internships or volunteering.

Finally, make sure to apply for jobs that match your skills and experience.


3) Your Cover Letter Isn’t Tailored For The Job

Just like the resume, you need to customize your cover letter as well. Recruiters need to know that you have taken your time to understand their company and the job requirements. When your cover letter doesn’t reflect your enthusiasm or interest in the job, they are less likely to consider you. Thus, you should show that you are passionate about the job and the company.

However, make sure that your cover letter is not too long or too short as it can create a bad impression.


Tailor your cover letter for a specific company and job. And, keep your cover letter concise, but also provide enough details to demonstrate your qualifications and interest in the job.


4) Your Online Presence Isn’t Professional

I keep applying for jobs and getting no response 2021/ 2022/ 2023” – If this applies to you, then it is time to take a look at your online presence.

In today’s digital age, employers often search for candidates online before making a decision to hire. As a result, your online presence (including your social media profiles) can make or break your chances of getting a job.

According to CareerBuilder, 70% of employers use social media to screen job candidates.

Selecting candidates based on their online presence stat

Source –

As you can understand from the above image, not having an online presence also makes recruiters hesitant to consider you for the next round.


Ensure that your social media profiles and online presence reflect the image that you want to present to potential employers. In case you don’t have an online presence, consider creating a professional LinkedIn profile and updating your other social media profiles to highlight your relevant skills and experiences.

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5) You’re Not Best Fit For The Job

When reviewing an application the employer is most concerned about finding the right candidate who can meet the needs of the position and the company. So, HR will be looking for specific qualifications, skills, and experiences. If you don’t have the right qualifications or experience for the role, you may not hear back from a job application. 

Since employers often receive a large number of applications, they may only respond to those who are a good fit for the job.


Read the job description carefully and only apply if you meet the required qualifications to increase your chances of hearing back from employers.


6) Company Is Restructuring

Sometimes, employers may not respond to your job application because the company is undergoing a restructuring process. This could mean that the company is reorganizing departments, merging with another company, laying off employees, and so on. In any case, it can cause a delay in the hiring process or even lead to the cancellation of job openings.


In this case, you can try following up with the employer after a reasonable amount of time has passed since your application was submitted. Other than that, it’s best to move on to other job opportunities.


7) Job Is No Longer Available

It’s possible that the employer has already filled the position by the time you apply. This can happen because of two reasons. 

  • Hired Another Candidate – The job was posted on multiple job boards, and another candidate applied and was hired before the employer had a chance to review your application. 
  • Filled Internally – It means that the company decided to hire a current employee for the job instead of seeking external candidates.

Sometimes, the job is no longer available because the company put hiring on hold or cancel it altogether due to unforeseen circumstances, such as a change in business priorities, budget constraints, or economic downturns.


Try to apply for jobs as soon as they’re posted to avoid applying for an already-filled position. 

In case you suspect that the position is put on hold or canceled, check the company’s website or job boards to see whether the job posting is removed. Another better way is to try reaching out to the hiring manager or recruiter to inquire about the status of your application.


8) Technical Issues/ Errors

There is a chance that your application was lost or overlooked by the employer. It can happen when the employer receives a large number of applications, or there was a technical issue with the online application system.

Companies That Use ATS Software

Source –

From the image, it is clear that many employers use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to filter through the large number of applications they receive. These systems use algorithms to scan resumes for specific keywords and phrases that match the job description. 

In case your resume doesn’t include the right keywords or it’s formatted in a way that’s difficult for the ATS to read, your application may not make it to the hiring manager’s desk.


If you haven’t heard back from an employer after a reasonable amount of time, it’s okay to send a polite follow-up email to inquire about the status of your application.

Always make sure your resume includes relevant keywords from the job description and is formatted in a clean and simple way to get selected by ATS. Additionally, avoid using tables or graphics that can confuse the ATS.

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Best of Luck!

I applied for a job and haven’t heard back” – If you are in this situation, know that there could be many reasons. Some of these reasons are within your control, like ensuring your application is complete and error-free. While others are out of your control, such as the employer already filling the position or restructuring the company.

But don’t get disappointed. Follow the tips outlined in this article and increase your chances of getting a response. And, keep in mind that it can take time to find the right job, and persistence is key in your job search.

Now, visit HomeJobsHub to apply for more jobs. It aggregates job postings from various sources, making it easier for you to find relevant job opportunities in one place. 

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Top 10 Companies Hiring for Remote Document Reviewer Jobs

Top 10 Companies Hiring for Remote Document Reviewer Jobs

As the demand for remote work grows, more and more companies are turning to virtual document reviewers to help them manage their workflow. If you are an experienced legal professional or a detail-oriented individual who wants to break into the field, there are many opportunities available for document reviewer jobs.

In this article, we will highlight the 10 top companies that are currently hiring for work from home documentation review jobs. So, you can just visit their websites by clicking on provided buttons to apply for any open positions in document review jobs.


1) Integreon


Image source –

A worldwide outsourcing partner, Integreon helps corporations and law firms tackle today’s intricate legal and business challenges and reach greater heights. They do this by combining their expertise in the deep domain, technology, and operations.

The company was founded in 1998 and currently has over 3,500 employees worldwide. Thus, if you want to work at a multinational organization, Integreon would be perfect for you.


Remote Jobs Offered:

  • Contract Attorneys – Document Review
  • Document Processor
  • Attorney Associate

Visit Careers Page


2) LexisNexis


Image source –

LexisNexis is a global analytics and information company. It offers research & development, legal & business content, data services, and even software engineering solutions. Furthermore, the company serves customers across industries including corporations, law firms, government agencies, and even academic institutions.

Most importantly, when you become an employee, you will receive various perks. Such as health and wellness programs including insurance, financial support, time off, personal development, family support, and care benefits.


Remote Jobs Offered:

  • Document Review, Contract Analyst
  • Document Review- Bulgarian, Romanian, Russian, Turkish, Greek languages
  • Paralegal
  • Associate Legal News Editor

Visit Careers Page


3) TransPerfect


Image source –

TransPerfect offers translation and interpretation services along with website & software localization, global brand management, and other language and technology solutions. With a network of 7,000+ employees and 120+ global offices, TransPerfect is an international language and technology solutions company

Here, you will find the following work-at-home attorney document review jobs on their careers page.


Remote Jobs Offered:

  • Future Document Review Opportunity
  • Licensed Attorney’s for Document Review
  • Attorney’s for Document Review
  • Licensed Attorneys Short Review Project (DC)
  • Remote Doc Review

Visit Careers Page


4) KLDiscovery


Image source –

KLDiscovery delivers eDiscovery, information governance, and data recovery services to support the legal, corporate, and government communities. Their solutions range from data collection and forensic investigation to document review, translation, and managed review services.

If you live in the United States, then you will get benefits like a choice of 3 robust medical plans, 401(k), dental & vision plans, PTO & holiday plans, HSAs, and flexible spending accounts (FSAs).


Remote Jobs Offered:

  • Document Review Manager – eDiscovery
  • Cyber Incident Response – Review Manager
  • Litigation Data Analyst
  • Document Reviewer

Visit Careers Page


5) Kelly


Image source –

Kelly is a staffing and workplace solutions company. It provides multiple services including direct-hire staffing, outsourcing, temporary staffing, and consulting. Further, they service global clients in various industries such as healthcare, finance, and technology.

Therefore, you will discover many job opportunities on their “Find a job” page. Some of their work-from-home jobs are as follows.


Remote Jobs Offered:

  • Document Control Specialist
  • Document Revision Specialist
  • Sr. Contracts Specialist
  • Environmental Product Compliance Specialist

Visit Careers Page

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6) Latham & Watkins LLP

Latham &Watkins LLP

Image source –

With a rich history of over 80 years, Latham & Watkins LLP provides expert legal advice and solutions to multinational corporations, startups, governments, and even individuals. They are spread across the countries and deliver their services worldwide.

Once you visit their careers page, you can clearly see that they offer legal jobs for beginners, experienced lawyers, and professionals. Therefore, if you want to boost or start your legal career, then Latham & Watkins LLP is the best firm for you. 

Just remember that there are not many remote jobs in this firm. So, you should check thoroughly before applying for a job. 


Remote Jobs Offered:

  • Attorney Support Assistant
  • Litigation Services Attorney
  • Pitch & Proposal Specialist
  • Information Governance Analyst

Visit Careers Page


7) FTI Consulting

FTI Consulting

Image source –

A global business advisory firm, FTI Consulting offers multidisciplinary solutions to its clients facing complex challenges and opportunities. Basically, they have a team of experts with diverse backgrounds and skills working together to improve operations, manage risks, and enhance value. Their services include strategic communications, forensic and litigation consulting, corporate finance, economic consulting, and technology.

When you are an employee at FTI Consulting, you become eligible for comprehensive benefits that vary by country. However, there are some perks that are common in most locations. For instance, you will get life insurance, retirement plans, PTO, and vacation allowance.


Remote Jobs Offered:

  • Document Management Implementation Lead
  • Senior Consultant, Managed Review
  • Consultant/Senior Consultant (Document Review)
  • Document Reviewer

Visit Careers Page


8) Beacon Hill Staffing Group

Beacon Hill Staffing Group

Image source –

Another staffing and recruitment company on our list is Beacon Hill Staffing Group. It delivers specialized staffing services for businesses across industries including finance, healthcare, legal, technology, and administrative support.

On top of that, Beacon Hill won numerous awards for its services such as Best of Staffing Employee Satisfaction 2022 and 2022 Best Company in Career Growth.

Once you get your job, you will receive comprehensive health benefits, HSAs, travel discounts, and so on.


Remote Jobs Offered:

  • Admitted Attorneys for Document Review
  • Document Review Attorney
  • Vietnamese Proficient Document Review Attorney
  • Contract Attorneys for Potential Document Review Projects

Visit Careers Page


9) CGS Federal

CGS Federal

Image source –

CGS Federal integrates technology to optimize federal resources. It strives to deliver solutions that improve efficiency, reduce costs and enhance customer satisfaction rates of its clients. Their services include cyber security, cloud computing, data analytics, and IT modernization. 

CGS also provides multiple benefits to its employees. So, you will get health, dental, vision, and life insurance as well as 401(k), PTO, 11 federal holidays, and FSAs.

If you are interested in joining their team, you can visit their website to view current job openings and also learn more about their culture and values.


Remote Jobs Offered:

  • Portuguese Document Review Attorney
  • FOIA Disclosure Product Manager
  • Litigation Paralegal

Visit Careers Page


10) Absolute Disclosure Corp.

Absolute Disclosure Corp.

Image source –

Absolute Disclosure Corp. provides litigation support services to a diverse range of clients such as law firms, corporate law departments, and individual attorneys. They do this on a contract basis for discovery services that include large-scale document review and analysis. Also, they developed software solutions for custom document analysis.

In case you are a licensed attorney and want to apply for document review attorney jobs, then Absolute Disclosure Corp. is perfect for you.


Remote Jobs Offered:

  • Document Review Attorney

The compensation for this job is $25 per hour.

Visit Careers Page

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Good Luck!

We have listed the top companies looking for document reviewer jobs in hope that you have the opportunity to register for the open positions. However, before applying for a particular job, make sure to carefully review the job requirements and qualifications to ensure that your skills and experience align with the position’s expectations.

After applying for a job, prepare well by reviewing the proven interview tips and understanding the remote job-specific questions that a recruiter will ask from here.

If you want to apply for more work-from-home jobs, then visit HomeJobsHub. They will work with you to find a job that fits your skills and preferences and also guide you through the hiring process.

Thus, sign up to earn a living with their reliable partners.

10 Strong Reasons To Work From Home

10 Strong Reasons To Work From Home

Why work at home? If you are also wondering the same thing, then you should learn the reasons to work from home.

In the last few years, the way we work has changed drastically. Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic had a great effect on your work life. As you know, most of us worked from home due to the abrupt closure of workplaces.

While you may have already experienced the pros and cons of remote culture, some of you may think that there are more cons that can outweigh the pros. Because of it, if you are on the fence, then here are the 10 good reasons to work from home.


#1 Lessen Your Daily Expenses

This is one of the best reasons to continue working from home

Global Workplace Analytics reveals that a telecommuter can save up to $6,000 per year

These savings come primarily by reducing costs on

  • Transportation – Including expenses spent on traveling, parking, gas, tolls, and so on.
  • Food – Instead of spending money on eating out, you can cook food yourself (which is healthier too). Also, save your expenses on drinks like coffee.
  • Clothes – By having a casual wardrobe rather than an expensive one, you may reduce costs on clothing too. Plus, it eliminates the use of dry cleaning as well. 


#2 Save Time

Daily time savings by remote work - across countries

Image source –

In addition to money, you can also save time by not traveling back and forth from your office. 

As you can see in the above image, an employee saves on average 72 minutes daily on commute by working from home. That is a lot of time!

By estimating the same for a year, you can save about 18 days worth of time. Imagine what you can accomplish with all this time. You could learn a new skill, spend time with your family, exercise, or enjoy your hobbies.

Instead of wasting your time commuting, you can use it for your personal pursuits.


#3 Reduce Stress

Employee stress levels

Image source –

While every employee faces stress in their workplace, remote work proved that it can reduce that stress

71% of people in a survey said that they like to work from home just to reduce the commute stress. 

The Future of Work report by Nitro reveals that employees working from home are less stressed and more productive. 

To name a few, you don’t have to worry about going late to a meeting or picking up your kids, or being stuck in a traffic jam. 


#4 Fewer Distractions

Having fewer distractions is one of the honest reasons to justify work from home.

Basically, when you are working on-site it is easy for your colleagues to reach your desk anytime. They might want to clear some doubts or just want to have small talk. 

Sometimes you can get distracted even when they are not talking with you. For example, they could be having a conversation with another person or be on a call, or have a habit of making noises. 

Whatever the reason may be, these distractions will definitely affect your concentration. As a result, you may not be able to finish your task in time. Plus, when you try to talk about it, you may come off rude, or worse, it may lead to a conflict

But with remote work, there won’t be any colleagues beside you for distraction. Also, you can set your status to do not disturb whenever needed. So, you can concentrate on your task with no disruptions.


#5 Improve Your Work-Life Balance

The strong reason for work from home is maintaining your work-life balance. To better understand how you can do this, assume that you save 5 hours per week by not commuting to work. 

You can spend that time not rushing your mornings and drinking a cup of coffee, reading your favorite book, or taking your pet on a walk. And, in the evenings, catch up with your friends, go out, and have fun.

All I am trying to say is that with no additional interruptions, you have more control over your time. So, spend it well and use it to maintain your work-life balance.

The statistics by Mental Health America also show that 97% of people had a huge or positive impact on their quality of life because of flexible work schedules. 

Another survey reveals that 67% of employees improved their work-life balance after starting remote work.


#6 Boost Your Productivity

According to the Future Form Pulse report, employees with a fully flexible schedule report 29 percent higher productivity and 53% more focus on the work than the ones who can’t shit their schedule.

While some leaders find it hard to have confidence in their employees being productive when working at home, many studies clearly prove that they can. In fact, you will definitely discover extensive evidence simply by searching remote work productivity in Google.

The reasons are many that can help in improving your productivity. For instance, with fewer people around you, the distractions you will have to deal with reduces. 

Also, research shows that throughout the day, we all have different energy levels that are best suited to do various tasks and may not necessarily match the typical working schedule. Therefore, by doing specific tasks at a certain time, you can get more work done which is easily possible with remote work.


#7 Improve Health And Wellness

Are you still wondering why to work from home? Well, what’s a better reason than improving your health and wellness? 

Remote work has many health benefits including the reduction of chronic diseases that come with stress. 

Here you will have the time to cook instead of eating out. As a result, you will eat healthier food. By working out or doing basic exercises, you can keep yourself fit

Also, you can give yourself enough rest by sleeping more. On top of that, there will be less exposure to germs, pollution, etc.


#8 Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

The best justification for work from home is being able to do your part in conserving our environment by reducing your carbon footprint. 

Actually, in the United States, transportation is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions. With remote work, you don’t have to use any transportation. Therefore, by working at home even for half of the time, you not only reduce your greenhouse emissions but also use less fuel.

Research shows that teleworking reduces personal carbon emissions by up to 80% (in some cases).


#9 Create Your Own Workspace

Another good reason to work from home is that you can set up your own workspace in your desired location. 

Instead of working in a cubicle, sitting at the same desk for 8-9 hours, you have the freedom to choose your own workplace. Whether you like to sit on your balcony or in a garden, it’s your choice.

Actually, you can even go out of your house and visit the best places to work remotely like a coffee house, and park. In fact, get out of the city and travel to the countryside or any other place you feel like going.

As long as you have a good internet connection, you can work from anywhere in the world.


#10 Be Happier

Ultimately, whatever we do in our life, we do it to be happy. Well, with remote work, you can be happier than with on-site jobs. Because one of the best work from home reasons is the satisfaction you feel with your job. You heard right!

San Jose State University research proves that because of more telecommuting intensity, less work-family conflict, and higher perceived anatomy, employees’ have job satisfaction.

Another research shows that employees who work from home are happier by 20%.

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Interesting Stats

Do you know out of 100 million US workers: 20% are actively disengaged while only 30% are actively engaged? The remaining 50% are just present but not engaged or actively disinterested. That means, 70% of US workers are either disengaged or actively disengaged.

Further, disengaged employees have higher rates of absenteeism, lower productivity, and decreased profitability by 37%, 18%, and 15%, respectively. This translates into a cost of approximately $3,400 for every $10,000 in salary, or 34% of their annual salary. Also, disengaged employees have 60% more errors and 49% more accidents.

Overall, actively disengaged employees are responsible for a significant loss of productivity in the United States, costing between $450 billion to $550 billion annually. Plus, organizations with engaged employees have 50% fewer accidents.

According to a 2017 Gallup Survey,

  • The presence of strong work friendships increases employee satisfaction by 50 percent.
  • When compared to well-managed groups, poorly managed work groups exhibit an average productivity loss of 50% and a profit reduction of 44%.
  • Only 33% of US workers are engaged. While 85% are neither engaged nor actively disengaged at work.
  • Moreover, quality issues decrease by 40% when employees are engaged.
  • Financial benefits such as profit-sharing (40%), pensions (51%), and monetary bonuses (54%) are highly desirable to employees. So, they are willing to switch jobs to receive them.
  • 51% of US workers are looking for new opportunities while they are still employed.

As per Deloitte Millenial Survey 2018, 43% of millennials are ready to leave their job within 2 years if they find an opportunity. It was 38% in 2017 and 44% in 2016. 

Based on another survey, more than 40% of an employee’s time is spent on tasks that don’t matter. And, 51% of workers in the United States indicate that they are mentally disengaged from their jobs. When surveyed only 44% of US employees reported that they felt connected with the organization’s goals.

According to a Virgin Pulse study, 85% of HR professionals believe that the wellness programs their organizations implemented had a positive influence on the overall corporate culture.

In light of these statistics, it’s clear that disengagement and low productivity are significant problems in the workplace. With remote jobs, you can maintain your work-life balance and increase your productivity while staying engaged in your work. As a result, you can reduce the losses that come with disengagement.


So, Is Work At Home Beneficial?

By looking at all the reasons for working from home with statistical proof, we can clearly say that remote jobs are more effective than on-site jobs. It reduces stress, increases productivity, and provides a comfortable, personalized, and quiet environment, according to Mental Health America.

Now, there is no need to look for a site to apply for remote jobs, just visit HomeJobsHub. On their website, you will find WFH jobs in your desired field/ industry and locations. Simply register and their AI will notify you whenever a job matching your profile, i.e. skills and requirements is posted.

Good Luck!

10 Companies Offering Jobs With Childcare Benefits

10 Companies Offering Jobs With Childcare Benefits

Research reveals that providing jobs with childcare facilities makes employees feel valued and so they are more likely to produce quality work. Also, it increases morale in the workplace and improves employee retention. Of course, companies will also gain tax credits.

Since it benefits both employees and employers, many organizations are starting to offer jobs with daycare onsite and other considerate childcare perks. Therefore, if you are a parent with a child, then here are the top 10 companies with jobs that provide childcare.


10 Companies That Offer Jobs With Childcare Assistance

  1. Adobe
  2. Aflac
  3. Best Buy
  4. Amazon
  5. USAA
  6. Intel
  7. Goldman Sachs
  8. Google
  9. Intuit
  10. Microsoft

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1) Adobe


Image source –

An American multinational company, Adobe specializes in software that you can use for the creation and publication of a variety of content. For example, graphics, illustrations, photography, animation, motion pictures, multimedia/ video, and print.

Moreover, the company is expanding into digital marketing. Plus, in 2021, Adobe was considered one of the top leaders in Customer Experience Management (CXM).

Childcare Benefits Offered:

  • Adoption reimbursement of $25,000,
  • Paid leaves for new parents,
  • Extensive fertility benefits,
  • Backup child care,
  • Contributes $100/ month to dependent care FSA.

Jobs Offered:

  • Project Manager,
  • Sr. Customer Experience Architect,
  • Marketo Business Consultant.

Visit Careers Page Check Benefits


2) Aflac


Image source –

Aflac provides supplementary insurance to help you with expenses that most medical insurance doesn’t cover. In fact, it is one of the largest supplementary insurance providers in the United States. Plus, the company was founded in 1955 and its headquarters is in Columbus, Georgia. 

If you have any experience working with an insurance company, then you can definitely apply at Aflac as it offers jobs with daycare on site.

Childcare Benefits Offered:

  • Paid paternal and maternal leaves,
  • On-site childcare at HQ or daycare subsidiary.

Jobs Offered:

  • IAM Systems Security Admin,
  • PLADS Business Systems Analyst,
  • Brand Market Analyst,
  • PLADS Client Liaison.

Visit Careers Page Check Benefits


3) Best Buy

Best Buy

Image source –

From Best Buy you can buy electronics, computers, mobiles, video games, appliances, and more. Originally, it was founded as an audio specialty store, named Sound of Music, and later rebranded to its current name and became a consumer electronics retailer.

Since Best Buy is the largest multinational company, you can find jobs in a variety of categories. They also offer remote jobs, if you are interested.

Childcare Benefits Offered:

  • Personalized caregiver support service,
  • Paid leaves including maternity,
  • Backup child care,
  • Adoption, and surrogacy assistance,
  • Caregivers pay for children bonding or family care.

Jobs Offered:

  • Machine Learning Engineer,
  • AUTOTECH Installer,
  • Sales Advocate,
  • Greek Squad Agent.

Visit Careers Page Check Benefits


4) Amazon


Image source –

Amazon focuses on eCommerce, digital streaming, online advertising, cloud, and artificial intelligence. It is one of the largest American multinational technology companies that is listed among the world’s most valuable brands.

Even if you are a student, you can discover internships and full-time opportunities on their jobs page. When it comes to benefits, they vary per location.

Childcare Benefits Offered:

  • Online resources for parents who have children with developmental disabilities,
  • Helps you in finding elder and childcare referrals and assistance,
  • Paternal and maternal leaves,
  • Adoption assistance (domestic and international) including travel costs, court costs, and attorney fees.

Jobs Offered:

  • Pharmacy Technician,
  • Software Development Engineer,
  • Technical Customer Support Associate,
  • UX Researcher.

Visit Careers Page Check Benefits




Image source –

United Services Automobile Association (USAA) was founded in 1922, which is exactly 100 years ago. Its headquarters is in San Antonio, Texas. It provides banking, insurance, and retirement services to the US military, and veteran family members.

When you become an employee at USAA, you get perks like 401K, educational assistance, access to USAA products and services, bonuses, and performance incentives. In this company, you will discover design jobs, analysts, and so on.

Childcare Benefits Offered:

  • Reimbursement of child and dependent care,
  • On-site child development centers,
  • Paid parental leave.

Jobs Offered:

  • Designer,
  • AWS Security Engineer,
  • Senior Economist,
  • Actuarial Analyst,
  • Injury Examiner,
  • Paid Search Media Manager.

Visit Careers Page Check Benefits


6) Intel


Image source –

As you may already know, Intel is the world’s largest semiconductor chip manufacturing company (by revenue). And, it is one of the developers of the x86 series of instruction sets that are found in most PCs. Also, its products and services cover computer hardware, automation, autonomous cars, and AI industries.

In case you are interested in technology manufacturing, then Intel is the best choice. On top of that, you will find the benefit you are looking for, which is jobs with onsite daycare.

Childcare Benefits Offered:

  • Pregnancy, adoption, and new parenthood benefits like special parking, onsite nursing rooms, and paid time off.
  • Childcare and elder care programs including access to facilities, and financial assistance.
  • Educational benefits for your children. For instance, college coaching, tutoring, and scholarship opportunities.
  • Life insurance for your children or spouse.

Jobs Offered:

  • Graphics Hardware Design Engineer,
  • US Tax Director,
  • PhD Technical Intern,
  • Payroll Specialist,
  • PDK Software Engineer.

Visit Careers Page Check Benefits


7) Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs

Image source –

Goldman Sachs delivers financial services to a wide range of corporations, institutes, and even individuals. It’s been around for over 150 years and has regional headquarters in many countries including China, England, India, and Japan.

You can discover internships, apprenticeships, and full-time opportunities along with undergrad and MBA programs. Also, note that the benefits offered may vary as per the office and its location. On their website, you may apply for sales jobs, customer service, and even software development jobs.

Childcare Benefits Offered:

  • On-site daycare centers, mother and baby rooms, homework rooms,
  • Expectant parent resources,
  • Advice and counseling services,
  • Adoption, surrogacy, egg retrieval, and egg donation stipends,
  • Transitional programs for parents returning from their maternity or paternity leaves.

Jobs Offered:

  • Customer Service Call Center Rep,
  • Associate-Sales,
  • Associate-Brand and Content Strategy,
  • Software Development Engineer
  • Audit (Finance and Technology) | Analyst
  • Payments | Analyst

Visit Careers Page Check Benefits


8) Google


Image source –

Google has been the most used search engine in the world for more than a decade. Other than that, Google also works on online advertising, eCommerce, consumer electronics, computer software, cloud computing, and quantum computing.

In case you are searching for jobs that have daycare for employees and offer positions in a variety of industries, then Google is the one for you. On top of that, Google is known to have the best workplace.

Childcare Benefits Offered:

  • Fertility and growing family support,
  • Caregiver leave,
  • Backup daycare,
  • Parental and baby bonding leave,
  • Survivor income benefit.

Jobs Offered:

  • Conversation Designer,
  • Electrical Engineer,
  • Finance Manager,
  • Sales Specialist
  • Research Scientist.

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9) Intuit


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Intuit specializes in financial system software. Some of their products include Mailchimp, TurboTax, Mint, QuickBooks, and Credit Karma. They have more than 14,000 employees working from 20 offices located in 9 countries.

Actually, for a couple and parents like you looking for childcare/ family benefits, Intuit is perfect. Because it offers many perks, some of which are as follows –

Childcare Benefits Offered:

  • Paid parental time off,
  • Spouse/ domestic partner and child life insurance (optional),
  • Adoption assistance up to $30,000 per child,
  • Surrogacy assistance,
  • Backup care for your child or elderly loved one,
  • Dependent care FSA,
  • Support for children with learning, behavioral, social, or developmental disabilities.

Jobs Offered:

  • Sales Channel Coordinator,
  • Tax Associate,
  • Expert Bookkeeper,
  • Bilingual Spanish Tax Expert,
  • Principal Software Engineer.

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10) Microsoft


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You most probably have heard of Microsoft, the company that produces electronics, personal computers, computer software, and related services. Among them, the well-known products are Windows, Xbox, Minecraft, Visual Studio, Skype, and Microsoft Office (rebranded as Microsoft 365).

If you are a student, then you can apply for scholarships, internships, and full-time opportunities. In case of professionals, they have full-time and remote career choices in a variety of fields.

Childcare Benefits Offered:

  • Caregiver support,
  • Parental leave,
  • Family caregiver leave,
  • Adoption assistance,
  • Backup care for elders, children, and adults,
  • Subsidized and discounted childcare,
  • College coach program for your children.

Jobs Offered:

  • Principal People Scientist,
  • Fraud Investigator,
  • Senior Site Reliability Engineer,
  • Senior Technical Writer,
  • CPU Principal Performance Engineer.

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We hope you are satisfied with the suggested companies. As you can see all of these organizations offer childcare benefits and some even go as long as providing educational assistance.

If you see any of the mentioned companies align with your qualifications, then simply click on the provided button to apply for an open position.

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Plus, it has an AI system that informs you whenever a job matching your skills and requirements is available.

So, what are you waiting for?

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Top 10 Undeniable Signs You Need A New Job

Top 10 Undeniable Signs You Need A New Job

As per a survey done by ResumeBuilder, 1 in 4 employees quit their jobs in 2022. SHRM says that the average cost per hire is $4,129 and filling an open position takes an average of 42 days. On the other hand, Glassdoor reports that the average cost per hire for US employers is $4,000, and takes 24 days to fill a position.

Plus, the Harvard Business Review reveals that employees in mid-careers, i.e. between 30 and 45 years old, have the highest increase in resignation rates. On the other hand, for employees between the age of 20 to 25, the resignation rate decreased.

But how do you know when to look for a new job? If you are an employee who is thinking of shifting jobs, here are the 10 signs you need a new job. When you experience them know that it is time to take the leap.


Signs That You Need A New Job 


1) Your Well-being Is Suffering

Your physical health sometimes indicates your mental health. So, if you are having frequent headaches or colds, it may mean that your job has a negative impact on your health. 

Plus, having stress may impact your appetite as well. Some people may not eat as usual while others eat more. The stress can also result in burnout.

Overall if your mental or physical health is adversely affected by your job stress, then it is time to find ways to alleviate stress or look for a new job. 


2) There Is No Opportunity For Advancement

Do you often wonder why you are staying at your current job for too long? One of the reasons could be that you feel stuck as there are no opportunities to advance your career and grow

Actually, long-term goals help you stay focused and motivate you to move forward in your career. Therefore, if you are constantly passed over for a promotion or there are no opportunities for career advancement, then it is time for you to look elsewhere. In fact, this is one of the unavoidable reasons to look for a new job.


3) Your Work Environment Is Toxic

The answer to when to look for new job opportunities is when your work environment negatively impacts your life. Having moments of conflict is common in any workplace however bullying any employee for silly reasons is not professional behavior. 

A toxic environment not only impacts your performance and enthusiasm toward your work but also damages your mental and physical health. So, if your company’s morale is low and tolerates bullying or doesn’t value your work, then you should explore other options.

US professionals not work at bad workplace environment

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4) Company Values Don’t Align With Yours

Given that your professional and personal lives are intertwined with each other, it is essential that your company shares your values. Also, a company should be honest and ethical.

If you feel that your organization is doing something wrong, unethical, or worse, illegal, you better leave your job. In case, it is your boss asking you to perform unethical action, explain your concern to superiors.

You know that it is time to expedite for a new job when you face a situation where you lower your standards or compromise your principles.


5) You No Longer Feel Challenged

Are you in the same position that you were in two years ago? Can you do your work tasks even in your sleep? That means you no longer feel challenged at your work. 

Repetitive tasks lead to boredom

In order to feel engaged in your work, people should be challenged. Hence, if you are experiencing chronic boredom, ask your manager or team leader to include you in stimulating projects. When they cannot offer you challenging assignments, consider seeking other opportunities.

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6) You Are Not Paid Your Worth

You are not paid fairly for the work you do, and still, you are wondering when to find a new job!

It is a red flag when you are underpaid or overqualified for the job. First, try to negotiate your salary with your employer. Research compensation and make a case for your contributions to the organization. 

Still, you are not paid your worth and you know that you can earn more at other jobs, then it’s time to leave.


7) The Organizational Chart Frequently Changes

While some changes are necessary for an organization’s growth, frequent restructuring is a sign that your employer does not have a well-planned strategy. It also means that your company is not making good profits or worse in losses. 

This uncertainty can make you anxious and create more stress that results in less engagement in the work. So, instead of staying in fear of losing your job, start exploring new job opportunities.


8) You And Your Work Aren’t Appreciated

OC Tanner research states that 79% of employees claim that lack of appreciation is the major reason for leaving a job.

Doing your best at the workplace but not getting acknowledged demotivates you. Everyone wants to be in a place where their effort is appreciated. If you feel that you are treated unfairly, it is time to work for an employer who values your contributions.


9) You Cannot Be In Your Authentic Self

Business insider says that in a lifetime an average person spends over 90,000 hours at work.

Wouldn’t it make you feel better if you can be yourself during those work hours? Being unauthentic leads to burnout and will make you unhappy. While being yourself can improve your employee engagement, relationships, trust, motivation, and ultimately happiness.

In case you feel like you cannot be your authentic self, it may be a sign for you to explore other opportunities.


10) Regularly Fantasizing About Quitting

Are you thinking should I apply for a new job? Don’t worry, it is normal to occasionally think about quitting your job, especially if you had a bad day. Even the people who are content with their jobs dream about quitting once in a while.

However, you should seriously consider it when you start regularly fantasizing about announcing your resignation. The same applies if you are frequently daydreaming about working in another company.

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When to find a new job? Well, have you experienced any of the mentioned signs? If yes, then it is probably time to reevaluate your employment situation. 

In case you decided to leave your job, do not just submit your resignation. Instead, spend some time strategizing your next move. It shows that you are an ethical candidate for new jobs while also allowing you to leave your present job on good terms.

Now, when looking for new opportunities, we suggest you visit HomeJobsHub. They have a variety of jobs in all kinds of industries. Simply sign up and their AI will notify you when a job matching your requirements and skills is available.

Employee Performance Review: Does it waste your employees’ time? [Stats]

Employee Performance Review: Does it waste your employees’ time? [Stats]

Does traditional employee performance review waste your employees’ time? Yes, and with a huge impact!

If you are among those companies that still follow the traditional employee performance review methods, then this article is for you.

A survey of 1,500 U.S. office workers issued by Adobe details how traditional performance reviews are considered unproductive and irrelevant by employees and their managers who go through them.

A large proportion – Eighty-eight percent of U.S. office workers surveyed report going through structured performance reviews, which include writing, ratings, forms, comparisons, checklists, etc.

“The findings from this survey show how time-consuming, cumbersome, and demotivating performance reviews are for many employees,” said Donna Morris, executive vice president of Customer & Employee Experience at Adobe.

Moreover, 17 managerial hours are used per employee in the standard employee review process, and that too is only for preparing for the process! Then consider the time taken for the actual process too in a bigger size company/organization.

And the result:

  • Waste of time
  • Demotivated workers
  • Increased Peer pressure
  • Mounting personal stress
  • Increase in Attrition rate 


What do managers and office workers think of performance reviews?


Not only office workers, but the managers also hate this outdated, stretching, futile process. As a result, they are psychologically de-motivated, rush to finish the job at hand ASAP, turn regardless of the concerns of employees, and most of the time fail to recognize the actual performances of the employees.

Also, as per a Gallup survey, in employee engagement scores, managers account for a minimum of 70% of the variance.

Surveys on U.S. office workers whose current companies have structured performance reviews show that,

  • Close to two-thirds of office workers (64 percent) and managers (62 percent) agree that performance reviews are outdated ways of managing performance.
  • More than half (59 percent) of office workers feel that performance reviews have no impact on how they do their job and are a needless HR requirement (58 percent)


Effects of Performance Review on employees


Surveys state that the Traditional Performance Review methods result in various organizational affecting factors,

  • 57 percent of the workers agree that performance reviews increase the peer pressure
  • 61 percent of the employees say that they are prone to Managerial favoritism.
  • Close to 61 percent of Millennials are ready to shift jobs to other companies where there are no formal performance reviewals, even for equal or reduced pay. 
  • One in three Millennials (34 percent) has cried after a performance review, 47 percent have looked for another job and 30 percent say they’ve quit outright.
  • Men report especially strong reactions. One in four men has cried after a performance review (25 percent men vs. 18 percent women). Men are also more likely to have looked for another job (43 percent men vs. 31 percent women) or quit (28 percent men vs. 11 percent women).
  • A Gallup survey about what employees want from their managers revealed that –
    • 67% of employees are more engaged when their managers focus on strengths or positive characteristics in their performance.
    • 54% of employees strongly agree that they can approach their managers with any type of question.
    • One in two (50 percent) of employees left their jobs at one point or another to get away from their manager.

Eventually, don’t you think instead of helping the employees and the organization grow better, which is the very crux of this process, it turns out to be devastating rather, resulting in a huge loss for the company?

If you think you can just spend money and recruit new employees, then think again. Because many surveys proved that it is difficult to hire new candidates. Some of them are as follows:

  • 86% of recruiters and 62% of employers feel that the market is candidate-driven.
  • As per Aptitude Research and LinkedIn, approximately three quarters, i.e. 73% and 72.8% of recruiters said that they struggle to find quality talent.
  • Of recruiters, 42% are worried that they won’t be able to discover adequate talent, while 45% are having difficulty filling open positions due to a shortage of talent.
  • Moreover, 86% of qualified candidates for your or any company’s open positions are already employed and are not actively seeking new opportunities.
  • Actually, the top candidates are available in the market for mere 10 days before getting hired.
  • Of employees, 40% are planning to quit their current jobs.
  • Plus, a company’s reputation as an employer is important for 84% of job applicants.
  • More than half, i.e. 55% of candidates abandon a job application if they read a negative review about the company. While 40% abandon if the application process is not mobile-friendly.

Coming to finding candidates, the stats reveal the following:

  • According to Betterteam,
    • Of recruiters, 80% say that through social they find passive candidates.
    • Though 75% of potential candidates are not actively searching for a job, they are contacted by recruiters via social media.

Well, if you don’t want to spend your time looking for new candidates, instead retain your employees, then read below.


What is the solution?

Employees expect an ongoing process of performance review that would collectively help them in improving their personal and professional attributes that would effectively result in positive outcomes. 

  • 80 percent of office workers prefer feedback at the moment rather than delivering aggregated feedback after a period of months.
  • More than half (55 percent) of office workers and 66 percent of managers wish that their companies would change/eliminate the current performance review process.
  • 46 percent of the office workers believe companies that have abolished traditional review methods are more likely to be flexible, have happier employees (44 percent), and have a collaborative culture (38 percent).


How can this be achieved?

“That was our experience at Adobe as well, prior to 2012. We abolished the review process and instead focused on ensuring employees and managers set priorities, gave and received feedback, and charted career growth on an ongoing basis. The results have been higher engagement, improved retention, and stronger company performance.”

Simplifying the performance review methods with a more practical approach which provides more chances of understanding both the employee’s and the company’s current position, expectations, future prospects, applicable methods, and solutions will be more appropriate and effective. 


Adobe’s “Check-in”

Adobe made a significant move in 2012 by totally eliminating the traditional performance review system of ratings, rankings, and laborious writings and launching a robust performance review solution called “Check-in”. This approach brings in managers and workers frequently onboard for repeated feedback sessions through informal conversations.

– Meaningful Performance Review

You need to understand your employee beyond the review numbers and parameters.  Help him then and there identify his challenges and develop the required skills”. 

Such informal and repeated conversational sessions help boost the workers’ morale and keep their spirits running. As a result, you will achieve happy employees, a cheerful workplace, time-saving, and an increase in productivity. 

Effective results of Check-in

This informal meaningful Conversation method proved to be absolutely fruitful. In the first year, the company estimated 80,000 manager hours saved, which is equivalent to 40 full-time employees’ review sessions, demanded by the previous process. 

The company also witnessed a phenomenal growth in employee retention since then along with more than 100,000 manager hours saved per year. Since the change, Adobe has demonstrated higher employee engagement and retention and stronger performance management through its model, “Check-in.”

– “Check-in” for all

Now the company opens its gates of “Check-in” to other interested companies by providing an open-source website with access to Check-in toolkits and resources which will help them in the process of smooth deviation from the traditional concept of performance review to an unconventional yet successful method. 

“We love talking to other companies who are considering a move away from structured performance reviews, and many have adopted some form of Check-in already,” said Morris. “Now we want to make it easier to share our experience with people who are exploring a model like this – whether they’re in technology or a totally different industry. We thought we would apply the software open-sourcing concept to our own HR practices by sharing what we’ve developed.”


“Gallup has found that when managers provide weekly (vs. annual) feedback, team members are:

  • 5.2x more likely to strongly agree that they receive meaningful feedback
  • 3.2x more likely to strongly agree they are motivated to do outstanding work
  • 2.7x more likely to be engaged at work”

About the “Performance Reviews Get a Failing Grade” Report:

The “Performance Reviews Get a Failing Grade” study findings came from an online survey of 1,500 U.S. office workers who have been through at least one performance review. The research was conducted from November 28 to December 2, 2016. The research was commissioned by Adobe and produced by Golin. The margin of error for the sample is +/- 2.5%.