How Put Shadowing On Resume [Examples And Templates]

Unlock the power of shadowing on your resume with this comprehensive guide. Learn how to effectively showcase shadowing experience to impress employers, especially since 91% of recruiters prefer candidates with relevant job experience. 

Explore practical examples and customizable templates tailored to your resume needs. Elevate your application with the integration of shadowing experiences to stand out in the job market.

shadowing on resume

The Significance of Shadowing

Shadowing involves observing professionals in your desired field as they perform their daily tasks. It’s a valuable learning opportunity where you gain insight into the industry’s practices, procedures, and culture. 

By shadowing, you can understand the practical application of theoretical knowledge and see firsthand how professionals tackle challenges. It allows you to ask questions, seek guidance, and network with experienced individuals. 

Employers value shadowing experiences as they indicate your readiness to step into a role with a clear understanding of its demands and expectations.

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Reasons to Add Shadowing to Your Resume

  • Demonstrates Active Learning: Shadowing proves you’re hands-on in grasping new concepts, showing employers your practical approach to gaining knowledge.
  • Expands Industry Insight: Including it reveals your deeper understanding of how things work in your field, indicating your commitment to staying informed.
  • Builds Professional Connections: You can build relationships with industry insiders, expanding your network and potential career opportunities.
  • Confirms Career Interest: Listing shadowing experiences assures employers of your genuine interest in your chosen field, reinforcing your dedication.
  • Offers Practical Exposure: It provides firsthand experience, equipping you with real-world skills that make you a stronger candidate.

Let’s delve into the differences between shadowing and an internship.

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Discerning Between Shadowing and Internship

Shadowing and an internship both involve gaining experience in a professional setting, but they differ in:

Key aspects 




Observe and follow a professional in their day-to-day tasks without actively participating or taking on responsibilities. 

More active involvement in tasks and projects related to the field of study or career interest. 


Primarily focused on learning and gaining insight into a specific job or industry. 

Designed to provide hands-on experience and practical skills relevant to a particular field or role. 


Typically short-term and can range from a few hours to a few days or weeks, depending on the arrangement.

Generally longer-term, and  lasts for several weeks to several months, with a structured program that includes training, projects, and evaluations. An internship typically has an average duration of four and a half months.

Level of engagement 

Involves passive observation and learning through watching professionals in action.

Requires active participation and engagement in the work and projects assigned, often with specific goals and learning objectives.

shadowing on resume

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How to put Shadowing on your Resume

When listing these experiences on your resume, it’s important to highlight the skills and knowledge you gained during those experiences. 

Here’s how you can effectively include shadowing on your resume:

1. Create a Separate Section

If you have significant shadowing experiences, consider creating a separate section titled “Shadowing Experience” or “Observational Experience” on your resume.

2. Include Relevant Details

For each shadowing experience, provide the following details:

    • Position/Title: Mention the title or position of the professional you shadowed.
    • Organization/Company: Name the organization or company where it took place.
    • Dates: Specify the dates or duration of the shadowing experience.
    • Description: Briefly describe what you observed or learned during this experience. Elevate any specific skills, procedures, or techniques you witnessed or were involved in.

3. Focus on Skills and Learning

Emphasize the skills and knowledge you acquired during the shadowing, especially those relevant to the position you’re applying for. You can include technical skills, industry-specific knowledge, or soft skills like communication and teamwork.

4. Quantify Impact (if applicable)

If your shadowing experience resulted in tangible outcomes or accomplishments, such as contributing to a project or assisting in a procedure, quantify them with numbers or percentages to showcase your value.

5. Tailor to the Job

Customize the details of your shadowing experiences to align with the requirements and preferences of the job you’re applying for. Showcase aspects of the shadowing that are most relevant to the position.

6. Use Action Verbs

Begin each bullet point with strong action verbs to describe your shadowing experience actively. For example, “Observed,” “Assisted,” “Participated in,” etc.

Next, we’ll take a look at the template for presenting the shadowing experience.

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Highlight Shadowing Experience: Template

Adhere to this template when including job shadowing in your resume.

shadowing on resume
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Furthermore, we will proceed to review the examples for featuring shadowing experience.

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Examples of Demonstrating Shadowing Experience in a Resume

Ex 1: Kitchen Assistant

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Ex 2: Sales Manager

shadowing on resume
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Ex 3: Business Operations 

If you possess a considerable relevant work history but seek to showcase your shadowing involvement, consider incorporating it into the additional or other segment of your resume.

Shadow Experience

BlackWater Enterprises, Jacksonville, FL

April-June 2019  

    • Accompanied COO Rob Johnson to understand the workings of a corporate headquarters managing over 500 employees across the country.
    • Participated in budget meetings to understand monthly financial planning and restructuring efforts aimed at achieving company objectives.
    • Took part in an employee training session concentrating on enhancing technical skills in data analysis and programming.
    • Witnessed the entire project lifecycle from inception to the delivery of the final product.

Achievement: Proposed the introduction of client appreciation initiatives such as birthday greeting cards and exclusive Q&A webinars. Within a month of implementing these suggestions, client retention rose by 12% and overall company satisfaction rates increased by nearly 30%. Additionally, employees were delighted with the heightened level of positive client feedback.

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shadowing on resume

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Demonstrate your commitment to growth by incorporating shadowing experiences on your resume. Craft brief descriptions outlining the industry, duration, and skills obtained. 

Tailor each entry to align with your target position, emphasizing the practical insights gained to showcase your value as a candidate.

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