15 Companies that hire for remote customer service jobs

Before the pandemic, only 6% of the employed worked primarily from home.

In May 2020, over one-third of the employed work from home due to the pandemic – ncci.com

45% of the public are currently working remotely – Statista,2022

67% of the respondents have stated that they have the flexibility of time and work-life balance. –  Statista,2022


All these data evident that the global work shift had been invariably happening for the past 3 years. Since remote jobs check the major three boxes of efficiency, productivity, and satisfaction, 25% of all professional jobs in America are expected to work remotely. Remote customer service jobs marched their way up to the Top 10 remote jobs list.

Finding a remote entry-level job had been near to impossible, but not anymore. Companies like Homejobshub lead you to the right workplace destination where you can kickstart your career right from your home. They offer a platter full of work-from-home jobs to choose from as per your personality and core competency.

Let us now see some 15 companies that hire for remote customer service jobs in 2022.

  1. ReCharge Payments: Information technology
  2. Amazon: eCommerce
  3. Bold Business: Technology
  4. Curai Health: Health Assistance
  5. Agilent: Life-science
  6. Crossover.com
  7. Rocket.chat
  8. Discover – Finance
  9. Evercommerce – Software
  10. Optum – Healthcare services
  11. Scott’s Cheap Flights
  12. United Healthcare – Health Insurance
  13. Concentrix
  14. ATT – Internet services
  15. Crocs

1. ReCharge Payments

Recharge Payments is a US-based remote-first company. listed among the Forbes top 100 companies for remote jobs. The company offers attractive additional benefits like competitive compensation, health coverage, parental leave, etc. They offer remote positions like

  • Sales Account Executives
  • Business Development Executives
  • Strategic support engineer
  • Solutions Engineer

2. Amazon

Amazon needs no introduction as it is a big name and a pioneer in the eCommerce industry. This industry giant is now spread worldwide and expanding, still paving way for innumerable career opportunities globally. The company also cares for its employees by offering employee assistance programs, maternity and paternity leave, etc. They offer,

  • Virtual Customer service engineers (part/full time)
  • Virtual Technical Customer Service Specialist
  • Virtual Bilingual Associates

3. Bold Business

Bold Business is a US-based innovative technology solution providing company. Customer service is their foremost priority. Employees too enjoy benefits like health coverage, referral program, and leave policies. Hence one can find,

  • Customer service work from home jobs
  • Part-time customer service jobs from home
  • Bilingual online customer service jobs

4. Curai Health

Curai Health is a 24/7 doctors and medical experts team that helps you with all health concerns like urgent healthcare, disease management, wellness planning, etc over the call. They cover over 47 states of America. It is a remote-first company offering only work-from-home customer service jobs with real benefits like competitive pay, flexible schedules, professional development, etc.

  • Frontend Engineers (Remote)
  • Machine Learning Researchers (Remote)
  • Nurse Practitioner (Remote)

5. Agilent

Agilent is a leader in life sciences, diagnostics, and applied chemical markets with more than hundreds of awards and patents added to its hat for its innovations and inventions in the industry. Employees at Agilent can enjoy competitive benefits like health and wellness programs, financial benefits, volunteer time off, and other perks.

  • Remote Customer Service positions
  • Service Product Sales positions
  • Field Service Representatives, etc.

6. Crossover.com

Crossover.com is the #1 source of 100% remote careers for the world’s most talented professionals, compensating their worth based on their values. You will be surprised to find fully valued,

  • Remote Customer service jobs
  • Remote Customer success jobs
  • Remote Professional service jobs
  • Remote Services leadership jobs

7. Rocket.chat

Rocket.chat is the world’s largest open source communications platform providing efficient CX tools and services. It’s a kind of remote-first company giving away exciting employee benefits like unlimited paid time-off, Birthday day-off, professional development programs, Annual summit, etc.

  • Remote People Experience jobs
  • Remote sales jobs, and more.


8. Discover

Discover Financial Services is an American financial services company that owns and operates Discover Bank. It also owns and operates the Discover and Pulse networks, and owns Diners Club International. As an employee, you get exciting financial benefits like stock options, retirement plans, health accounts, education assistance, perks, and incentives.

  • Remote customer service jobs
  • Remote Inbound customer service jobs
  • Team Leader (Remote)

9. Evercommerce

Evercommerce is a leading technology platform providing integrated SaaS software solutions to over 500,000 global services SMBs. The company offers robust employee benefits ranging from medical benefits, 401(k) plan, employee wellness programs, paid time away, and more.

  • Remote Customer care professional
  • Remote Experience solutions
  • Remote Senior Account Manager
  • Remote Senior Sales Manager

10. Optum

Optum is a global complete healthcare provider helping people at home, virtually, and at Optum healthcare hospitals serving 127 million individuals. They provide pharmacy care services also.

Key employee benefits include health insurance, 401(k) plans, vacation, paid time off, etc.

  • Remote Customer service representative
  • Remote Customer success representative
  • Remote Customer service lead
  • Remote Supervisor Customer service

11. Scott’s Cheap Flights.com

Scott’s cheap flights, as in the name, take you on amazing deals to the best destinations. It’s a 100% remote company. The company offers delightful perks like mandatory vacation, 401(k) with a 5% match, employee stock options, wellness fund, educational fund, etc.

  • Remote Director Member Success
  • Remote Lifecycle Marketing Specialist

12. United Healthcare – Health Insurance

United Healthcare is a health insurance company that covers all ages. It is partnered with more than 1.3 million physicians and health care professionals, and 6,500 hospitals nationwide. The company takes care of employees’ health insurance too along with other benefits like financial and retirement, vacation and time off, etc.

  • Remote Customer service advocate
  • Remote Customer service supervisor

13. Concentrix

Concentrix is a leading global solutions company that strategizes, designs, and develops CX-based technology. It offers complete CX solutions. The company offers remote positions added with insurance and retirement plans, 401(k) matching, referral programs, education development, and other benefits.

  • Work at home customer care advisor
  • Work at home customer support specialist
  • Work at home social media support specialist
  • Work from home Technical service advisor

14. ATT – Internet services

AT&T is an American internet service provider cum eCommerce platform for great phone and devices deals and direct-TV streaming services. Here you get obvious AT&T devices and connections at discounted prices along with other employee benefits of paid time off, tuition assistance, insurance, etc. 

  • Customer service representative (work from home)
  • Customer service representative Loyalty (work from home)
  • Sales Call center representative (work from home)
  • Technology support call center representative (work from home)
  • Credits and collection call center representative (work from home)

15. Crocs – Casual Footwear

Crocs is a world leader in the innovative, and casual footwear segment, and for a good reason. Since 2002, the company has sold more than 700 million pairs in over 90 countries. Crocs’ employee benefits include health and financial wellness programs, paid time away, volunteer opportunities, etc. The company boasts its employees’ average tenure to be 4+ years at the least.

  • Remote Customer Service Representative
  • Remote Data Specialist


Things You Need to Know!

If you are going to work with customer service-related companies, then it could be useful to learn what the customers expect from organizations. So, here are some stats that you will find useful.

  • As per Salesforce research,
    • 75% of customers strongly agree or agree that they expect a consistent experience wherever they engage with the company, for example – by phone, social media, website, or in person.
    •  It is absolutely critical or important for 68% of consumers that they interact with a salesperson who understands their preferences or needs.
    • If the company does not anticipate customers’ needs, 50% of them are extremely or somewhat likely to switch brands.
    • 64% of them say that sending personalized or exclusive offers or discounts has a major influence on their loyalty.
    • 56% of customers do not mind sharing their personal information in exchange for getting better services. 52% of them would do the same for product recommendations and 53% for the personalized shopping experience.
    • 70% of consumers strongly agree or agree that technology has made it easier to take their business elsewhere.
  • As per the Salesforce blog,
    • 55% of customers say retail experiences are not connected from channel to channel.
    • Depending on where they are and what they are doing, 6 out of 10, i.e. 60% of customers change their contact channel.
  • According to Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA), even though patients are on multiple contact platforms, the most used one is the call center. It says that in the Salesforce study the data reveals that around 68% of all health communications happen through a call center.
  • According to Mckinsey, 70% of a user experience comes down to how the customer feels they are being treated.
  • The Groovehq Blog reveals that as per NewVoiceMedia, 69% of US consumers are more likely to recommend a brand to others after a positive customer experience.
  • Yahoo Finance writes that 59% of 25-39-year-olds share their bad customer experience online and 58% of them won’t even come back after a negative experience.
  • The Experian blog says that according to the White House Office of Consumer Affairs, loyal customers, on average are worth up to 10 times as much as their first purchase.

It is vital to treat customers well so that they have a positive experience and keep using a company’s services or products more. So, when you join a remote customer service job, then do your best to satisfy your clients and the company’s customers.



Across the board, there are several companies offering customer service work-from-home jobs. Here we have cast about 15 companies from different segments or industries for you to choose the best one for you.

If you are a novel though, you may straight away dive into Homejobshub for a favorable position to launch your career from at-home customer service jobs that too at your desired location like Bangalore, New York, Phoenix, California, or any other location in India & US.

Finally, wishing you all the good luck in finding a perfect online customer service job that is convenient to balance your work-life environments.

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