Work From Home Jobs: 6 Tips for Staying in Touch With Your Managers

Work from home is all about staying connected, working independently, and collaborating. Perhaps these are the hallmarks of work from home jobs, and these skills make the model successful. 

For managers, it is essential to ensure their downline is connected and working smoothly. But lack of proper communication can make their job challenging and give them anxiety at worst.  

For many, new (and even experienced) to work from home jobs, staying in touch with managers could prove difficult. But that need not be the case. This post addresses the issues. 


Six Tips to Stay Put with Managers in Work From Home Jobs 

Consider the following suggestions for connecting with your manager while you’re working remotely: 


1. Turn On Your Video and Remember To Be Professional

Okay, this one may sound self-evident, but many people still prefer soul-crushing conference calls or simply “don’t enjoy” being on camera. However, skipping video isn’t an option right now because there will be no face-to-face conversation. When we rely on phone calls and Slack, we miss out on far too many nonverbal signs. When you ask, “Can we talk?” at the office, for example, your manager will be able to observe your polite expression. The solution is to do video calls regularly in your work from home job and to make video essential for every work occasion.


2. Make Plans for Casual Coffee Dates

Taking a coffee break with your boss can be just as beneficial online as in reality, as long as it allows you to catch up on work and share knowledge. The trick is to make sure this is planned on your and your boss’s calendars like any other meeting. Then, take the initiative and “steer up” to ensure that time is set out for a casual conversation with your supervisor.


3. Show Enthusiasm for Weekly Team Meetings

Virtual, individual, and team meetings have become essential for your coworkers to complete tasks and for your supervisor to manage successfully. Treat them with the respect they deserve. 

Be aware that your manager’s schedule is likely to be jam-packed, leaving little time for the meeting. As a top-tier professional, you are well-versed in the meeting’s agenda and are well prepared to respond rather than bog down the proceedings. If you scheduled the appointment, you are accountable for accomplishing the objectives and concluding it on time. 

Rather than canceling a virtual team meeting because everyone is too busy or something unexpected comes up, reschedule it for a more convenient time. Seeing other people on the opposite side of the screen shows that you are behind the emails.


4. Participate in Team Events

Some video conference options for team events are voluntary, so take advantage of them when you can, especially if your supervisor is in charge of the meeting. If you work from home, these periodic virtual meetings provide you an opportunity to communicate with your manager and coworkers in ways other than through job-related channels, and they can help you feel more connected to the company culture.


5. Communicate Often

Since it’s remote work, you’re well off working independently most of the time. But this merit can also take over your habit to stay connected with managers or other colleagues while working from home. Hence, make communication a habit. Be it via one of the many remote communication tools like RingCentral, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Zoom and so on, or via phones, emails, WhatsApp, and Messenger, make sure to keep the communication going. This will ensure a sense of belonging amongst colleagues and managers will be able to sense your presence. What communication? This will depend on company-to-company, and you’re the best person to figure out. 


6. Cross Your Limits

Go above and beyond to be recognized as a valuable worker in your work from home job. First, you should know that only results are visible in a remote working environment. Hence, just the results matter, and the effort and hours you put in aren’t as important as they are at the office. As a result, bring your best work to your work from home job. For instance, deliver ahead of schedule, and take on vital tasks to your boss, even if they are outside your scope of work. Can you assist your coworkers in achieving their goals and building strong working connections with them? Your approach distinguishes you from the rest of your team and manager.


Get Along and Grow in your Work From Home Job

Remember that connecting doesn’t have to be all about work; more informal ways of communicating can help you build and maintain a trustworthy relationship. For example, you may keep in touch and create closer ties with your manager by implementing the tactics outlined above, regardless of where you both work.

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