8 Work From Home Careers to Pursue After Your 60’s

Eight Work From Home Careers to Pursue After Your 60's

At 60, you may want to slow down the pace. For example, a 9 to 5 job could make it strenuous to manage work and personal life. Or, if your job demands extensive travel, that could be unfavorable. Or, you may want to call it quits for a regular job in your ‘60s. There could be many reasons to look for an alternative source of income at this age. 

It is also a necessity since currently, the American citizens in the 65+ age category are 46 million amounting to 15%. However, it is expected to grow to 98 million by 2060, which will account for 24% of the population. Additionally, this is double the value from 2016. This is the case in the USA alone. In Japan, the projection is calculated to be around 40%.

However, the wise choice for you could be to pursue a more flexible career that is more in your control and doesn’t require traveling. Fortunately for you, today, there are ample work-from-home jobs you can search and apply for. These profiles do not need you to travel and give you the much-needed flexibility to work in comfort. 

Eight Work From Home Jobs You Could Pursue  Apply ’60s

Work from home careers you can pursue after your 60s are as follows:

1. Interpreter


This role involves developing communication between two or more parties who speak different languages. All you need is to have good knowledge and be fluent in two or more of the languages required. This job is very flexible and can be done through video conferences. 

Almost 37% of women in the age group of 65+ live by themselves. So, this might be a good career option for them since they can virtually engage with people.

You do need to have good communication skills. If communication breaks down, it can lead to misunderstanding. It is a responsible job but a peak profession after 60. 

2. Virtual assistant

A virtual assistant needs to do administrative tasks. You will have to make travel arrangements, send letters and emails, and even manage other services that can be handled via phone. You need to have basic management skills with some computer knowledge. 

This job includes data management, project management, desktop publishing, and using spreadsheets. This profession is an excellent part-time option too.

It is expected that there would be a 75% increase in the number of Americans needing nursing home care. So, this can be a go-to career option since it also allows to split the shift to increase flexibility. 

3. Customer service representative

Remote customer service jobs involve answering calls, taking new orders, and tracking existing orders. It requires communication and managing skills. You may need to work through online chat sessions and online meetings. 

In 2009 the old age population was just 12.9 %. However, by 2030, the population of 65+ will grow by 19%. The benefit of this career option is you will be often given training so that you can catch up with the work. Furthermore, it avoids office politics and unwanted commuting hours.

4. Dietitian

This profession requires a specialized course, but it is worth it. Guiding people about their diet and nutrition can be done online through chat sessions or phone calls and video conferencing. 

You can work under someone or if you are good at it,  or you can open your online firm. It is the best option for a work-from-home career if this field is in your best interest.

12% of the GDP would be taken up by the expenditure on medical care and social security for the 65+ age group by 2050. So, this career option is one of the best-paying ones you can opt for.

5. Online tutor

As an online tutor, you should be well-educated and experienced in the topic you are willing to teach. For example, it could be physics, maths, chemistry, or even arts. 

You may also take up a course to polish your knowledge if needed. This profession involves teaching students from home. As a result, time flexibility is available, and unwanted distractions are minimized. With the old age population expected to strike 20.2% by 2050 compared to 12.4 % in 2000, this is one of the job openings that may happen in huge amounts.

All you need is a strong internet facility. This career gives you time to rest and you can also spend time with your friends after you have ramped up for the day. 

6. Writer or Editor


The key is good grammar and strong skills to spot spelling and other narrative errors. In addition, this profession involves excellent writing skills, proofreading, and critical thinking. 

You can attend a course or workshop to learn some basics; however, you must have some good language skills up your sleeves. This job gives you a chance to explore your creativity and pick your schedules. Freelance writers are given due dates for each article, which are convenient enough to accomplish.

7. Consultant

You need to have good knowledge about this profession to share it with others. By the age of 60, you can have dealt with enough finance and related areas to have gained the experience. If you belong to a profession close to a consultant, it is the best job for you. 

Your expert opinions, analysis, and recommendation to an individual or an organization should be on point and profitable to them. This profession is time-saving and can be done remotely.

8. Transcriber or transcriptionist

This job involves listening to audio or medical dictations and typing what you hear. It is an entry-level job that can pay up to $25 per hour. You can also do it part-time or schedule shifts. A transcriber has flexible schedules and is the best job while traveling or caregiving. 

The people in the 65+ age group are growing rapidly. It turned to 39.6 million in 2009, and 46.2 million in 2014. However, now, it is expected to grow by 72.1 million by 2030. So, we hope these work-from-home job ideas have inspired you to ponder a career in work-from-home mode. For the practical job-hunting prospect, though, there HomeJobsHub.

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