How to Dress Correctly for a Work at Home Job Interview?


With many companies hiring remotely, video interview has become the modus operandi for meeting and hiring new candidates. Hence, if you are currently looking for a new work-at-home job, it is very likely that your interview for the position will be over a video call.  

The significant upside about a video interview is that you will be in an environment familiar to you, and hence you have the advantage of making yourself comfortable. 

But, one downside is that, since you’re in a familiar environment, you may tend to take video interviews more casually than face-to-face ones, which is the wrong way to approach it. 

However, your backdrop, body language, and dress hold immense importance and determine your interviewer’s impression of you, even in a virtual setting. 

New research shows that you have just 27 seconds to make a good impression. So yes, your appearance is essential, and in essence, you should take the same trouble over yourself as you would when meeting your interviewer in person. 

This article highlights things to keep in mind before you sit for a work-at-home job interview. 


Things to Keep in Mind for Work at Home Job Virtual Interview 

Your first impression is often the last, there is no default way to dress for any sort of job interview–it all depends on what kind of job you are interviewing for. But, there are a few basic things you can keep in mind.

1. Take the trouble to groom yourself

It does not matter if you are clean-shaven or bearded; it all comes down to being well turned-out. Shave, trim your beard and do whatever you need to look groomed. For women, you can use light makeup – nothing too heavy or garish- and do your hair tidily. The aim should be to look neat and like you have taken some trouble over your appearance. 

A pro-tip for grooming yourself before a work-at-home job interview is to research the company’s dress code beforehand. Professions suggest it is best to dress ½ a step above the corporate dress code. 

2. Pay attention to both top and bottom


Enough stories have been told about people dressing pin-sharp on their top half and being seen on video calls wearing shorts, pajamas, or worse… 

Many people think that just because only their top half appears on camera, they only need to focus on their upper bodies. But if for some reason, you have to stand up during the interview (for example, to answer the door), it will be a very embarrassing moment if your bottom half is dressed in something odd. This will certainly not leave the best impression during an interview. 

3. Always dress professionally 

A good rule of thumb for work-at-home job video interviews is to dress the same way you would for a face-to-face interview. Business casual attire is always a good choice- keep it simple and professional. 

This way, you look like you are serious about the job interview and make an impression on the interviewer. It also makes you feel good about yourself and, therefore, more confident during your interview. 

4. Avoid heavy jewelry 

You should avoid heavy jewelry or any other distracting pieces of clothing. This ensures that your interviewer can pay attention to what you are saying and not be distracted by your accessories. Of course, this does not mean that you should not wear jewelry at all! Just make sure your jewelry does not steal your thunder. 

5. Choose neutral / camera-friendly colors


Try to avoid dark or light colors for a work-at-home job video interview. Also, avoid busy prints and patterns such as stripes, animal prints, etc. Dynamic patterns can sometimes cause a distorted effect on the camera, so it is best to avoid them and stick to solid colors.

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Some More Work From Home Job Interview Tips

These tips will help you further polish your presence before you sit for a virtual interview: 

a. Do a quick dry run and check how you look on camera

It may not be the case when you are meeting face-to-face, but things don’t look the same as reality on camera. A dry run will help you be aware of how you appear on camera and fix anything needed before the interview. 

For example, perhaps a print that you are wearing will not look the same, or the angle you are sitting looks weird, or the camera is catching people moving around behind you, and so on. Remember, it is better to be prepared in advance than put on the camera a few minutes before your interview and then panic. 

Furthermore, a camera dry run would also mean a whole system and technology dry run and ensure everything is smooth before the interview. 

b. Be aware of your background and surroundings

Your background can speak volumes about you and it could not be more important for work-at-home job interviews. Thus, it would be best if you were extremely particular about it. 

Next, see if your background and workspace are uncluttered. Tidy it up, and do not have any distracting elements like pictures or other things behind you. 

Also, make sure that there are no loud ambient noises that make it difficult for the interviewer to hear you, and importantly, check that your lighting is adequate.  

Online interviews can be challenging, but you can impress just about anyone if you prepare. Aside from being qualified for the job, you have to show you are a serious professional. 

So yes, your appearance is crucial and does play a massive part in influencing what the interviewer thinks about you. 

Remember, HR schedules an unprecedented number of online interviews to find suitable candidates. So, if you want an edge over the other candidates and not just be one of the crowd, you have to dress for the job you want. 

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