How to Get a Remote Customer Service Job? (Complete Guide)

Gone are the times when you needed to sit in a cubicle and work from the office to do the customer service representative job. Now, you can easily do a customer service job remotely.

Working from home gives you flexibility and also helps you save time and money by eliminating the long commutes to the office.

From companies’ perspective also, allowing and hiring remote customer service staff can reduce a lot of office expenses like building rent, office equipment expenses, and other miscellaneous expenses.

So if you’ve decided to work remotely as a customer support representative, we can help you get a remote customer service job.

In this post, we have mentioned an easy step-by-step process to land a remote customer service job, even if you have no prior experience.

1. Decide The Industry

While finding a job, the first and most important thing is to decide the industry or domain you want to work in, because this will serve as a foundation for your journey as a customer service representative.

Deciding on the domain in advance can also help you narrow down your job search. For this, you need to consider your interests, strengths, and area of knowledge. For example, if you’re into technical stuff and know how to code, then you can consider working as a technical support agent for an IT company. And if you have prior experience in e-commerce, you should look out for e-commerce companies that are hiring customer service representatives.

Your ‘pay scale’ will also depend on the industry you’ll be working in. For example, Industries like IT demand a high level of knowledge and intuitive skill to work as a customer service representative, that’s why the pay scale in IT also remains high. The average salary of a technical support agent in the US is around $44k.

But I won’t suggest you decide the domain based on the pay scale, rather you should only consider your interests, knowledge, and prior experience. Having prior knowledge and experience can not only help you beat the competition but can also make it easier for you to perform and retain the job.

If you’ve decided the domain you want to work in, the next step is to identify the requirements of remote working.


2. Identify the requirements of remote working

Requirements of a remote customer service representative job can also vary depending on the nature of the job and other factors. Below are some remote working requirements that you should consider:

– Office Visits

Remote working doesn’t mean that every employer will allow you to work from home 100% of the time, you might be required to visit the office occasionally or at regular intervals depending on the nature of the job and company.

For some jobs, you might also need to visit the customers in-person to resolve their issues.

– Communication Skills

Communication skill requirements can vary depending on the channel of customer communication. For example, employers might demand agents with high communication skills, specific verbiage, and accent to perform a high-end call center job.

While having prior knowledge and experience in the domain might be deemed sufficient to work as a chat or email support agent.

– Prior Experience

Prior experience in a domain can give you a leg up on the competition, and some jobs might require prior experience to apply for them.

For instance, if you want to work as a technical support agent for a Software as a service (SaaS) company, you need to have technical experience and knowledge of software development. And it’s simply not possible to impart technical knowledge or expertise to a person in a few months, for this you’ll need a degree or dedicated education in the field.

But for domains like e-commerce, having basic knowledge might be sufficient, and you might not need prior experience. A company can easily train you to work as an e-commerce support agent within months.


3. Consider Work Schedule

Remote customer service jobs are often available in a variety of shifts – late night, overnight, early morning, or 9 to 5 normal business hours. Some jobs might allow you to work at your convenience, while some jobs require you to work on a strict schedule. 

Work hours mainly depend on the location of the company and the customers you will be providing services to. If customers of a company are spread across different countries, its customer service staff might be working a variety of shifts.

So it would be better for you to consider your availability and schedule before applying for a work from home customer service job.


4. Access The Right Job Portals

Accessing the right job portals can be important for you because job scams are very common in the job industry. Some job portals allow anybody to register and post job vacancies without being verified as a company, which can result in you applying for spam jobs and giving your information to scammers.

A good job portal like HomeJobsHub will keep your information secure and only share your details and profile with verified employers.


5. Crack The Interview

There is a lot of demand and competition for remote jobs. The pandemic has changed our outlook on remote work. As per Forbes, 74% of professionals believe that remote work will become the new normal, and 97% of work people don’t want to go back to the office full-time. So, as the demand for remote work increases, so has the competition for remote jobs.

That’s why I put stress on considering prior experience and knowledge in a domain because it can help you stand out from the crowd.

Be prepared. Don’t sit idle even if you’re a former customer service representative, and prepare for the interview.

Build your remote workspace. Building your remote workspace in advance where you won’t face any distractions while working can make a good impression on employers and can put you ahead of the competition.


6. Once You Get The Job, Learn How To Keep It

If you have completed all these steps then you should definitely get a remote customer service job.

But don’t relax if you get one. The job of a customer service representative is not as easy as it looks. A customer is the most valuable asset to a company, and being a customer service representative, you will be responsible for resolving their issues and retaining them. If you fail to do so, you might end up losing your job.

If you take care of them, they will take care of you! In remote-jobs, most people become careless and irresponsible as there’s no one to keep an eye on them, and eventually lose their jobs. So, work hard, keep learning, and try to give maximum return to your employer if you want to retain your job and move ahead in your career.

So, if you’ve got an idea about the remote work process, start your remote work journey here! And, apply for customer services jobs here!

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