5 Pro Tips to Succeed in Remote Customer Service Jobs

Tips to Succeed in Remote Customer Service Jobs

Working from home is the new normal. With the ongoing rapid digitalization, remote jobs are becoming mainstream. In fact, a study by Upwork has found that 22% of the American workforce will be working remotely by 2025. The motion, therefore, is already set. 

Hence, industry-leading organizations and companies have opened doors for the remote working of their employees, which the lesser players follow. 43% of Americans are remotely working occasionally.

However,  as per a study conducted on 18000 business people from 96 companies, 70% of employees are working remotely at least once a week, and another 53% work remotely half a week! When it comes to millennials, 69% of them are ready to sacrifice their benefits if given flexible work options.

However, there are many unknowns for people looking to break into a remote customer service profession for the first time, such as choosing suitable work and handling their newfound independence. This post deconstructs it so you can get back to work.


Why choose Remote Customer Service Jobs?

A Stanford study found that working from home increased performance in employees by 22%. This reflects remote customer service jobs that come with a plethora of advantages for the employee and the customers.

Here are some of the many reasons why you should take up this role: 

  • They’re flexible – Work from anywhere. For the same reason, the global remote workforce is now 42.5%, amounting to 1.87 billion employees.
  • Better work-life balance.  
  • You get to prioritize family & personal needs
  • You maintain autonomy – You’re your boss! For 84% of job seekers, company reputation is essential and  50% of employees won’t work with a company having a bad reputation. However, you don’t need to worry about such things when working remotely.
  • Higher job satisfaction
  • Easy money 
  • Ideal side hobby while pursuing larger goals 


How to Succeed at Remote Customer Service Jobs?

While the benefits of remote customer service jobs are numerous, it’s vital to know the secret sauce to succeed in them.

Even though 86% of recruiters and 62% of employees believe today’s is a candidate-driven market,  72.8% of employers are having a difficult time finding skilled candidates, and 45% of employers are concerned about finding employees with the necessary talents. 

But fear not, if follow these tips, you can even reap the benefits of working from home without sacrificing success in the workplace: 


1. Communication Is Key 

With remote customer service jobs, it’s imperative to possess the right communication skills since your role revolves around communicating with customers. 

Your day would consist of assisting customers in resolving their issues, which might even impact their personal or professional lives. A high understanding and ability to empathize in such a role are the key to success. 

  • You must have a firm grasp of communication, written and verbal 
  • Maintain poise but also be friendly 
  • Building a rapport with the customer is necessary to make them feel like you’re here to help 
  • You must have the correct attitude to make them feel like the company cares for their needs
  • Remain calm, composed, and focused at problem-solving

You might also face challenges such as rude or demanding customers in your work duration. In such times you must remember that patience is critical. When a situation like this arises, stand your ground and calmly evaluate the situation, assuring them that their problem will be solved at the earliest. 


2. Strengthen Your Problem-Solving Skills 

Customer support is all about efficiently helping customers resolve their issues, even in a crisis. Therefore, having the necessary skills and resources to solve the problem at hand is a must. Intuitive and creative thinking is critical for customer service jobs. With the right skill set, you would only have to wait 10 days before getting hired!

You’ll also need to be quick and diplomatic to assure the customer that their problem will be solved earliest. Resolving conflicts is the root of your job, so you must have the experience and knowledge for crisis solving before the problem implodes. 


3. Be a Subject Matter Expert

One key factor in customer support is knowing your product/service and the company in and out. With 50% of employers claiming that lack of expertise among their employees is giving them a hard time, always make sure that you have a thorough knowledge of the company and its services. This indicates confidence and authority, which convinces the customer at hand that you know what you’re doing. 

Customers love certainty. If you fumble or fail to answer queries, it may seem like the company is premature, affecting its reputation and your credibility too. 


4. Become a Tech-Wiz 

With a remote customer service job, you might be appointed to different departments from time to time, which means other communication mediums. One minute you could be in the phone service department, and the next you could be sending emails. This bouncing back and forth from one support channel to the next makes it necessary to efficiently use each of them to avoid any hindrance while in contact with the customer. 

Some of the communication mediums you might be required to work with are:

  • Phone Call
  • E-mail
  • Live Chat 
  • Social Media 
  • Community Forums 

First and foremost, you’ll need to know how to use these channels, and secondly, how to communicate on them effectively.  For example, handling a mobile won’t be a problem for you, since you must have used it for job searching itself since 89% of job seekers rely on mobile phones. The same applies to social media also. During a job search, 79% of candidates use social media, and 80% of employers also get its advantage.

However, each channel could require a different style of communication, and you must be up-to-date with either so that you’re prepared come what may. As per data, 44% of employers are planning to hire full-time employees. So, it is essential to stay updated with all the relevant skills.

5. Be Organized & Manage Time Efficiently

The many perks of working from home also require a commitment to maintaining the balance between your personal life and professional life, as the lines can blur easily. 

To maintain professional decorum, you will need to make sure your workspace is dedicated and free from interruptions. Other than that, it’s vital to have high-speed internet and updated technology, along with anti-virus systems in place to avoid security risks. In addition, you will need to keep records of your conversations to keep your company updated. 

If you have a passion for helping people and you possess excellent social skills, remote customer service jobs might be the job for you. As long as you keep the above tips in mind and turn your passion for helping people into designated work, you’ll soar to great heights in your role.

You must be astonished to hear that 86% of the most qualified candidates are not actively seeking a job and that 73% of all candidates are passive job seekers. So, wake up now! To find the ideal and genuine remote customer service job suited to your needs, sign up at HomesJobHub today.

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